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What prevents state bureaucracy from implementing programmes as intended; find out

We in India, especially the middle class, are quick to blame the street-level bureaucracy (SLB) for faulty implementation of what we consider to be impeccably-designed policies.

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How Indian Political League keeps us entertained when Indian Premier League is not in action

The match went down to the wire … ultimately, the winner was decided by the third umpire. No, I am not referring to a close finish in a cricket T20 match, but to the results of the Rajya Sabha polls in Gujarat.

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Pranab Mukherjee memoirs capture events of Emergency well

Last week marked the 40th anniversary of the lifting of Emergency. The events are captured well in the first of Pranab Mukherjee’s three volume memoirs

Maharashtra lessons

The indifferent experience of a number of other states that launched Nutrition Missions based on the Maharashtra model is a clear indication that standard bureaucratic interventions will not work

‘The business of govt is not business’; here’s why

We need to introduce competition, to the extent possible, in every sector of economic and social activity

Secession of urban India: Infra deficiencies widening gap between different social & economic strata

Be it electricity supply, access to drinking water, public health, safety, transportation or job opportunities, infrastructural deficiencies are leading to a widening gap between different social and economic strata

Intolerance, for the rule of law

Until tolerance becomes a habit, we cannot claim India functions on the principle of rule of law

Intolerance, for the rule of law

JAM for the Indian

Every Indian should have access to banking channels where her money can be parked; and there should be ease and efficiency of transactions, and secure, accurate identification of the account holder to check diversion of benef

JAM for the Indian

CSR: The Indian experiment

Governments, especially state and local, should pro-actively assess and list activities where their efforts will be positively boosted by private support

India’s quest for oil and gas: More questions than answers

The petroleum ministry is trying to paint the offer of small oilfields as an attractive bait to private investors when, by its own admission, these fields were not monetised by ONGC & OIL

Oil prices

Reducing child malnutrition: The 4D solution

Combining responsive governance with the intelligent use of data in a systematic, disciplined manner and adopting a standard operating protocol can yield rich dividends

IAS at the crossroads

The IAS and other services suffer from lack of professionalism and absence of domain expertise. Rather than squabble over short-term service benefits, the decision-makers must go for a radical remake of civil services

Column: Poor terms, poor timing

If the provisions of the draft revenue sharing contract apply in toto, bidding may not even take off

Column: Poor terms, poor timing

Playing I-spy with the petroleum ministry

The cocktail of an unhealthy government-business relationship, antediluvian government processes and a sluggish rule of law does not augur well for either democracy or for sustained economic growth

Playing I-spy with the petroleum ministry
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