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India will need nine times as many ‘digitally skilled’ workers by 2025, suggests new report

Called “Unlocking APAC’s Digital Potential: Changing Digital Skill Needs and Policy Approaches”, the report was based on research conducted by surveying 500 Indian digital workers.

PUBG: New State announced with ultra-realistic graphics, new vehicles; Pre-registrations begin

Users who pre-register for the game would get exclusive benefits.

PUBG New state

Coronavirus pandemic: This ‘Netflix-like platform’ strives to facilitate early learning among kids

Talking exclusively to Financial Express Online’s Bulbul Dhawan, Yellow Class CEO and Co-Founder Anshul Gupta explained what the platform does.

What happens to your WhatsApp account if you don’t accept Facebook-owned company’s new privacy policy update

The company further said that it would work to counter the misinformation regarding the new update.


NASA Mars Mission: Ingenuity Helicopter sends first report to NASA after Perseverance’s landing on Red Planet

If the Mars helicopter mission is to succeed, then it is important that it has enough energy to maintain vital functions, including heating, while also having the optimal battery health.

NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter

After vaccine ‘maitri’, India focuses on home truth of Covid-19 inoculation: SII CEO Poonawalla hints at future plan

Accordingly, he asked the governments of other countries to wait patiently for the supply of Covishield.

Coronavirus vaccine

NASA Perseverance Rover successfully lands on Mars’ Jezero Crater: Everything to know about the historic landing

Earlier in the day, scientists had been looking at these ‘seven minutes of terror’ and hoping that all went smoothly as Perseverance readied itself to undertake an autonomous landing.

nasa perseverance rover mars mission 2020

Google for Education: Meet, Classroom to get more tools as Google announces 50 new product features for students and teachers

Google had stepped in to aid the crores of Indian students who were left hanging due to closure of schools.

Google for education

Countdown to Mars: With Perseverance Rover’s landing hours away, NASA scientists begin their countdown to ‘7 minutes of terror’

Perseverance is set to enter the Martian atmosphere on February 18 at about 3:48 pm EST or 2:18 am IST on February 19.

NASA Perseverance rove mars

Commercial space programme: NASA, Boeing targeting April for CST-100 Starliner’s test flight

CST-100 Starliner has been manufactured by Boeing to transport crew to and from the International Space Station under NASA’s Programme to include private players in the mission.

boeing starliner

Government approves new policy on Geospatial data and related services: Check details here

Geospatial data refers to all the data regarding natural or man-made, imaginary or physical features, whether they are above or below the ground.

With ISRO’s PSLV-C51 launch, copy of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, picture of PM Modi to reach space! Details

The launch vehicle is set to take to space Brazilian satellite Amazonia-1 as the primary satellite, which would be accompanied by 20 co-passenger satellites.

ISRO PSLV launch

Big discovery! Among Antarctic ice shelves, researchers find signs of strange stationary life in extreme conditions; Details

Biogeographer Dr Griffiths said that the discovery was a fortunate incident, and it pushed the team’s ideas in a different direction.

antarctic life

Government brings in new Geospatial Sector policy: Why liberalisation of geospatial data is needed

What is the new geospatial data policy and why is it important? Financial Express Online explains.

geospatial data of UP by ISRO Cartosat

International Childhood Cancer Day 2021: With over 50,000 cases a year, cancer in children a big issue for India

Every year worldwide, over three lakh children are diagnosed with cancer.

international childhood cancer day

New form of reading among young adults: A compelling case for fanfictions

Fanfictions quickly became a very popular and significant part of being a community of fans, so much so that they have even started to replace the traditional books.

fanfictions, wattpad, archive of our own, AO3

As coronavirus vaccination drive gains momentum, over 23,000 healthcare workers receive second shot; details

The vaccines being used for immunisation in the country - Serum Institute-manufactured Covishield and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin - both require two doses to be administered to the beneficiaries.

coronavirus pandemic, coronavirus vaccination drive in India

WhatsApp, Centre get SC notice on plea alleging lower privacy standards for Indian users

Notably, WhatsApp in January brought in a new privacy policy, which would lead to more information being shared by the messaging platform with its parent company Facebook.

whatsapp privacy policy

Clubhouse: Everything to know about the invite-only social network app Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg are using

The app works much like how country clubs do in real life, and so, it allows users to have an experience of elitism in the virtual world.

clubhouse app

Watch: Ahead of Perseverance rover’s arrival at Mars, NASA releases dramatic video trailer

In July last year, three missions from three different countries had taken off for the Red Planet - the UAE’s Hope orbiter, China’s Tianwen-1 mission, and NASA’s Perseverance.

NASA perseverance mars rover, nasa mars mission

Instagram updates best practices for Reels, to make content with TikTok watermark less discoverable

In a recent post on its creators account on Instagram, the photo-sharing platform released some new best practices.

instagram reels

Union Budget 2021 incentive to tea workers in Assam, West Bengal: What’s so special about tea in these states?

The art of plucking the tea leaves in these areas is mostly mastered by women workers, and tea export is important for India.

Deep Ocean Mission gets Rs 4,000 crore push in Union Budget 2021: Why it is important

India, surrounded by the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, has a vast coastline and the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is equivalent to about 67% of the land area of the country.

deep ocean mission, marine biodiversity

iPhone, iPad users can’t Google search the word “Asian” because Apple’s adult filters think it’s probably all porn

Selecting the setting for “limit adult websites” would block any site having words like “Asian” in the URL, including Google’s search results.

iPhone search filters

China’s Mars probe Tianwen 1 sends its first image of Red Planet, readies itself for entering planet’s orbit

So far, the Tianwen 1 has been flying for 197 days and has covered over 465 million kilometres.

china mars mission red planet image
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