Rallies, Recessions and Routs: Wall Street handicaps a trade war

According to Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson, too much tit-for-tat creates the potential for a recession. Chris Harvey, head of equity strategy at Wells Fargo, predicts a mere 5% decline for the S&P 500.

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Starbucks China competitor Luckin climbs in trading debut after $561 million IPO

The offering was led by Credit Suisse Group AG, Morgan Stanley, CICC and Haitong International. Luckin trades on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol LK.

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Food delivery giant DoorDash’s valuation likely to be $13 billion with new $500 million round

The company told Bloomberg in December it tripled annual sales in 2018 and recorded net revenue of $107 million in November.

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Apple, Amazon show two sides of India’s attempt to attract investments

For now though, that’s a long way off. FDI fell 7% to $33.5 billion in the nine months to December from a year earlier.

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Will Narendra Modi deliver on investors’ expectations if he retains power in elections 2019

At the very least, foreigners should be praying that Modi picks up where he started in 2014, not where he left off in 2019.

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Don’t drag India into US-China trade war

India represents the rare bright spot in US foreign policy. With much difficulty, a years-long, bipartisan effort has greatly deepened ties.

For the US to be a stakeholder in India’s future, trading some short-term gains for more important long-term returns is implicitly required. (Representational image) News

No chicken dinner? High on Chinese patriotism, PUBG stand-in leaves gamers livid

Tencent pulled popular but gory PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds last week and swapped it out for the toned-down Game for Peace

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Unholy alliance? Microsoft, Sony strike pact for gaming ahead of Google Stadia rollout

At the same time, as Microsoft, Sony face rivals such as Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Apple Inc. and Inc., Sony will want cloud horsepower to run its services

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Getting rich by investing in art is so easy, just figure out what sells for peanuts today

Author and investment adviser William J Bernstein points out that much of the appreciation in art and other collectibles is really just a lesson in the magic of compounding.

Getting rich by investing in art is so easy, just figure out what sells for peanuts today News

क्या वाकई देश में हो गई है कैश की किल्लत! 2016 के बाद सबसे बुरे दौर में नकदी के हालात

कंपनियों को फंड उपलब्ध कराने के लिए बैंकों या एनबीएफसी को केंद्रीय बैंक आरबीआई से कित

Funding crisis, Kotak, NBFC, IL&FS Group, Reserve Bank of India, real estate companies, reserve bank of india, bond market News

As Lok Sabha polls enter final stage, Modi’s election bid hangs on angry farmers

One of the election pledges that swept Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party to power five years ago was the promise to pay farmers 50% more than their cost of production.

Lok Sabha polls 2019, narendra modi, bjp, modi government, Uttar Pradesh, Indian Air Force, balakot air strikes, crop prices, farmers produce News

Apple fears new tradeoff: Raise iPhone prices or suffer profit cuts

Apple could eat the cost and leave iPhone prices untouched!

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RBI’s ex-deputy governor on Yes Bank board shows things are worse than they look

It’s no secret that India’s banking regulator hates having its officials sit on the boards of state-run lenders.

RBI slaps Rs 11 lakh fine on Yes Bank for violating money transfer norms News

Funding crisis to worsen unless India pumps in cash, says Kotak

The non-bank lenders, which have been hit by high borrowing costs and largely shut out from the bond market after the crisis at shadow lender IL&FS Group broke out last year, are facing the risk that more borrowers will be un

Funding crisis, Kotak, NBFC, IL&FS Group, Reserve Bank of India, real estate companies, reserve bank of india, bond market News

Facebook, Google make platitudinous promises again to weed out hate speech at Paris summit

Facebook said the restrictions will be expanded into other areas in the coming weeks.

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जरूरत बढ़ने के बावजूद देश में क्यों घट रहे हैं ATM, ब्रिक्स देशों में भारत सबसे पीछे

आईएमएफ के आंकड़ों के मुताबिक ब्रिक्स देशों में प्रति 1 लाख लोगों पर सबसे कम एटीएम भारत

atm vs cash, atm, cash transactions, mobile banking, atm dcelines, modi government, brics, brics countries, atm need, digital economy, imf, News

WhatsApp hack shows how supposedly secure messaging apps are vulnerable

The WhatsApp hack shows how supposedly secure messaging apps have a basic vulnerability.

The WhatsApp episode is likely to increase the backlash against NSO and the export license it has from the Israeli government to sell Pegasus. News

Crowdfunding, focus on education: How a new generation of liberal leaders has shaken up this Lok Sabha election

The atmosphere was festive for the candidate who’s credited with revamping government schools by introducing modern learning tools and bringing them on par with private-run institutions.

Elections News

Even as people use more ATMs, India is shutting them down; here’s why

India already has the fewest ATMs per 100,000 people among BRICS nations, according to the International Monetary Fund.

india, atm, atm in india, ATMs near you, Reserve Bank of India, International Monetary Fund, banking and finance News

Bitcoin rally: Here’s what data shows about cyrptocurrency’s resurgence

Indexica, an alternative data provider, built a custom index based on natural language processing of thousands of textual documents to try and explain Bitcoin’s 28% run-up throughout the month of April.

bitcoin, bitcoin rally, cyrptocurrency, cyrptocurrency resurgence, data provider, market news

Flying to Europe to become cheaper: IndiGo to offer budget business class seats to lure fliers

A business-class section at IndiGo, which is operated by InterGlobe Aviation Ltd., would follow low-cost Indian rival SpiceJet Ltd., which just started offering premium seats, picking up Boeing Co. 737 jets already equipped w

Indigo Summer Sale, summer sale, indigo, indigo sale, summer vacation, इंडिगो, इंडिगो समर सेल, News

New Zealand, France heads to meet Google, Facebook, Twitter on hate speech

The Paris agenda also includes a push, dubbed the Christchurch Call, for attendees to make a pledge to curb the promotion of violent extremism on their platforms

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How does Google make money from its Search service?

Google dominates online advertising, with about $116 billion in ad sales last year

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US-China trade war: No strategy in Trump’s tariff push

As China and the US dig in for what may become a protracted and possibly very painful trade war, a lot of time is being wasted trying to divine whether president Donald Trump has a strategy.

Trump's nascent trade war with China is a reminder that some things for the president are always personal. (Representative image) News

Bitcoin breaks $8,000 as cryptocurrency extends two-week rally

The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, which tracks a basket of the largest digital assets, added as much as 9.3% before paring the gain to 6.8%.

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Oil price rises as Saudi Arabia reports drone attacks on pump stations

Houthi rebels in neighboring Yemen -- who have long received backing from Iran -- said earlier that they had targeted key Saudi installations with drones.

Commodities News

iPhone’s 2019 models likely to be pricier as Apple faces higher production costs

More than 60% of Apple's 2018 revenue came from the iPhone, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

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