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Money matters: Five simple ways to make your money work for you

Money is a great seed which when planted and nurtured can generate more money

how to make money, how to dace money, liquid funds, fixed deposits, minimum balance in saving account, PPF

Financial Planning: Six tips towards building wealth in 2019

In the world of personal finance, 12 months is a long enough time to create an impact depending on how you spend, save and invest.

Don’t let these four mistakes derail your retirement plans

Do you know what will be the value of today's Rs 1 crore 30 years later? It will be Rs 23 lakh if you consider inflation at 5%. So, in three decades a neat sum of today can become less than one-fourth of its value

Money Mantra: 5 simple ways to stop buying things you never use

If there is ever a time when you wanted to find out how you bought things you never used, take a good look at your wardrobe. The big problem with buying too many unnecessary things is that such an activity locks up the econom

how to stop buying unnecessary things, how to stop buying useless things, how to save money, how to stop buying things you don't need, budget, cash, delay in purchase, money, 

5 sales pitches by insurance agents you must not fall for

The insurance salespeople at most banks are smarter and paint an extremely rosy picture of the policy to get your premium. This is why customers have to be doubly sure.

insurance, insurance agents, ULIP, insurance sales, investment 

How Reverse Mortgage eases your cash flow after retirement

Many of our recent generations have worked and purchased a house with their retirement benefits. Mortgages (home loans) were seldom available, and there was a natural aversion to being in debt. Historical wisdom may be...

How to use your mutual fund investments to make periodic payments

Life comes with several and varied desires and dreams, but seldom provides the financial backing to fulfil them.

What you must know about eKYC in mutual funds

Investing in real estate? Few points to to know

Real Estate can be divided into a few categories, such as residential properties, commercial properties, agricultural land, and industrial land; though we tend to equate real estate with residential property alone.

Investing in real estate? Few points to to know

How to manage health issues without impacting family finances

In recent years insurance companies have spread their focus to specific illnesses through ‘Critical Illness Plans’ that cover illnesses having high financial impact, or are life threatening.

Health insurance: Should you opt for Co-payment?

How GST will change the cost of taking insurance cover

Before understanding the implications of GST on insurance, one needs to understand that under the current laws, there are 2 different slabs of service tax on insurance premiums.

How GST will change the cost of taking insurance cover

How to avoid getting into a debt trap?

Typically, the concept of debt is used when a person needs to buy items, objects, goods, or for studying: spending which are essential and for which they may not be able to put the entire amount at one go.

Income-Tax filing: As July 31 deadline nears, here’s a quick guide to e-file your returns

Income tax filing: For salaried individuals, online filing of tax is the easiest way to file income tax returns.

Income Tax returns filing on job change: Resolving issues arising from multiple Form-16

As returns filing date nears, here are some tax-savings tips for senior citizens

Raju is 61 years old and earns an annual income of Rs.10,50,00, while his father Mahesh is 85 and gets an annual income of Rs 6,00,000.

Financial planning: 5 best retirement plans to gift your dad this Father’s Day

Fathers are special and this Father’s Day while you are doing your best to make it memorable for him, how about doing something which reflects your love and concern.

Small savings rate cut: PPF inflows will not be impacted

The sharp lowering of interest rates on small savings may be considered a signal to the Reserve Bank of India to cut interest rates. If the RBI cuts interest rates, returns of debt funds will improve

Banks bad loans, BoB, Central Bank of india, Allahabad Bank, Dena Bank

Startups investment advice: Top 6 points entrepreneurs must focus on

Startups in India: Startup India phrase has caught the imagination of the country and that is why startups are such an 'in' thing in the country today.

sensex and nifty

Mix of debt & equity provides balance

Increased volatility across global markets has not spared India.

Mix of debt & equity provides balance

Investment options for 2016, which one to go for?

Investments are best kept simple. If you do not understand the product or option avoid it. Let this be your resolution for 2016 and beyond.

Check insurance fine print during free-look period

In life insurance, free-look period is the time period during which one can analyze the policy and also make any changes required or even cancel it without any additional costs.


Saving for kid? Slow and steady wins the race

LIKE any other parent, you would like your kids to get the best of everything in life. To achieve that, of utmost importance is to keep a tight control on the cash flow.

Saving for kid? Slow and steady wins the race

Start saving early to ensure the best of all worlds for your child

It is advisable to save for near-term goals via debt instruments, and invest in equity instruments for long-term goals, such as education or marriage

Start saving early to ensure the best of all worlds for your child

Carve out comfortable retired life by starting to save early

The most important trick is to start saving for retirement early. The earlier you start, the more you benefit from the power of compounding

Carve out comfortable retired life by starting to save early

Financial planning tip: No time like present to start investing for better future

Longer investment horizons yield better returns. While making the financial plan, it is advisable to invest (and stay invested) for as long as possible

tips for investment
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