South Korean rappers accuse ‘The Interview’ of lifting song

A rapper duo from South Korea has said their song 'Pay Day' has been used without permission in the James Franco-starrer 'The Interview'.

PSN status: Sony’s PlayStation offline, Micosoft’s Xbox restored in ‘hack’

Microsoft's online network for its Xbox gaming console was restored to nearly full service after...

PSN status: Microsoft Xbox Live back up, Sony PlayStation Network still down

Microsoft Corp's Xbox Live was back up on Friday while Sony Corp's PlayStation Network remained...

PSN status: PlayStation, Xbox outages spark debate over hacker claims

Sony's PlayStation network remained offline Friday on the second day of an outage that began roiling the online world...

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YouTube’s release of ‘The Interview’ a chance to show off paid video chops

Google Inc's decision to screen Sony Pictures' film "The Interview" may help legitimize its YouTube platform as a serious rival to paid video...

Sony plans to release ‘The Interview’

Sony's company attorney David Boies said 'The Interview' will be released but not on its original slot of Christmas Day.

US investigators link North Korea to Sony hack: Report

US authorities have connected North Korea to the cyber-attack on Sony Pictures...

Sony Pictures tries to prevent download of stolen documents: Re/code

Sony Pictures Entertainment was trying to stop downloads of its documents stolen in a massive hack at the film and television studio...

Leaner Sony gains smartphone lift despite its own mobile malaise

Sony Corp posted a smaller than expected operating second-quarter operating loss on Friday.....

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