Movable or fixed office furniture: Which side would you lean towards?

Right from desks and chairs in multiple cabins to reception counters, coffee tables, and furniture in the cafeteria, there is no end to the type of articles you can install while designing the interiors of an office.

The need for flexibility and mobility has split over the choice of furniture articles as well.

By Kunal Sharma, 

Deciding on the type of furniture to be fitted plays a very important role in designing commercial interiors. In most cases, an office requires a greater number of furniture articles as compared to a residential property. Right from desks and chairs in multiple cabins to reception counters, coffee tables, and furniture in the cafeteria, there is no end to the type of articles you can install while designing the interiors of an office.

However, there has been a significant change in the type of office furniture preferred by the designers as well as the clients. Over time, people have been switching from fixed office furniture to movable office furniture. Just like every other aspect of business, the need for flexibility and mobility has split over the choice of furniture articles as well.

Why Is Movable Office Furniture More Beneficial Than Fixed Furniture?

Let us have a look at some of the most important benefits of movable office furniture articles over their fixed counterparts:

High Mobility

The most obvious yet highly important benefit offered by movable office furniture is the mobility it offers to everyone working in the office. Imagine working on a desk with a chair that is not movable. Beyond a point, fixed furniture reduces the fluidity of the work environment and makes everything too rigid and uncomfortable for the workers.

Movable office furniture allows workers to move around freely while using the articles, whether they need to adjust their seating arrangements or switch between different chairs according to their convenience.

A Cost-effective Alternative

Fixed furniture often requires elaborate and expensive installations. This makes businesses spend a fortune on setting up their offices and drains their valuable treasury. Especially if you run a small or medium enterprise, it is advisable to switch to movable furniture as it doesn’t really need any installation.

Movable furniture articles can be brought into the office for use without the need for tedious installation, thereby saving your time and money. Moreover, it is easier to get movable furniture repaired or replaced at a lower cost. In the case of fixed office furniture, it would cost you much more to repair the articles or get them replaced with new ones.

Saving Space

Movable office furniture allows you to save a good amount of space in your office. Especially if you are running an SME in a good city, it is likely that you are required to make the most of the limited space available to you. Using fixed furniture articles often takes up a lot of space in your office which can make things uncomfortable for the workers and mess up your design plans.

On the other hand, movable office furniture is often lightweight and compact, allowing you to have the same article perform multiple functions, and thereby, add more space to the room. For example, instead of installing a fixed desk and a shelf separately, you can save a considerable amount of space by installing a modular desk with multiple drawers.

Easy To Assemble

Movable office furniture prevents you from going through all the toil and trouble of assembling articles once they are bought and brought to the premises. In most cases of installing fixed furniture, a lot of time and effort is required to put the articles together for setting up the office furniture effectively.

Aesthetic Appeal

Modular office furniture often has a modern touch to itself, allowing you to stay in sync with the latest design styles. As these articles are light and flexible, they can be designed in a number of different shapes and sizes based on your needs and preferences. Right from the shelves on the wall to the desks and chairs for your workers, you can use movable office furniture to add to the visual appeal of the workplace.

The popularity of movable furniture proves that you don’t need heavy, complicated, and enormous furniture to make your office look beautiful. You can be minimalist and smart in your approach with these furniture articles while making your workplace look beautiful. If you are planning to impress your partners, clients, or even your employees with cool and fancy furniture designs, movable office furniture should be your go-to option!

Common Examples Of Movable Office Furniture Setups

When it comes to arranging different movable office furniture articles, the sky’s the limit. You can combine these articles in a way that best suits the comfort of your workers and the spatial design of your office.

Here are some of the most common examples of movable office furniture setups used by organizations around the world:

Compact Cubicles

Compact cubicles are very common for office spaces where a small area needs to be utilized in an optimal way. Also, they are extremely simple to assemble and set up. All you need are a minimum of two wooden panels attached to each other to form a room-like structure for an employee to work in. These sections can be customized based on the preferences of the workers to make them feel more comfortable while working.

Multi-purpose Desks

Gone are the days when desks were limited to rigid installations serving no other purpose than being tables for work. Modern desks created using movable furniture contain a number of drawers, extensions, sockets, and much more to prevent workers from getting up to do nominal office chores.


Workstations are quite prominent in modern offices. People often compare workstations with desks but it is important to understand the subtle difference between the two. While a desk is limited to a single worker, a workstation is a broader section with multiple desks clubbed together. Such furniture is commonly installed in co-working spaces to allow workers of the same company to work together while making the most of the space allotted to them.

The Final Word

When it comes to choosing between fixed and movable office furniture, it is advisable to go with movable furniture as it provides companies and their workers with a plethora of benefits. Unless installing fixed furniture is inevitable, put your creative hats on and think of using movable furniture in the most innovative and beautiful ways for your office!

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