Tripura, Meghalaya, Nagaland election results 2018 highlights: BJP has brought Delhi to Northeast’s doorsteps, says PM Modi

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Agartala | Updated: March 3, 2018 10:59:30 PM

Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya election results 2018: Early trends show neck and neck fight in Tripura between Left and BJP. Also check here LIVE updates of assembly election results from Nagaland, Meghalaya 2018.

assembly election 2018BJP gets historic win Tripura. Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath hails strategy of PM Narendra Modi, BJP chief Amit Shah.

Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya election results 2018 highlights: Counting for Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland assembly elections 2018 has started. At least two exit polls had predicted a BJP win in Tripura. However, one survey predicted a neck and neck fight between BJP and ruling Left front in Tripura. As per the surveys, Congress may lose Meghalaya while chances for NPF forming government in bright in Nagaland. Polling in Tripura took place on 18 February and on 27 February in Nagaland and Meghalaya .

In Tripura, ruling CPM is involved in a neck and neck fight with the BJP, as per early trends. The Congress may end up losing its last North East bastion of Meghalaya and BJP and its allies are ahead in early counting.

Check Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya election results 2018 LIVE updates

10:00 PM: Meghalaya- BJP-2, Congress- 21, NPP-19, Others- 17

Nagaland- NPF- 27, BJP-11, NDPP-16

Tripura- BJP-35, CPI (M)- 16, IDPF- 8

8:34 PM: Victory in Tripura has been a significant victory. BJP & allies share more than 50% of popular votes. This is a victory of democracy, and against violence for which CPM is well known: JP Nadda

8:06 PM: This decision is taken after a serious consideration of the current verdict of the just declared results of the conducted general election to the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly & also to safeguard the interest of the National Democratic Alliance in Delhi: JD(U) Nagaland.

8:05 PM: Janata Dal (United) Nagaland has decided to support the BJP in formation of a stable govt in Nagaland: JD(U) Nagaland

8 PM: Independent candidate Tongpang Ozukum submits his letter of support to BJP in Kohima.

7:30 PM: BJP Parliamentary Board meeting underway at Party Headquarters in Delhi.

6:58 PM: The Left spread fear among people but people of Tripura have taught them a lesson with a strong mandate for the BJP: PM Modi.

6:55 PM: PM mocks Congress after win, says party reduced to historic low.

6:52 PM: All parties, including BJP, will have to be alert and take care that Congress culture doesn’t seep in somehow: PM Narendra Modi

6:50 PM: Congress party ka kad itna chhota pehle kabhi nahi hua hoga jitna aaj hua hai: PM Narendra Modi.

6:47 PM: Northeast people always felt that Delhi is far away from them, BJP has brought Delhi to their doorsteps: PM Modi.

6:45 PM: Be it Kerala, Bengal or Karnataka, the way 2 dozen workers were murdered there, when they can’t fight to the face they stooped down to this. Still we maintained silence. When we take action they cry ‘vendetta’. This isn’t vendetta but a step for the betterment of nation: PM Modi

6:44 PM: I do not have the figures but I think the elected team in Tripura is the youngest ever team. Some of them were even scared that would be rejected on the grounds of their age. Such young candidates successfully won people’s confidence: PM Modi

6:41 PM: In Vastu Shastra, it is said that Northeast of a house is at the Centre. Things are organised keeping Northeast in mind. Similarly, our Northeast will lead the country’s development journey: PM Narendra Modi

6:40 PM: I am thankful to the voters of Northeast, It must be difficult to accept new govt and leaving the old rule behind. They must have gone through so much difficulty, so much that their anger vented out through voting. PM Modi

6:37 PM: Election analysts in India will have to understand the journey from No one to One, shunya se shikhar tak. When the sun sets it is red in color and when it rises it is saffron: PM Modi

6:36 PM: The North East has today come forward to lead India on the path to development: PM Narendra Modi

6:34 PM: To win or to lose in elections are a part of democracy. That is the beauty of democracy. One must accept their defeat with a sporting spirit: PM Narendra Modi

6:32 PM: Ye loktantra ki taakat hai ki garib se garib aur anpadh ne bhi chot ka jawaab vote se diya: PM Narendra Modi

6:30 PM:  PM Narendra Modi addresses BJP workers at Party Headquarters in Delhi.


6:29 PM: So many BJP karyakartas have sacrificed their lives. The Left party has received a befitting reply for spreading ‘Bhay’ and ‘Bhram’ among people in Tripura: PM Modi

6:22 PM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi pauses his speech mid way at BJP Headquarters for Azaan.

6:18 PM: BJP is celebrating its first victory in the new headquarters : Amit Shah

6:15 PM: This victory shows people of North East have accepted ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’: Amit Shah.

6:14 PM: We will conquer Karnataka after this victory. We will win 2019 Lok Sabha polls as well: Amit Shah

6:12 PM: Victory in the northeast is the victory of BJP’s policies, says BJP President Amit Shah.

6:08 PM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at BJP Headquarters in Delhi.

5:45 PM: MeghalayaElection2018: Caught on camera- Congress leader Mukul Wasnik carrying paper with seat tallies and what appears to be numbers for Government formation in Meghalaya.

5:39 PM: Congress wins 21, NPP 19, UDP 6, BJP 2 and Others 11 seats in Meghalaya Assembly Elections.

5:24 PM: BJP President Amit Shah Ji was camping in Tripura&worked on all possible micro, macro strategies to make this victory possible. This symbolises revolt of the proletariats against these communists.Tribals suffered at hands of Manik Sarkaar: BJP strategist Rajat Sethi

BJP strategist Rajat Sethi

5:00 PM: Madhya Pradesh: BJP workers celebrate in Bhopal as BJP is set to win in Tripura.

Madhya Pradesh: BJP workers celebrate in Bhopal as BJP is set to win in Tripura.Madhya Pradesh: BJP workers celebrate in Bhopal as BJP is set to win in Tripura.

4.15 pm: Shah says, “In 2014 Narendra Modi Ji had said western side of the nation has developed a lot but the same has not reached the eastern side yet. He immediately started his ‘Act East Policy’. I believe this is the victory of his policies, stamped by the 3 states of the north-east”

4.07 PM: BJP chief Amit Shah addresses a press conference in Delhi.

3.46 pm: PM Modi tweets, “The historic victory in Tripura is as much an ideological one. It is a win for democracy over brute force and intimidation. Today peace and non-violence has prevailed over fear. We will provide Tripura the good government that the state deserves.”

3.43 pm: PM Modi posts a series of tweets on Assembly election results: “People of Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura have spoken!  I thank the people of these states for supporting the good governance agenda and ‘Act East Policy’ of @BJP4India & our valued allies. We remain committed to working towards fulfilling the dreams & aspirations of the people.

“2018 Tripura election will be remembered as an epoch-making one! What my sisters and brothers of Tripura have done is extraordinary. No words will be enough to thank them for the phenomenal support towards @BJP4Tripura. We will leave no stone unturned in transforming Tripura.

“The victory of @BJP4Tripura is not an ordinary electoral victory. This journey from ‘Shunya’ to ‘Shikhar’ has been made possible due to a solid development agenda and the strength of our organisation. I bow to every BJP Karyakarta for working assiduously on the ground for years.”

3.38 pm: CPI(M) reacts to Tripura loss: “Polit Bureau thanks the 45% of the voters who extended support to CPI(M) & Left Front. We assure the people of Tripura that it will continue to champion the cause of all sections of the working people & uphold tribal-non tribal unity: CPI (M).”

3.37 pm: Latest numbers from Meghalaya –

Meghalaya Result Status
Status Known For 59 out of 60 Constituencies
Bharatiya Janata Party202
Indian National Congress13821
Nationalist Congress Party011
Hill State People’s Democratic Party202
National People’s Party71219
United Democratic Party516
Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement101
People’s Democratic Front224

3.02 pm: Latest numbers from Nagaland

Nagaland Result Status
Status Known For 54 out of 60 Constituencies
Bharatiya Janata Party189
Naga Peoples Front91625
Janata Dal (United)011
National People’s Party033
Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party31215

3.00 pm: Latest numbers from Tripura

Tripura Result Status
Status Known For 59 out of 60 Constituencies
Bharatiya Janata Party43034
Communist Party of India (Marxist)51217
Indigenousn People’s Front Of Tripura538

2.36 pm: “BJP chief Amit Shah tweets: I thank brothers and sisters of Tripura for their massive support to BJP. This is the victory of PM @narendramodi’s politics of development and his commitment to the welfare of North-Eastern region of India.Congratulations to Shri @rammadhavbjp ji, Shri @Sunil_Deodhar ji, Shri @himantabiswa ji, Shri @BjpBiplab ji and I also applaud the hard work & dedication of our karyakartas of @BJP4Tripura unit which has made this historic win a reality.”

1.49 pm: Ravi Shankar Prasad tells ANI, “n a way the entire north east is now with the BJP. Initially we used to say “Congress mukt Bharat’ now I think we can say ‘Vaampanth Mukt Bharat.”

12.52 pm: SK Sunn, Independent candidate who won from Mawphlang constituency of Meghalaya says, “I will be supporting any party that works for the welfare of the people of state.”

12.45 pm: Amit Shah to address media at 3.30 pm.

11.54 am: Ram Madhav terms Tripura election result as “revolutionary” result, “all due to the blessings of Tripura Sundari Mata and people of the state and the hard work of PM Modi and party workers.” He said that a divided mandate is possible in Meghalaya and the BJP will “see” that a non-Congress Government is formed in the state.

11.37 am: Union Minister Jitendra Singh tells ANI, “huge vindication for consistent development that has been seen in North East in last 4 yrs which did not happen in last 7 decades. People have reasons to believe that this is the dispensation that they can look forward to trust for future growth.”

11.35 am: Counting updates: Meghalaya- BJP leading on 5; Congress 21, HSDP has won one, NPP leads on 15, UDF has won 1 and leading on 4 others. PDP is leading on 4 seats, while 5 independents are also leading.

11.20 am: BJP now leading on 40 seats, Left on 19.

11.14 am: BJP leading in 40 seats, Left on 19.

11.12 am: BJP set for a historic win in Tripura. Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath hails strategy of PM Narendra Modi, BJP chief Amit Shah. He says BJP is set for a historic win in Tripura.

11.04 am: Modi-Shah strategy trumps CPI(M). Manik Sarkar government heads towards fall.

10.51 am: Here’s what Election Commission data says about Meghalaya election result 2018

Meghalaya Result Status
Status Known For 50 out of 60 Constituencies
Bharatiya Janata Party044
Indian National Congress02121
Hill State People’s Democratic Party011
National People’s Party01111
United Democratic Party066
People’s Democratic Front044

10.49 am: BJP, which did not even put up a fight in 2013 Tripura Assembly polls, has managed to spring a major surprise this time. As per local reports, BJP is leading in 12 of 14 seats which fall in urban areas of the tribal- dominated state. However, only silver lining for Left is that they are still ahead in northern and southern parts of the Tripura. State’s Left leaders are exuding confidence that they will be able to form 8th Left government.

10.46 am: Here’s what EC data says about Nagaland election result 2018

Nagaland Result Status
Status Known For 26 out of 60 Constituencies
Bharatiya Janata Party044
Naga Peoples Front01212
Janata Dal (United)011
National People’s Party033
Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party066

10.44 am: Here’s the official EC data says about Tripura election result:

Tripura Result Status
Status Known For 47 out of 60 Constituencies
Bharatiya Janata Party02525
Communist Party of India (Marxist)01616
Indigenous People’s Front Of Tripura066

10.38 am: Shock for Left in Tripura? EC data says BJP is leading on 30 seats. TV reports say BJP+ is leading on 40 seats

10.37 am: In Meghalaya, BJP is leading on 3 seats; Congress on 21, HSPDP on 1, NPP on 10; UDF on six, PDF on 4, as per election commission.

10.32 am: BJP leading on 23 seats, CPI(M) on 16 seats in Tripura, as per the Election Commission. Meanwhile, TV reports say BJP is leading on 37 out of 60 seats.

10.26 am: Union minister Kiren Rijiju tells ANI: The trends in all three states point to a new political direction, it will have an effect on national politics as well. We are confident of forming Govt in all three.”

10.16 am: Massive lead for BJP is Tripura!  As per Election Commission of India, BJP is leading on 17 seats while the CPI(M) is leading on 13 seats. BJP’s ally IPFT is leading four seats in Tripura.

10.08 am: Himanta Biswa Sarma of BJP says “trends are encouraging, I am hopeful and confident that BJP will form the Government in Tripura.” However, Brinda Karat of CPI(M) says: “We are very confident, let more rounds of counting complete, our leads are going to get much bigger.”

9.49 am: In Meghalaya, Congress is leading on seven seats while the BJP is leading UDP is leading on three seats; NPP on two, BJP on one and others on three.

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9.42 am: Both BJP and Left are locked in a tough battle in Tripura. Both parties are leading in 28 seats each, as per the early trends.

9.36 am: Tripura election 2018 –  BJP’s Ram Madhav tells ANI, “Seeing the earlier trends, I feel that in Tripura BJP is going to do very well In Nagaland too, our alliance is doing very well and Congress is trailing in Meghalaya. The three results of North East are going to be very good for BJP.”

9.35 am: Ruling NPF leading on 24 seats out of 60 seats in Nagaland.  Challenger BJP and its allies are leading in 28 seats of the state, according to the early trends. Final results may vary.

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9.31 am: In Meghalaya, Chief Minister Mukul Sanga is leading in Songsak seat. The Congress is leading in Rambrai-Jyrngam and Baghmara seats. UDP is leading in Mawthadraishan and Mairang seats. Votes for 59 seats of 60-member Assembly were polled on February 27.

9.29 am:  Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar is leading from Dhanpur. BJP’s state unit president Biplab Kumar Deb is leading from Banamalipur seat. State PWD Minister Badal Choudury is leading from Hrishyamukh seat.

9.25 am: BJP’s Ram Madhav says his party will form the government in Tripura, beat CPI-M.

9.23 pm: Early trends show BJP has become a strong political force in all three states where counting is underway today.

9.11 am: Trends show Congress may lose its last North East bastion of Meghalaya.  BJP and its allies are ahead in early counting. 

8.52 am: Early Trends of Assembly elections

Nagaland – BJP+ 12; Congress – 1; NPF+ 3-

Meghalaya – BJP -7; Congress – 5 NPP – 11

Tripura – BJP-22; Left – 23; Congress 2

8.45: Counting is underway in three states. At the start, postal ballots are being counted.

8.39 am: Early trends in Tripura – BJP leads on 8 seats, Left on 16.

8.32 am: Congress leading in three seats of Meghalaya, BJP also on three seats.

8.30 am: Early trends show neck and neck fight between BJP, CPI(M) in Tripura.

8.27 am: Meghalaya  early trends – Congress leads in two seats; BJP+ leads on two seats in Nagaland.

8.22 am: Sudeep Burman, BJP’s reported CM face, leads in Agartala.

8.20 am:  Early trends in Tripura – BJP -5; CPM five; neck and neck contest likely.

8.16 am: Early trends in Tripura – BJP leads on four seats, Left on five.

8.08 am: Early trends – BJP ahead in one seat in Nagaland; Left on one in Tripura.

7.49 am: Meghalaya election result: D Marak,SP Shillong, tells ANI that adequate security has been provided at counting centres. “We hope there will be no untoward incident and counting will pass off smoothly,” he says.

7.35 am: Exit polls have predicted that BJP and its allies can form governments in all three North East states, where counting are taking place today. However, exit polls have often gone wrong in past. Fingers CROSSED!

7.07: Visual from outside a counting centre in Tripura.

Tripura election result 2018Tripura election result 2018 to be announced today. (ANI)

7.16 AM: Congress candidate from Mawsynram constituency HM Shangpliang tells ANI: “We will wait for the verdict of the people. People want change in Mawsynram ”

6.50 am: Counting to begin soon. BJP hopeful of dethroning Manik Sarkar government in  Tripura.

6.00 am: CPI-M Tripura State Secretary Bijan Dhar on Friday said the Left parties were “more than confident” of forming the next government. BJP state President Biplab Kumar Deb said that people of Tripura wanted change and “strongly wished for a BJP government” in the state.

5.20 am: JanKiBaat-NewsX Exit poll had predicted that the BJP-IPFT alliance in Tripura would win 35-45 seats with a vote share of 51 per cent while that by AxisMyIndia had predicted that the alliance will get 44 to 50 seats with a vote share of 49 per cent.

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5.10 am: Polling was held for 59 of 60 assembly seats in each of the three states for different reasons. The counting will begin at 8 a.m. and results are expected by the afternoon.

5.00 am: Final result to be announced today.

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