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Biden Presidency and India: Using game theory to address changing realities

We must recognise that a world dominated by Biden, Trudeau Jr and Macron is different from the “strongman” world of Trump, Roy Harper and Hollande

From G8 to G13: India’s foreign policy establishment seems to favour American proposal to expand the G8

India’s foreign policy establishment seems to favour the American proposal to expand the G8 to include South Korea, Russia and Indonesia, in addition to China and India. It is wise for us to play ball as national interest i

RCEP: The tiger and the elephant

Infrastructure development stories differ across Asia. Make haste slowly.

RCEP, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank , rcep india, 

Climate change: Game theory holds a solution

Countries, business, and investors can find the best strategy using this approach

Climate change, Kutch earthquake, PK Mishra, Paris Agreement, METwallahs, Niti Aayog, Game theory, Global South, Global North

How Jacques Chirac played a key role in improving strategic ties with India

The former French president was clear France would strengthen collaboration with India in the energy sector

Jacques Chirac, French nuclear technology, French world, India, Nuclear Test Ban negotiations, energy sector, Indo-US Technology Agreement, SCADA

The motives behind India’s A-SAT experiment?

The threat of the use of power was developed as a fine art by political economy thought leaders like Chanakya, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Disraeli and Giuseppe Mazzini. Dictators, who actually used this power causing havoc,

A-SAT Mission Shakti: A project that made rocket science look simpler than politics

Don’t politicise growth statistics! Statistics should be left to experts

Statistics should be best left to experts. NITI shouldn’t superseded CSO authority

The Pradhan Mantri Annadata Aay Sanrakshan Abhiyan doesn’t make the terms of trade farmer-friendly

On September 12, the Centre announced enhanced crop price support for oilseeds, pulses, wheat & paddy, through the Pradhan Mantri Annadata Aay Sanrakshan Abhiyan—a tongue-twister, so it’s called AASHA.

crop, kharif crop, agriculture sector, agricultue industry

Higher Education Commission: How HECI should differ from UGC

MHRD must set up an autonomous group with distinguished Indians, preferably outside the govt, chairing HECI.

Monsoon forecast: All is well; be happy

The ‘normal’ monsoon forecast is at 97%—the lower end of the LPA range of 96% to 104%, with a forecast error of 4%.

monsoon forecast, monsoon 2018, LPA

Infra stories differ across Asia

India has joined the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)—which is financed by China, but also has a substantial contribution from India.

china, chinese economy, china investment growth

Why are we always planners? From Planning Commission to NITI Aayog, we are always planning

We need to develop a responsible critical tradition to analyse the policy stance of the current NDA government and earlier governments, as stated in official documents and to see if actual policies have a relationship with pa

The growth strategy of the NDA is clearly stated. It is unequivocal and unconditional. The NDA was elected on a promise of abolishing planning.

Was there something special about French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to India? Nothing new; here’s why

Of course, at a more basic level, president Macron's visit has emphasised educational and cultural exchanges.

Emmanuel Macron, Emmanuel Macron india visit, Emmanuel Macron nuclear power, India France ties

Past and future of India’s gems

NITI Aayog’s next vision document must have reviewed policy stance on jewellery.


Land scarcity will perhaps be the single greatest constraint to India’s development

Land scarcity will perhaps be the single greatest constraint to India’s development.


How to reform agricultural markets: e-NAM needs many preparatory steps

The important question of agricultural, including futures, markets is being raised. To an economist, markets are about what the Austrians called tatonnements and equilibrium prices.

agricultural markets, reform agricultural markets, e-NAM, preparatory steps, equilibrium prices, reform agri-market

Was India-China tussle at Doklam really a standoff? How the Dragon established a role for itself

The mutually agreed withdrawal of forces at Dokalam on Bhutan’s border is a step in the right direction.

india, china, doklam standoff, doklam issue,  doklam issue impact

Draft water framework: It is suicidal in India to ignore critical issues in the hurly-burly of partisan politics

Rivers are back in fashion. Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adiyanath wants Gomti to be integrated with Ganga.

Sukhamoy Chakravarty: One of the greatest economists India has ever produced

Prof Sukhamoy Chakravarty was a giant amongst intellectuals, who had a brief and yet very influential stint in policy-making.

Demonetisation: Then and now; need is to plug flow of black money

To aim, in the short-run, at the monetisation of the economy as per the standards of a developed economy—when the problem is to build up the infrastructure to reach there—is not very practical

India needs strategy for dal production; here’s why

There is by now substantial agreement amongst analysts that a strategy for dal production which ensures supplies and a reasonable degree of self-reliance is sorely needed, and the country cannot go from one crisis to another

BPL census: How to measure poverty

A neat separation of poverty estimates and entitlements won’t pass muster.

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