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Walking the talk: Know how a number of groups and environmentalists are working hard to educate people on importance of environment

Traversing the urban landscape to explore one’s city through the prism of food, heritage or photography is common. What you might not have heard about are initiatives of some environmentalists and organisations that are cur

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Game on: From pencak silat to wushu, here’s how these sports stack up in Asian Games 2018

The ongoing 18th Asian Games will be held till September 2 in the Indonesian cities of Jakarta and Palembang, and promise sport aficionados a cracker of a sporting event.

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GST-free sanitary napkins? Manufacturers say it’s a misnomer

In a report on July 10, 2017, FM Arun Jaitley had declared, "Reducing the GST rate on sanitary napkins to nil will result in complete denial of input tax credit to domestic manufacturers of sanitary napkins and zero rating im

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Delivering to Bharat: Here is how dismal internet penetration creating barrier for rural population to use e-commerce

In a short span of time, e-commerce has made great waves, servicing consumers across India. But a noticeable lacuna has been rural India, which, due to a lack of internet penetration, still remains majorly off the e-commerce

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From organising your family’s schedule to entertaining guests, new-gen refrigerators offer all this and more

Compatible with iOS and Android, the refrigerator can be remotely accessed from anywhere in the world through a phone app. It has an in-built 'View Inside' camera, which allows users to digitally label their food with expiry

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The probiotics revolution

India’s rapidly evolving wellness industry has acquired a new buzzword: probiotics. As gut health awareness makes waves across the fields of fitness, nutrition and health, probiotic products have transcended pharmacy shelve

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Even AI critics will eat their words for this machine

Robotic chefs made in India to enter market in a year, can prepare over 100 Indian dishes.

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How mobile movie theatres are taking the cinematic experience back to the hinterlands

With the coming of multiplexes, small towns and rural areas lost out on reasonably-priced family entertainment. But now, mobile movie theatres are taking the cinematic experience back to the hinterlands

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Revamped hostel experience: A clutch of enterprises offer amenities like Wi-Fi, leisure areas for budget travellers

The first hostel in the world opened reportedly in 1912 inside Altena Castle in Germany. It was Richard Shirrmann, a teacher, who established what would be called the first permanent jungendherberge, or youth hostel, in times

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Rong Ring: How a communication designer is trying to create new font for endangered Sikkimese language Lepcha

Lepcha, or Róng script, is a Sino-Tibetian language spoken by the Lepcha people in Sikkim, parts of West Bengal, Nepal and Bhutan.

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Co-working spaces the choice of millennials

When I stepped into a co-working space, touted to be the workplace of the future, for a first-hand experience, a dog wagging its tail was the last thing I expected to greet me on a Monday morning.

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Want to become an entrepreneur or professional blogger but don’t know how to go about it? Here is how you can

Anybody who wanted to become an entrepreneur, Bitcoin trader, professional blogger or baker but didn’t know how to go about it, need not resort to endless and confusing Google searches.

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Drum Struck: An unique method to relieve stress through hand percussion instruments

Drum-focused music circles are encouraging people to relieve their stress through hand percussion instruments. The West African djembe has captured imaginations the most.

The most popular instrument, however, seems to be the West African djembe, a goblet-shaped drum that is traditionally carved from a single piece of African hardwood and topped with an animal skin as a drumhead. News

Happy to help: Self-help books are no longer for adults alone

Such books, written specifically for kids, help them deal with emotions, well-being and even money and sanitation.

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Balancing tourism and conservation: Dubai shows how

One of the biggest initiatives to understand marine turtle behaviour and conservation needs resulted in the rehabilitation of turtles along the Dubai coast.

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Thread of hope: Weaver community in India continues to languish in obscurity

The most troubling of the issues is the wide pay gap they face when fashion houses fail to remunerate them fairly for their work. But help has come from unexpected quarters, ensuring not just fair pay, but a voice for the com

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Celebrating earth day everyday

Environmental awareness takes a novel and entertaining approach.

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36 hours in Dubai

The Emirates city has something new to offer to all its visitors every summer, be it amusement parks, safaris, Bollywood theme parks, or aquariums.

Every summer, in fact, the city throws up new surprises for tourists, be it amusement parks, safaris or aquariums. News

French fashion calling: Promod is expanding in India

French boutique Promod is expanding its retail footprint in the country by opening new stores and venturing into e-commerce.

Promod wants to win it over by offering consumers the chance to be a part of its unique fashion statement, says Paris-based managing director Nadine Caux. News

Biryani from land of Nizams

Every form of biryani cooked in India, be it Awadhi, Mughlai, Bengali or Hyderabadi, enjoys a special patronage, depending on the method of preparation.

Every form of biryani cooked in India, be it Awadhi, Mughlai, Bengali or Hyderabadi, enjoys a special patronage, depending on the method of preparation. News

Colour me purple

From runways to red carpets, mobile phones to interiors, colour of the year purple is taking the world by storm

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French wedding made in India

An annual event organised by the French federation (a private trust created for designers who make custom-made wedding-wear), the fashion week celebrates the talent of its fashion designer members in consociation with weavers

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Sailing to new frontiers at Vizag

The festival also had performances by bands such as Parikrama and Indian Ocean.

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Right to play: With over 33 million children engaged in child labour, there is need for initiatives to help them lead more inclusive lives

There are around 444 million children in India, as per the 2011 Census. This constitutes 37% of the total population of the country.

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Is healthy = happy? Indians certainly think so

Even as the country’s most progressive bill on mental healthcare was passed last year, the results of the national mental health survey (2015-16) reveal that only about 10-12% of people suffering from depression get treated

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Around the world in 650 hotels

Apart from global clientele, what local partners might also benefit from is the flexibility offered by Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ in its contract terms.

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Weaving its mark: Sustainable, eco-friendly Ramie promises to be a fabric of the future

Ramie may have just made its initial foray into the world of fashion, but it sure has the potential to rewrite the Indian fashion story.

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