Abhijit Das

India and e-commerce: It’s now or never

In a bid to prevent India from enforcing restrictions on data flows, developed countries are seeking to use the G20 platform to commit India to join WTO negotiations on e-commerce

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UNCTAD report lessons: India must not accept narratives of digital giants, should formulate its own ecommerce policy

The UNCTAD's Trade and Development Report 2018 outlines what developing nations must to do ensure that they don't get swayed by the narratives being perpetuated by the digital giants and their cheerleaders.

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How to make the US respect WTO rules

Donald Trump’s tirade against trade rules merits a collective response.

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Column: Not quite, Mr Subramanian

The authors argue the Economic Survey got it wrong on recalibrating India’s stance at the WTO

Column: Not quite, Mr Subramanian

TPP(ing) point for India in global trade

India has to conclude its crucial FTAs. Enhanced market access from these FTAs can mitigate some of the export losses on account of the country’s exclusion from TPP

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Celebrating traditional treasures of GI handloom products

The Geographical Indication tag can be used effectively as a marketing tool for enhancing sales and raising incomes of weavers

Celebrating traditional treasures of GI handloom products