"The WPP award from Martin Sorrell was a turning point"

Written by Rohit Nautiyal | Updated: Jun 28 2011, 12:46pm hrs
I love my brand: It is the marriage of two groups I greatly admireFuture Group for its dynamism and innovativeness and Generali for its glorious tradition of ethics, strong processes and trust.

The turning point in my career: My first break with Ogilvy in 2000, getting the WPP worldwide partnership award in 2004 from Sir Martin Sorrell, joining Reliance Mutual Fund in 2005 and joining Future Generali in 2008 have all been turning points.

The first thing I do when I reach office: I acknowledge the Almighty and then mark attendance, which is acknowledging the power of economics!

What I don't like about my job: That I cant wear jeans and T-shirts through the week till friday! I firmly believe Im about 35% more effective when I wear jeans.

My favourite social networking site: For connecting with friends and family it is Facebook, and professionally, it is LinkedIn.

In my free time: I like to watch classic movies, join my friends for a drink and catch up on their lives, listen to slow or classic rock music, play tennis or badminton, work out or read light fiction.

Most inspirational moment: First, getting a personally signed letter and email from Sir Martin and an email and commendation from the World Health Organisation (WHO) communication advisor that rated my teams efforts (to help the WHO launch a drive in just 10 days to vaccinate 28 million people against lymphatic filariasis) a perfect 10/10! The second is when we achieved 10 lakh-plus sign-ups for our Future Generali Insurance Week campaign in February 2011 and set a new Guinness World Record in the process!

Average number of job offers I get in a year: That's between 15 and 20. Of these, there are just 2-3 serious ones. Is that a sign of the slowdown

Brands I wear: For formal wear, I prefer Urbana, Indigo Nation and Indian Terrain, while for casual wear, it's Benetton, Levis, Polo and FCUK. In accessories, my favourites are Tag Heuer, Hush Puppies, Puma, Salvatore Ferragamo and Issey Miyake.

-As told to Rohit Nautiyal