Tata DoCoMo Open Up ad camapign: Agony & Ecstasy

Written by Anushree Bhattacharyya | Updated: Apr 8 2015, 23:24pm hrs
Campaign:Open Up

Brand: Tata DoCoMo

Company : Tata Teleservices Ltd

Agency: Contract Advertising

The Campaign

The ad starts with a young woman posing within a picture frame at her college campus. Dressed in one of her best attires, the girl is shown trying different poses as she continues to pout like a model. Meanwhile, a voice-over narrates a heart-wrenching story. The voice-over which describes the girl as a social butterfly says there was a time when a single post by her would shake up social network websites, but gone are those days and today even her famous pout fails to draw one single Like. Nonetheless, unperturbed, she continues to try different poses until a young man comes around showing her the thumbs up sign aha, finally she has been able win one Like. The voice-over intones states that only a human can help another when neededespecially for something like appreciating a social networking profile picture. The film ends with a message Chalu rakho bhalai ki supply (Keep the good work going) before showcasing various data plans of Tata DoCoMo.

Our Take

At first glimpse the ad film appears to be another fairness cream pushing its way into the living room of viewers. It is only after the voice-over begins that one really starts paying attention to the ad film. Even as the girl continues to strike different poses, it is the voice-over narrated in a rather serious manner that makes the entire situation funny. In fact, with todays youth constantly capturing their various moments in life and uploading their pictures, the viewer is able to instantly connect with ad film. Moreover, the fact that the importance of a good data plan is highlighted in a very subtle manner in the television commercial without going over board makes the campaign stand out. Also, the fact that the girl has done a fantastic job of playing the part of someone desperately seeking attention, makes the ad film watchable. In all, a tongue-in-cheek narrative of a much visible social trend coupled with the girls desperate attempts makes the film enjoyable for viewers.

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