Self-empowerment is the key

Written by Kiran Yadav | Updated: Feb 1 2010, 04:38am hrs
What does success mean to you

Real success is when we can empower every individual with the responsibility of staying healthy, because no individual or country can afford to treat all its sick people.

What is your biggest strength

My biggest strength is based on four pillars that enable us to make a significant difference to society: One, the best doctors producing world-class results, nurses, para-medics, management and support staff. Two, having state-of-art technology. Three, investment in care, compassion and commitment, something a euro or a dollar can't buy. And, providing world-class healthcare at a tenth of international cost, with better outcomes.

What works as your stress buster

My faith in God, the strength of my family and relaxing with a few close friends I have known for decades. And the belief at the end of the day that the entire Apollo family has done their best for the patients and trust in God to look after them.

God to you is...

Omnipresent. We are a deeply religious family and believe in divine intervention in all we do. We see miracles happen in our hospitals and firmly believe that our faith in God rewards us.