No end to this argument

Written by Malabika Sarkar | Malabika Sarkar | Updated: Aug 11 2009, 06:08am hrs
Here is one brand that is working hard to take the art developed in ancient Athens forward. Lotte India has just relaunched the two decade-old sugar-boiled candy Coffy Bite on the back of its nineties argument premise.

The new ad opens on a lake, with two frogs sitting on lily pads. They spot a Coffy Bite floating towards them and start arguing whom it is headed for. Just before one of the frogs can grab the toffee for good, someone in the background shouts cut, and someone starts readjusting the scene. And then you realise it is actually a shoot and the director wants to replace the frogs with crabs, while his assistant wants otherwise.

The voiceover signs off: Let the arguments begin.

CoffyBite has always communicated the duality in the producttoffee or coffeethrough an argument, says Kishore Karumbaiah, creative head, Rediffusion Y&R, Chennai, the agency on the account. This campaign is an extension of that thought and the attempt through this is to own the space of arguments as a whole.

The agency conceded that being off media for some time the brand had lost the top of mind recall it enjoyed among its consumers earlier, especially among the new generation of kids who may not even be aware of the argument proposition. Against this background, the clients brief to the agency was to make Coffy Bite relevant to the current audience by bringing back the argument.

While we had other creative optionssuch as using slice of life situationswe wanted to go with this execution. We found the whole ideaof frogs being filmed starting an argument at the sight of Coffy Bite, which in turn sparks off an argument between the director and the writerquite intriguing. We felt that the frogs would appeal to our consumers (eight to 12 year olds) much better as they consume animation and are excited by pets, adds Karumbaiah.

Lotte is looking at two burstsin July-August and September-October. The agency has some ambient outdoor and online activities scheduled during the second burst, which would include school activities where the frogs will interact with children.