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Written by Payal Khandelwal | Updated: Nov 30 2010, 08:50am hrs
Campaign : Samsung 'Bubblewash'

Washing Machines

Brand : Samsung Washing Machines

Company : Samsung

Agency : Cheil Worldwide

The Campaign

Samsung recently roped in film actor Priyanka Chopra as its brand ambassador for home appliances product. The television commercial, created by Cheil Worldwide, for the new range of Samsung front loading washing machines with 'eco bubble generator technology' is Chopra's first for the brand.

The film opens on Chopra who is standing on the roof of a skyscraper and playing with a bubble. The camera then zooms out to show that she is surrounded by lot of soap bubbles. In the next shot, she is seen jumping from the building to land inside one of

the huge bubbles which are freely floating in the air. She then claps and breaks this bubble and enters another one.

While she is inside the bubble, the voice-over says, Fun, freedom and a million bubbles, new Samsung washing machine with the innovative bubble generator. Clean the toughest of stains, protect the softest of clothes, turn on Bubblewash. The scene is then shifted to a room where Chopra is shown taking out a blue dress from the Samsung washing machine. As she turns around, she has adorned the dress.

Our Take

The ad communicates the fact that women do not have to scrub clothes any more to remove difficult stains and make them clean. They can get sparking clean clothes with the 'eco bubble generator technology' of the new range of Samsung washing machines.

The film is definitely clutter breaking and refreshing in the washing machines category. It seems to have done justice in conveying the benefits of the new technology that Samsung has to offer through the visual play with bubbles.

The commercial clearly defines the consumer benefit that the product has to offer (of not having to scrub the clothes) instead of just talking about the product features, like in most washing machine commercials. In terms of the execution, it is a well crafted and beautifully shot spot.

On the appointment of Chopra as brand ambassador, the company had said, Priyankas dynamism combined with our brand expertise will help us present our products in different, innovative ways to consumers. Samsung has lived upto this claim in this particular ad at least.

Chopra lends a youthful and contemporary feel to the brand and the ad. It is interesting to note that while another Bollywood actor Kajol has been endorsing Whirlpool since a last few years, brands like Electrolux and Panasonic have recently signed on younger Bollywood faces for their products.

Sonam Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were recently signed by Electrolux and Panasonic respectively to endorse their range of home appliances. After this, Samsung signed on Chopra.