Advani: UPA govt facing crisis similar to Emergency days

Written by Political Bureau | New Delhi | Updated: Jan 17 2011, 05:55am hrs
Holding that the Manmohan Singh government was facing the worst crisis of its six-and-a-half-year rule, senior BJP leader L K Advani on Sunday sought to draw a parallel between the present situation and the Emergency days. He contended that the nation had lost all hope then as well.

Advani, writing in his blog, pointed out that several cases of corruption had come to light one after the other, making the common man feel that many in the government today were not just making money on the sly, but they are brazenly looting the country.

By all evaluations the Manmohan Singh government is passing through the worst crisis of its six-and-a-half-year tenure, he said.

Arguing that the present level of corruption and inflation undermined the nations collective self-confidence, he said such a situation always reminds me of the grave crisis that confronted Indian democracy in 1975-77.

Then too the nation had lost all hope that the pre-1975 climate of freedom would ever return, he wrote.

Referring to the role played by the judiciary during the Emergency, he observed that when in the seventies, democracy became imperilled, Parliament let down the people. So did the media. It was only the judiciary that showed guts.

In the present context, he referred to the Supreme Courts criticism of the government last week for its reluctance to make public details about those who have stashed black money in tax havens abroad.

The country expects the Supreme Court to pursue this matter to its logical end.... Let the Supreme Court earn the lasting gratitude of the Indian people by forcing the government to bring back all this wealth, he wrote.