1. Drug peddler in Bengaluru files IT returns for Rs 40 lakh, gets biggest shock of his life!

Drug peddler in Bengaluru files IT returns for Rs 40 lakh, gets biggest shock of his life!

The Koramangala police nabbed a 34-year-old migrant construction labourer for peddling drugs. The peddler Ranga Rachappa declared Rs 40 lakh as his annual income and filed his income-tax returns. Rachappa had a rented villa in Kanakapura Road, a car, and property in his village.

By: | New Delhi | Published: January 30, 2018 1:31 PM
Police nabs a drug peddler who filed for his income tax returns

It was not a surrender but no less than a surrender too when a construction labourer declared Rs 40 lakh as his annual income and filed his income-tax returns. If you are wondering as to how a construction labour managed to earn Rs 40 lakh annually, then you must know that he had a side-business too – an illegal one. It all started when someone asked Ranga Rachappa to get ganja (cannabis) from his native Pushpapura village in Chamrajnagar district. Rachappa, who was working as a construction labourer when he came to Bengaluru, in 2011, after studying up to Class 10, saw his fortunes take an upturn with this offer. Soon, he was peddling drugs in a big way and had also recruited youngsters as agents. He was rolling in cash and in 2013 quit his job as a day labourer and went full-time into drugs.

Everything was going just fine for Rachappa. He had a rented villa in the Kanakapura Road area, a car and a property in his native village. However, something ad absurdum happened in 2015-2016. He started filing income tax and declared Rs 40 lakh as his annual income. That’s when he caught the attention of the tax officials. The IT department officials called him for scrutiny as he had not declared the source of his income and asked the police to keep an eye on him. The Koramangala police raided his house and seized 30 kg ‘ganja’ and Rs 5 lakh cash on Monday morning in Koramangala police limits, as per a report by Deccan Chronicle. His associate, Srinivas, 47, a Chandapura resident, was also arrested, while his ganja supplier Sashu, is still at large. Notably, the reason behind him declaring his annual income is not yet known.

Koramangala police received information about Rachappa and his men arriving at a hotel on 80ft Road Koramangala on January 20 and rushed there. They managed to catch Rachappa and Srinivas but Sashu gave them the slip. As per media reports, Rachappa, on lawyers’ advice, registered himself as a Class I contractor with a few government agencies. He used to sell at least 30 kg of ganja every month with the top quality ganja at a whopping selling price of Rs 35,000 per kg. Following his arrest, he also told the cops that he was paying Rs 40,000 as rent.

According to the police, the duo was catering to college students and working professionals. The police are investigating to find out whether more people were involved in the racket.

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  1. Pranav Jagdish
    Jan 30, 2018 at 3:32 pm
    Times are changing... Gaanja is not considered a drug by a few nations and governments today - the same nations that first imposed restrictions on it and brought it under the purview of the UN Drugs Convention (much to India's protests) On the other hand we have India, where communities from North to South have always viewed Gaanja favorably - be it the Nirhang Sikhs, or the Hindu ascetics or the Hill tribes of North India or even the lads who want to enjoy a glass of Bhaang on Holi. And here we are talking about it as if its heroin or cocaine! India needs weed I reckon it might help calm alot of these fringe s!
    1. Navnit Dwivedi
      Jan 30, 2018 at 3:20 pm
      very good business sell Ganja which is home product to Collage students like Kanhiya Kumar,Umer Khalid,Sehla Masood etc and professionals like Kejrival,Sashi Tharur,Rahul Gabdhi etc as his client. But at least he declared himself as Income Tax payer not tax thief like Congressmen and other politicians.

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