BJP manifesto 2019 highlights: Legal citizens will become refugees, says Mamata Banerjee

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Updated: April 8, 2019 5:30:31 pm

BJP Sankalp Patra 2019 Live Updates: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah on Monday unveiled the saffron party's manifesto for the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

BJP manifesto, ModiPrime Minister Narendra Modi released the party’s election manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections. (PTI Photo)

BJP Sankalp Patra 2019 highlights: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president on Monday unveiled the party’s manifesto, described as Sankalp Patra, for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Party’s election committee head Rajnath Singh, Union ministers Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley and top organisation leaders were also present at the stage when the duo launched the election document.

Speaking on the occasion, PM Modi said that nationalism is BJP’s inspiration and inclusion and good governance is its mantra. He noted that the BJP’s Sankalp Patra aims to make India a developed nation by 2047, 100 years after independence

“Our aim to change India from a developing country to a developed country. We want to fight poverty rather than sit inside air conditioned rooms. Nationalism is our inspiration and inclusion and good governance is our mantra,” he said.

“We first addressed needs of the people, now we will fulfil their aspirations,” Modi added.

PM Modi said that his party has 75 definitive time-bound targets for the country. “We want people to hold us accountable. Hence, we have set out 75 goals to achieve by 2022,” Modi added.

The Prime Minister also said that the election document is a ‘multi-layer and multi-dimensional’ document that addresses the expectations and aspirations of all sections of the society.

Earlier, Amit Shah said that the five years tenure of Modi government between 2014 and 2019 will be remembered as India’s era. He said that the BJP under Narendra Modi’s leadership provided a corruption free government to the country.

“The 2014 election was about expectations. After five years of Modi government, now this election is about fulfilling aspirations of the public,” he said.

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    17:30 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Arvind Kejriwal terms BJP manifesto as fresh set of 'jumlas'

    Delhi chief minister and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal Monday termed BJP's manifesto as a "fresh set of jumlas" and said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party chief Amit Shah did not have the courage to say why demonetisation was done and farmers were pushed towards destruction.

    Reminding the Prime Minister of his party's 2014 promise of granting full statehood to Delhi, Kejriwal said the present manifesto does not have any mention of it which meant that Modi is lying and in turn making it even more difficult for people to believe in him.

    16:40 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Legal citizens will be turned into refugees, says Mamata Banerjee

    West Bengal chief minister lashed out at the BJP and said that the BJP manifesto, which promised bringing in Citizenship (Ammendment) Bill and driving out infiltrators, will turn 'legal citizens into refugees'

    "If you vote for them (BJP), they will turn you all into refugees in your own country. We will never allow NRC and the Citizenship Bill in our state," she said.

    16:01 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Traders happy with BJP manifesto

    The BJP seems to have been successful in wooing the trader community with its election manifesto 2019 titled ‘Sankalp Patra’ released earlier today. With a section dedicated to MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises), the BJP manifesto has delivered on most of the demands made by the traders’ community, winning confidence from traders all across India, Praveen Khandelwal, CAIT General Secretary told Financial Express Online. Read full story here

    15:37 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    BJP using Ram Mandir in manifesto to sharpen communal polarisation: Yechury

    The mention of the Ram Mandir in the BJP manifesto is no surprise, CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury said Monday, alleging that the saffron party has been using it for the last 30 years in a bid to "sharpen communal polarisation."

    "Is this a surprise? For the last 30 years, every single 'jumla ghoshna' of theirs has included construction of the Ram Mandir... This point was continuously being repeated. Every election they did it. Their whole agenda is that of sharpening communal polarisation and hoping that it would garner them some votes. But they are sorely mistaken," Yechury told reporters.

    15:12 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Ram Mandir, cow protection on backburner

    Two of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s pet themes — Ram Mandir and cow protection — find only passing mentions in the party manifesto for Lok Sabha elections 2019. Read full story here

    14:33 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    BJP releases 'Sankalp Patra' not 'Ghoshna Patra': Sushma Swaraj

    Lauding the BJP's manifesto for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, External Affairs Minister and senior party leader Sushma Swaraj on Monday said the saffron party was the only one to come up with a "Sankalp Patra", while others came up with "Ghoshna Patra". Speaking at the party's manifesto release programme, she said, "It is not just announcements that the document has made, but pledges that the party has made to itself to deliver to the people," adding that the country would believe the BJP as its government had done a lot more than it had promised in 2014.

    14:23 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    BJP govt to focus on 'Make in India in Defence'

    The BJP said that in order to ensure self-reliance in procurement of defence equipment, the next government will focus on 'Make in India in Defence'. This will also generate employment and encourage investment in the defence sector.

    14:16 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Strengthening Armed Forces

    The BJP said that it will take measures to strengthen the armed forces. It promised to speed up the purchases of outstanding defense related equipments and weapons. 'In order to equip the Armed Forces with modern equipment, we will continue to take focused steps to strengthen the strike capability of the Armed Forces,' the party promised.

    14:15 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    BJP on Citizenship Amendment Bill

    The BJP said that it is committed to the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Bill for the protection of individuals of religious minority communities from neighbouring countries escaping persecution. "We will make all efforts to clarify the issues to the sections of population from the Noheastern states who have expressed apprehensions regarding the legislation. We reiterate our commitment to protect the linguistic, cultural and social identity of the people of Noheast. Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs escaping persecution from India’s neighbouring countries will be given citizenship in India," it reads.

    14:08 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Ahmad Patel compares BJP's manifesto with Congress'

    Senior Congress leader Ahmad Patel said that the difference between BJP manifesto and Congress manifesto can be seen firstly from the cover page. "Our's has a crowd of people, and BJP manifesto has face of just one man. Instead of a manifesto BJP should have come out with a maafinama," he said.

    13:48 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Congress calls BJP manifesto a bluff document

    Congress party has described BJP's manifesto as a 'bluff document'. The grand old party said that the people of India have decided to rejected BJP's leadership and it will be shown the door in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

    13:25 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Nationalism our inspiration, good governance our mantra: Modi

    Narendra Modi said "nationalism is our inspiration and good governance is our mantra". He said that to run the country, we need to work need to work at multi dimensional level.

    13:23 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Moving forward with one mission, one direction: Modi

    Speaking on the occasion, PM Narendra Modi said that his party has set 75 well-defined resolutions in manifesto that it can fulfill in a time bound manner. "We are moving forward with one mission, one direction," he said.

    13:10 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Jaitley says BJP manifesto not prepared by tukde tukde mindset

    BJP leader Arun Jaitley said that his party's manifesto has not been prepared with a ‘tukde tukde’ mindset but with a strong nationalist vision. “Our new policy, new doctrine of striking terror in its origin has received global recognition,” he said. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

    13:06 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    5 key things BJP promises to rural and farm voters

    The BJP manifesto gives a major push on rural development and addressing farmer issues, ostensibly in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to double farm incomes by 2022. Take look here five key things which BJP promises to rural and farm voters -- CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

    13:04 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    North east closer national mainstream: PM Modi

    On the BJP's election manifesto, PM Narendra Modi said that India's North east, which earlier made headlines for blockage and neglect, is now witnessing unprecedented development. The North east is now closer to the national mainstream in more ways than one.

    13:02 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    BJP promises to fight against terrorism

    The BJP said that India is no longer helpless against terror. Any destructive ideology that destroys the atmosphere of peace and unity is and will be given a being reply.

    12:59 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Sushma Swaraj says OIC invitation to India is Modi's diplomatic success

    Union minister Sushma Swaraj said that it is an indication of PM Narendra Modi ji's diplomatic success that when Pakistan threatened to boycott Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting if India was invited, then 56 out of 57 countries said let Pakistan not come.

    12:55 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    BJP promises access to banking facilities to all

    The BJP said that unprecedented success of the Jan Dhan Yojana has improved financial inclusion in the country. It said that the government will take further steps to ensure access to bank branches, payment banks and banking correspondents by creating a new data-sharing framework. It said that the party will ensure that every Indian has access to banking facilities within a radius of 5 km. We will also launch a technology enabled programme for broader financial literacy.

    12:47 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    BJP promises abrogation of Article 370, annulment of Article 35A

    On controversial Artical 370, the BJP said that its stands remains the same. In its election document, the BJP said, "We reiterate our position since the time of the Jan Sangh to the abrogation of Article 370. We are committed to annulling Article 35A of the Constitution of India as the provision is discriminatory against non-permanent residents and women of Jammu and Kashmir."

    12:45 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    BJP promises Uniform Civil Code

    The saffron party said that it is committeed for Universal Civil Code. In its election manifesto, the BJP said that Article 44 of the Constitution of India lists Uniform Civil Code as one of the Directive Principles of State Policy. BJP believes that there cannot be gender equality till such time India adopts a Uniform Civil Code, which protects the rights of all women, and the BJP reiterates its stand to dra a Uniform Civil Code, drawing upon the best traditions and harmonizing them with the modern times.

    12:42 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Bharatiya Cultural Festival every year

    The BJP said that an international cultural festival (Bharatiya Cultural Festival) will be organised on a grand scale every year in 5 dierent states to showcase and promote the rich diversity of Indian culture. Also, efforts will be made for greater paicipation of Pravasi Bharatiya population and international community.

    12:41 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    BJP promises triple talaq law

    The Bharatiya Janata Party said that it will ensure justice for Muslim women by enacting the law against triple talaq. The triple talaq law is pending before the Rajya Sabha where Modi government lacks majority.

    12:39 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    On Sabarimala, BJP says will secure constitutional protection on issues of faith, belief

    On Sabarimala temple issue, the party said that it will undertake every effort to ensure that the subject of faith, tradition and worship rituals related to the Kerala temple are presented in a comprehensive manner before the Supreme Court. "We will endeavour to secure constitutional protection on issues related to faith and belief."

    12:37 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Clean Ganga by 2022

    The BJP said that it will achieve the goal of Clean Ganga by 2022. It said that BJP is commied to ensure a clean and uninterrupted ow of river Ganga from Gangotri to Ganga Sagar. We will ensure that the sewerage infrastructure to deal with 100% of the waste water from the Ganga towns is completed and is functioning eectively, and take steps to enhance the river ow. Also, it said that villages located on the banks of the river, which are already open defecation free, will be taken up under a special project to ensure complete sustainable management of solid and liquid waste. 

    12:35 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    BJP reiterates Ram Mandir promise

    The BJP said that its stand on Ram mandir remains the same. Under the Cultural Heritage section of its manifesto, the BJP said: "We reiterate our stand on Ram Mandir. We will explore all possibilities within the framework of the Constitution and all necessary eos to facilitate the expeditious construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya."

    12:29 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Rural Road Upgradation Programme

    It said that the BJP government will ensure that every Gram Panchayat is connected through a high speed optical fibre network by 2022. Also, it said that the next BJP government will launch a massive ‘Rural Road Upgradation Programme’ to connect centres of education, healthcare centres, and markets with hinterlands to promote rural growth.

    12:27 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Pakka house to every family by 2022

    The BJP said that by 2022, when India celebrates its 75 years of Independence, the government will ensure a pucca house to every family. It said that the government will launch ‘Jal Jivan Mission’ under which we will introduce a special program, ‘Nal se Jal’ to ensure piped water connection to every household by 2024.

    12:24 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Interest-free Kisan Credit Card loans

    The BJP said that it will provide short term new agriculture loans up to Rs 1 lakh at a 0% interest rate for 1-5 years on the condition of prompt repayment of the principal amount. Also, it will ensure voluntary enrollment of farmers under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana. It sai that government will ensure timely availability of improved seeds of promising varieties at aordable rates with doorstep testing facilities.

    12:21 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    BJP promises pension for small and marginal farmers

    The BJP manifesto promises that the next government will continue to work to double the income of farmers by 2022. It said that to increase productivity, it will invest 25 lakh crore and ensure every single farmer gets benefit of the PM-KISAN. Also, it said that the government will launch a scheme for small and marginal farmers to ensure social security and pension to them on reaching 60 years of age.

    12:17 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Rajnath Singh on BJP's manifesto for Lok Sabha elections

    Rajnath Singh informed that he had divided that manifesto committee in 12 different groups to seek public opinion for preparing a multi dimensional manifesto.

    11:57 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Shah, Modi unveils BJP's Sankalp Patra

    BJP president Amit Shah, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP's election manifesto committee chief Rajnath Singh and other top leaders unveils saffron party's Sankalp Patra.

    11:52 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    2014-19 period of Modi govt India's golden era: Shah

    BJP president said that the five years (2014 to 1029) of the Modi government will be remembered remembered as India's golden era. He said that the government took several decisions to ease the lives.

    11:48 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Modi govt made nation's borders safe, secure: Shah

    On the matter of national security, Amit Shah said that the Modi government took tough decisions to keep the nation's borders safe and secure. He said that the Army and other defence forces were given free hands and as a result the Army conducted surgical strike.

    11:45 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Amit Shah highlights achievements of Modi govt

    Speaking on the occasion, BJP president Amit Shah highlighted the achievements of the Modi government. He said that the government distributed free LPG connections among the poor, provided loans under MUDRA scheme and also medical insurance under Aayushma Bharat.

    11:21 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    PM Modi arrives at BJP office

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) office. Modi and BJP president Amit Shah will release the BJP's Sankalp Patra shortly. The election manifesto has been designed by a committee headed by Union minister Rajnath Singh.

    11:08 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    BJP manifesto 2019 release shortly

    Top Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) including its manifesto committee members and members of parliamentary board have reached the BJP office where Sankalp Patra will be released. The elction document will be unveiled by BJP president Amit Shah and PM Narendra Modi.

    10:59 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    BJP's women wing seek increase in exemption limit from GST payment

    BJP's women wing in its suggestion for the manifesto committee asked for increase exemption limit from payment of GST to Rs 50 lakh for women-led businesses and tax incentives to industries where women comprise 50% of the total workforce.

    10:56 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    Election Commission's new directive to political parties on release of manifesto

    In 2014, the BJP had released its 'Sankalp Patra' on the first day of the nine-phased Lok Sabha poll. The first phase was held on April 7. This time the Election Commission has directed that no party can release its manifesto within 48 hours of polling.

    10:54 (IST)08 Apr 2019
    BJP to release its manifesto shortly

    The BJP's Sankalp Patra was prepared by a committee headed by its two-time president Rajnath Singh. The panel had 15 sub-committees, which submitted their inputs to Singh. The BJP also gathered suggestions from people through boxes on the 300-plus video raths that travelled through the country.

    BJP manifesto release BJP supporters wave the party flag during a rally of PM Narendra Modi. (File Photo: PTI)A 20-member committee headed by Union minister Rajnath Singh designed the BJP's manifesto. The BJP has describe it as 'Samkalp Patra'. The committee had 15 sub groups which sought public views before preparing the manifesto. The saffron party's manifesto is likely to give a thrust on issues on development and national security. The BJP looking to cross the magic figure of 272 in 543 members Lok Sabha on its own. In 2014, the BJP had won 282 seats on its won. The NDA had won 336 seats. The Congress was restricted to just 44 seats. This time again, the main contest is between the BJP and Congress. Several opinion polls have predicted that the BJP-led NDA is likely to retain the power.
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