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Aadhaar card benefits will be more than what we can imagine; here is how

Some kind of database for all our citizens, and their performance data, will create information about all citizens, who can even become competing entities to demand better services from governments and service providers.

The end of World War-III: Issues that would have ended in wars are now being settled via the ballot box

With democratic forces and globalisation becoming powerful all over the world, issues which would normally have ended in wars are increasingly being settled through the ballot box

Net neutrality: Yes, but not yet

We must have a roadmap for affordable tariffs for the poor and those living in distant areas. Else, like in telephony, we will keep increasing the rural-urban and rich-poor digital divide

Scaling up Digital India

A major part of the broadband roll-out could have been transferred to the private sector, like was done for mobile telephony, for much better results

Tuning the Digital India dream

This article is not for telecom technologists and experts, it is primarily for government policy-makers, regulators and laymen, and identifies the main reason for the poor performance of the ambitious Digital India initiative

Call drops threaten Digital India

India must ensure that enough spectrum is available for both mobile broadband and voice services

High growth needs a digitisation push

If govt’s mega plans like Digital India are efficiently implemented, we can reach 10%-plus growth. But we have to involve the private sector in a competitive mode

Moving towards the 8%-plus growth era

If India has to grow at a faster pace, we have to break into the ongoing and disruptive changes in a globalised and interconnected world

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