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Defence production: How HAL can counter pessimistic narrative and demonstrate more competence

While HAL has demonstrated technological and production competence, it may not survive the Centre's pessimism if it doesn't counter this narrative.

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The great Indian artillery bazaar: Post Bofors, there has been a reasonable ‘self-reliance’ attempt in Indian defence

Post Bofors, there has been a reasonable ‘self-reliance’ attempt in Indian defence.

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Sandwich Syndrome ails Indian defence: HAL struggles between politics of IAF, DRDO and will of the government

HAL appears to be sandwiched between politics of designers, end-users, decision-makers, media, and reality distortion attempts by large arms merchants.

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MMRCA 2.0: Why defence procurement decision-making is problematic

Military acquisitions often go beyond political regimes. The procurement process for the new 110 MMRCA can only be adjusted after the next regime comes to power.

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How will Rafale 2.0 play out? The story runs between ‘arms dynamic’, state, contractors and taxpayers

The story runs between ‘arms dynamic’, state, contractors and taxpayers.

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On defence, India appears to challenge conventional norms about military reforms

Great leap forward for defence necessitates resolute action from the top

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Defence Budget: Allocation appears ‘reasonable’ against popular perceptions

Budgetary allocations for ‘national defence’ (popularly known as the defence budget) for FY18 have been presented in the Parliament.

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Column: Budget FY17; A different beginning

A pruned allocation for national defence suggests a break from ritualistic appropriations.

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Column: Making defence procurement competitive

DPP 2015 must promote private sector participation, else the efforts could go waste yet again

Column: Making defence procurement competitive