Taslima must be given political asylum: BJP

Written by Mukesh Ranjan | New Delhi, Nov 25 | Updated: Nov 26 2007, 06:08am hrs
In an effort to capitalise on the Taslima Nasreen controversy, the BJP in a resolution passed at its Central office bearers meeting here on Sunday, said that the Bangladeshi writer should be given political asylum in India. The political statement, which echoes the sentiments of moderate Muslim minds on the issue, is also seen as a move by the saffron party to link the matter with its pet theme, the fight against Islamic fundamentalism.

A victim of political persecution is being persecuted further since fellow traveling with fundamentalism wins vote banks. The irony of this issue is the customary silence of the Prime Minister and the central government, a resolution adopted by the BJPs central office bearers here said. It also alleged that the Left Front government in West Bengal and the Centre is playing convenient vote bank politics.

The resolution also condemned the attitude of both the Centre state governments that millions of illegal immigrants (from Bangladesh) are welcome in India but a victim of political persecution is not. The BJP demanded the Centre that Taslima Nasreen should be treated as a political refugee, with a right to live with dignity and security. She is entitled to all rights which have been given to the Tibetan refugees, it said.

In a bid to highlight Nandigram violence and recent terror attacks at places spanning from South to North in the country, the party said, The recent terrorist strikes in Uttar Pradesh have exposed the soft-on-terror policy of the UPA government. The attacks were symbolic of the terrorists ability to strike at will. They remind us of the helplessness of the Indian government. Why cant a POTA like law be used against terrorists

The BJP, instead of defending its government in Gujarat, has also decided to go all out in aggressive mode by attacking the Congress for its failure in providing governance, when the party will formally inaugurate the campaign in the state on Tuesday.

The party has planned a sort of carpet-bombing election campaign for Gujarat with about 80 party leaders scheduled to simultaneously address 200 rallies and public meetings on the inaugural day of the campaign. Since the partys poll mascot in the state is none other than chief minister Narendra Modi himself, its difficult for the party to tread a defensive course, as he has mostly been known for his aggression, a senior party leader said adding that people of the state needed to be told something more than that of development.

To prove a point that if people voted Congress to the power in the state, the party will do the same, as it is doing at the Centre and keeping this in mind the BJP in its resolution said, There are only two priorities that the UPA government has. First, survival at any cost, which involved absence of decision-making and its consequent effect on governance. Secondly, perpetuate the politics of vote bank even if it has an impact on national security and integrity.