Same old story

Written by Rohit Nautiyal | Updated: May 30 2012, 02:47am hrs
The new ad of Frooti harps on the age-old story of college romance and struggles to find a new place for the drink in the lives of youngsters

Campaign: Say it Sid!

Brand: Frooti

Company : Parle Agro

Agency: Creativeland Asia

The Campaign

The TVC opens in a college campus with actor Siddharth looking at the girl of his dreams. Holding a bottle of Frooti in his hands, the actor remains silent but one can gather from his expression that he has something to say to the girl. In the next frame, Sid finds himself in a classroom with the same girl sitting in front of him. His friend gives him a chit which reads 'Say it Sid!'. Later Sid is bullied by his friends for being so reticent. Next, we see Sid attending a rock concert along with the girl where the performer shouts 'Say it Sid!' True to his nature, he remains silent while his friends and the girl looks at him in anticipation.

The last scene of the TVC is from the convocation day with the dean calling Sid on stage. He stammers while saying the girl's name (Priya) and asks her if she will share a Frooti with him. In the end, Sid is united with his lady love.

Our Take

Not again! The ad depicts the age-old story of college romance at its mushiest worst. So once again, you have the college lad struggling to convey his feelings to the girl next door. On top of this, god knows how many years he takes to ask her out. Hope not three years of graduation. Basically, the only fresh idea in the entire script is how saying'I love you' is synonymous with 'Mere saath ek Frooti share karogi'. Yet the ad fails to leave a lasting impression in the heart (if not mind) of the thirsty Frooti consumer. The hummable jingle does manage to light up the mood to a limited extent. Besides, the ad is a disappointing follow- up to Frooti's Why grow up' campaign (launched in 2010) which captured reactions of people confronting two giant replicas of mangoes hurtling towards them.