Apples Emotional Branding

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Sep 9 2014, 07:33am hrs
It has become a global rituallong queues forming days before the launch of a new Apple phone, in this case, the iPhone 6. Apple has not announced what it will launch today, except saying it is a special event but Apple fans are making sure they dont miss out. Loyalists and rent-a-place professionals have queued up days in advance. The professionals do this every year after they discovered companies were willing to pay them to advertise their product. So, what makes Apple so desirable and iconic When Apple Inc was launched in January 1977, it laid down a 3-point marketing philosophy, which remains at the core of what makes it so effective at marketing products and creating a global base of loyal customers. The first was Empathy, which stated that Apple would understand their customer needs better than any other company. Second was Focus, which meant eliminating all other marketing frills to concentrate on one big eventmuch like Steve Jobs in front of a live audience. Finally, the Interaction at Apple stores to show how professional the company was.

It has used this to become one of worlds most valuable brands. Marc Gobe, author of Emotional Branding, says Apple is the archetypal emotional brand. It is not just intimate with its customers; it is loved. Apple is about imagination, design and innovation. It goes beyond commerce.Gobe argued that, in some cases, branding has become as powerful as religion. Peoples connections with brands transcend commerce, he writes, adding that Apple has always projected a human touchfrom the charisma of Steve Jobs to the notion that its products are sold for a love of technology. The conclusion: somewhere Apple has managed to build a beyond-business relationship with users and created a cult-like relationship with the brand.