India may be far less urban than govt claim; World Bank study surprises with data on each state

There are significant differences between the predicted urbanisation rates and official figures at the state level.

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India projected to add 300 million urban residents by 2050: UN

India is projected to add 300 million new urban residents by 2050 and it will need to build climate-friendly cities to address the challenge of accommodating the needs of the growing population.

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Flood Disasters: Chennai a snooze alarm

Disasters like the Chennai floods leading to loss of life and property could repeat itself if we do not wake up to our current needs of urban planning, which play a major role in mitigating losses

Urban mobility and what drives it

Urbanisation is increasing speed by placing new, strong pressures on city resources and infrastructure.

Indian urbanisation messy, reforms needed: World Bank

India's urbanisation is "messy and hidden" says a report by The World Bank, which cites the South Asian country's inability to deal with pressures on infrastructure, basic civic services, land and housing, due to increase in

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Urbanising India best bet for Chinese steel

Urban dwellers will double to more than 800 million by 2050, a scale of mass urbanisation only seen before in China.

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Housing For All: How do we do it ?

The urban housing shortage is around 18.78 mn dwelling units for the 12th Plan period.

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Smartening up for smart cities

Why is it important to create capacities in higher education institutions for smart and sustainable cities.

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