Horoscope - ( 29 Aug )
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MAR 21-APR 20


Delayed gratification is the order of the day, so plan today for future festivities. Seeing that money matters are strongly indicated, you may as well make a few generous gestures and create as much goodwill as you can. And, if someone gets on your nerves, you can be perfectly charming in return.

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APR 21-MAY 21


The Moon’s challenging position means what it implies – partners of an emotional nature will literally set themselves up in opposition to you. Actually this will be very useful if you begin to look at certain things from a different perspective.

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MAY 22-JUNE 21


You may need to get on with what you know best, but that might not be the same as what you want! For example, it is a good moment to look after your physical health, getting in trim. I mean, if you end up worn out and exhausted you’ll be no use to anyone, least of all yourself.

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The Moon is now aligned with an emotional and passionate region of your solar chart, and at the very least you should feel happy and contented. The most you can hope for is to fall in love, not an everyday occurrence. But what you can’t account for is other people’s reactions.

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JULY 24-AUG 23


There is no way you can avoid certain emotional realities, however awkward. You will be surprised how quickly deep-rooted difficulties disappear once you examine them in the warm light of day. You need a little reassurance, but if it doesn’t come in time, you may just have to do without it.

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AUG 24-SEPT 23


A reversal of fortune may be undesirable in some senses, but may be good thing in the long run. In other words, you may be diverted from an unproductive and potentially hazardous course of action before you go any further. And you might be saved for something better.

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SEPT 24-OCT 23


A series of planets advise continuing discretion, perhaps because someone is relying on you to protect their interests. Plus, settle financial affairs as soon as you can, otherwise you may lose the advantage. A younger person might offer the most unstinting support, as it happens.

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OCT 24-NOV 22


The Moon’s relationship with intense and mystical regions of your chart allows you to stand up and be counted as a true romantic. It’s not just that you’re prone to fall in love, but that you have a vision of a better world. Don’t be too concerned about what other people think. In matters of the heart, stick with people you
can trust.

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NOV 23-DEC 22


Charitable activities look rather suitable. On the other hand, you don’t have to be exploited. The point is that the stars pick out today as the day to do things on behalf of other people, to serve deserving causes. Check up on your expenses, though, as the costs might be changing.

DEC 23-JAN 20


Social life is an important matter, and even when you’re having fun, there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. You’re learning from others, shaping your behaviour and moulding your future. Now is a good time to mix with friends with whom you feel an extra-deep emotional bond.

JAN 21-FEB 19


Do concentrate on professional matters, and remember that even if you’re not at work you have important personal ambitions which need time and effort. It may be a community or neighbourhood activity which takes your fancy. Be prepared to look after people who are junior in every way.

FEB 20-MAR 20


Mercury’s curious movement is bound to make certain people difficult to understand. Don’t blame them, though, but concentrate on understanding the deeper, inner patterns which reveal the real truth. The trouble is that you’re easily confused.

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SAGITTARIUS Charitable activities look rather suitable. On the other hand, you don't have to be exploited. The point is that the stars pick out today as the day to do things on behalf of other people, to serve… read more