Horoscope - ( 30 Mar )
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MAR 21-APR 20


A change in your emotional perspective might be a result of fresh information. You must also make more of an effort to understand the way other people are feeling. The end result, within a few weeks’ time, may be a new and very valuable long-term friendship.

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APR 21-MAY 21


Your solar chart is beginning to look considerably more relaxed, which means that if you have any lingering problems to cope with, they will be caused by yesterday’s questions and difficulties, rather than today’s. Mind you, you’ve got to keep a clear head.

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MAY 22-JUNE 21


Although you’ve been cracking along at a fair old pace recently, it will soon be time to take stock, and perhaps go over old ground again. Stay alert and keep an eye on fortune’s subtle ebb and flow. Opportunities will come and go, but you’ll have to be quick off the mark.

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Domestic affairs matter most at the moment. This could be an extremely useful period to get in touch with family members you’ve not seen for some time. And it’s certainly a good moment to see that all your favourite ambitions are based on firm foundations.

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JULY 24-AUG 23


It’s a day for taking choices, although whether you are truly in any state to make important long-term decisions is another matter. You can make your mind up, but following your intentions through may not be so simple. If current issues focus around money, and how to get more of it, you’re probably on the right track.

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AUG 24-SEPT 23


You are entering what can only be described as a more settled period for affairs of the heart. The question is whether recent opportunities on the field of romance can be followed up. The truth may emerge after another few days have passed.

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SEPT 24-OCT 23


Emotional confidence is returning, but the planets advise a small dose of caution. It may be difficult to practise restraint, but you’ll know when the moment is right to hold back. It’s all a matter of trusting your instincts, although that’s not an easy thing at the best of times.

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OCT 24-NOV 22


You can afford to keep your intentions and feelings to yourself for a little while longer. The question, though, is whether, when the moment does come to reveal all, you will be able to choose the time and the place. If you can, all well and good.

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NOV 23-DEC 22


You are often torn between a sociable desire to involve other people in your affairs on the one hand, and a strangely solitary urge to go off and do your own thing on the other. Although the latter is very important over the next few months, the former should take precedence today.

DEC 23-JAN 20


The overall picture now becomes very much more certain, and, to your relief, less confused. The message of the moment is a rather profound one: it’s not what’s true that counts as much as what you believe to be true. You’d also do well to give others the benefit of the doubt, at least until they’ve had time to explain themselves.

JAN 21-FEB 19


The past month seems to have coincided with a time of flared passions and tense situations, often over matters which could easily have been avoided. If professional ambitions have been disturbed you’ll soon find it easy to make up. Private disputes require a little more attention, though.

FEB 20-MAR 20


You are no doubt highly stressed. Mars, the planet responsible, has a little way to go before it leaves you alone, but you may now get ready to turn the tables on the person or thing responsible for winding you up. Also, do yourself a favour and stop making excuses for not tackling adventurous tasks.

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