Horoscope - ( 28 Nov )
Daily Weekly

MAR 21-APR 20


Your intuition may already have alerted you that the whole direction of affairs is shifting, and that this trend affects your close partners. A change of attitude on your part may therefore be prompted by somebody else’s shifting opinions.

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APR 21-MAY 21


There are so many planets affecting your home and family background that it is difficult to know where to start. As a matter of interest, any enquiry into your origins will help you understand your present situation. You’ll gain insights into your behaviour by finding out what your parents or grandparents did.

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MAY 22-JUNE 21


Some Geminians prefer a good read to the endless chatter for which your sign is renowned, but you will be growing more verbal by the day. You are shortly to earn your reputation as the poet and orator of the zodiac. You’ll be able to persuade virtually anyone that anything is true.

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It is never easy to let go, but that is precisely what you must do. The point is that only if you open space in your life for new things and people to enter, will you then go on to find the happiness you deserve. What a partner really needs now is your trust.

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JULY 24-AUG 23


The tally of helpful and hopeful planets at your beck and call is now four, so you really have no excuse for not making the best of things, even if others have a head start. Look far afield for inspiration today, and try to find new solutions to age-old problems.

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AUG 24-SEPT 23


Your solar chart is in a distinctly discreet and retiring condition. While you are quite entitled to keep your thoughts, feelings and activities to yourself, be open and upfront in all joint financial arrangements. But do enjoy a secret friendship or flirtation.

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SEPT 24-OCT 23


Your deep need for partnership has been discussed often enough in the past, so the only observation we need make now is that, while everything is broadly going extremely well, this is just the sort of time that you drift into emotional dependency without even realising it.

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OCT 24-NOV 22


Given that a financial question should now be settled, and that family affairs are moving slowly on an assured course, there is little going on in your chart that doesn’t affect your job. Many of you are soon to become officially registered workaholics.

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NOV 23-DEC 22


Take a break from all pressing and urgent matters, with the sole exception of developments concerning the law, higher education or travel. Adventure, by the way, is looming on all fronts and, at last, you may see your way to exploring an
old ambition.

DEC 23-JAN 20


Given that yours is a sign strongly associated with business, we are surely about to see you coming into your own. It doesn’t matter whether your approach is strongly materialistic. What matters most is your motivation and sincerity. Do the right thing and others will support you.

JAN 21-FEB 19


When we look ahead and see that the possibilities include either marriage, a new and wonderful friendship, or a partnership that will transform your professional hopes, we can see just how important other people are to your dreams. Even at work, relationships matter most.

FEB 20-MAR 20


In spite of what some people think, you have no time to waste. If you should be taking a break over the next two months you would be well advised to go for an adventurous trip. Back home, invite the world into your living
room and take whatever steps you can to broaden your horizons.

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