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Horoscope - ( 23 Oct )
Daily Weekly

MAR 21-APR 20


You should be a little more emotional than usual, but then you’ll also be more confident. There are plusses and minuses in the present situation. For one thing you might inadvertently offend other people by ignoring their wishes. But for another, you can impress all and sundry with your sheer determination to succeed.

APR 21-MAY 21


That profoundly gentle and sympathetic planet Venus now offers you its protection, rather like a sort of cosmic armour. Its effect may not be to shield you from difficult problems, but it will give you the optimism and confidence to brush such irritations aside.

MAY 22-JUNE 21


It’s an awkward moment, no doubt. For some reason the planets just refuse to play ball. No matter what steps you take to ensure that people tell you what’s going on, it won’t make much difference. You see, even if you know the facts, you still won’t understand why people are behaving as they are.



I know you know it’s true, but I’d still like to remind you that life is what you make it. The only sound advice any astrologer can give you is to wake up and catch up. The world has moved on overnight and certain of your arrangements or attitudes may now be well past their sell-by date.

JULY 24-AUG 23


You don’t have to compete to be noticed today. If the Moon and Jupiter do their work you need only wave your hand for others to fall into line. If you’re planning the next stage in your ambitions, then pin your hopes on the middle of the day, the time when your most private aspirations could receive a public airing.

AUG 24-SEPT 23


You’ve got plenty of get-up-and-go, but colleagues and other conditions seem to get in the way. You face the prospect of floundering around like a beached whale, but the way to avoid confusion is simply to defer all dubious activities, so if you have any doubts whatsoever, hang on for a few days.

SEPT 24-OCT 23


Sometimes you love to be sentimental, but now you are likely to find yourself in a position where you simply have to be business-like about your feelings. You may have to put serious and intimate encounters on hold while you pursue your social goals in a frivolous manner.

OCT 24-NOV 22


Apparent difficulties and dramas may be far from distressing. In fact, this looks like a moment of rare professional power, so if you’re anxious to get on at work, push yourself forward and take the resulting friction in your stride. You can always charm your way out of a tight corner!

NOV 23-DEC 22


If you’ve got things to talk about, don’t spend too much time going over old ground. You must be practical, on the other hand, and this means that you should pay due deference to the way certain matters were done in the past. Not everything your ancestors did is to be so easily dismissed!

DEC 23-JAN 20


The Moon is coursing through vital and varied areas of your chart, so busy times at work look set to continue for a few days yet. Right now, though, you may glimpse the prospect of financial reward. Joint finances seem to be important and great good fortune may come via close partners.

JAN 21-FEB 19


There are many important decisions involving your personal life, but that doesn’t rule out the prospect of having fun along the way. Indeed, today you should be able to combine business with pleasure as never before! A new social contact may even guide you to success in a public ambition in the future.

FEB 20-MAR 20


There probably won’t be much time left over after you’ve finished all your tasks and chores, but you can enliven the day by pursuing your own desires above the requirements of colleagues and dependants. But you might have to decide to ignore one particular problem, at least, just for now.