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UK extends work visas for Indian, foreign doctors and nurses in COVID-19 fight

The UK has so far reported 1,515,802 cases of coronavirus along with 55,120 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The Biden plan for immigrants: Could this be the silver lining that many are awaiting?

The repeated promise of the administration to build “The Wall” along the border with Mexico and the reversal of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) demonstrates the vision towards immigr

Joe Biden plans to increase H-1B visa limit and remove country quota for green cards

According to the policy document, Biden believes that keeping families together and allowing eligible immigrants to join their American relatives on US soil is critically important, but the current sy

China bans entry of flyers from India, no entry for valid visa holders over coronavirus

The note, posted on the website of the embassy, clarified that foreigners holding Chinese 'diplomatic, service, courtesy and C visas are not affected.'

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H-1B Visa: Ban on lottery system proposed by Trump government; Here’s what it means

In the face of the pandemic many in the working community have lost their jobs fallen out of legal status as they could not renew their H-1B’s and have had to return to countries that they seemingly

H-1B visa: Engaged with US for ensuring increasing predictability in visa regime, says MEA

The H-1B visa, most sought-after among Indian IT professionals, is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in occupations that require theoretical or technical expertis

H-1B visas: Trump admin proposes to scrap computerised lottery system

Stakeholders have 30 days to respond to the notification, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said on Wednesday, less than a week before the US presidential election.

China may not recognise British-issued Hong Kong passports

More than 300,000 of Hong Kong's 7 million residents hold BNO passports, according to the U.K., more than double the number four years earlier.

Trump’s executive order on visas for foreign workers cost $100 billion: Report

The executive order signed by Trump on June 22, that had temporarily banned issuing fresh H-1B and L-1 visas till December 31, caused a negative impact to the valuation of Fortune 500 firms equivalent

VFS Global wins contract to provide visa, passport services for India in US

Outsourcing and technology services company VFS Global on Thursday said it has been awarded contract by the external affairs ministry to manage services related to visa, OCI, passport, renunciation of

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Modi govt announces ‘graded relaxations’ in visa, travel restrictions; Check details

Today's announcements will permit foreign nationals to come to India for several purposes such as medical treatment, conferences, employment, business, research, and studies, the Ministry of Home Affa

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H-1B Visa: US proposes not to issue business visa for speciality occupations

The move, made public on Wednesday, less than two weeks ahead of the November 3 presidential election, is likely to impact several Indian companies which send their technology professionals on B-1 vis

Lawsuit challenges Trump administration’s new H-1B visa rules

Seventeen individuals and organisations, including universities and businesses, in their lawsuit, have challenged the US Department of Labour's recent rule on wages related to H-1B visas.

17 individual, organisations file H1B lawsuit against US Department of Labor

The lawsuit filed in the US District Court for the District of Columbia on Monday alleged that the poorly-drafted and improperly-issued rule did not comply with the procedural rules for rule-making an

Trump’s new visa rules credit negative for Indian IT industry, may impact margins by up to 5.80%, says report

The over USD 180 billion Indian IT industry counts on the US as its largest market and sends engineers from India to work at onshore client locations, resulting in the dependency on the H1-B visas.

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Indian-origin congressmen hope Biden admin would remove country cap on Green Card

Distressed that professionals from India on H-1B visas have to wait for decades to get their Green Card, Indian-origin lawmakers have expressed hope that a Biden administration would come to their res

Changes in H1B work visa will attract best and brightest minds: US official

This move is likely to have an adverse impact on thousands of Indian IT professionals. Already a large number of them have lost jobs and have headed back home in the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats flay Trump for announcing new curbs on H-1B visas sans public scrutiny

In a move which will affect thousands of Indian IT professionals, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Tuesday announced the interim final rule, which, the Trump administration said, is aimed

This is clearly an attempt to score the last-minute political points, Nadler said.

H-1B visa update: US Administration’s new visa restrictions to affect Indian IT professionals

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise.

The new rules, which are expected to be published in the Federal Register on October 8, will be effective in 60 days post the publication.

H-1B visas should be reserved only for ‘specialised talent’ to support strong economy: White House

The White House, in a statement late on Tuesday night, said that the President is improving America's work visa programmes to prioritise the highest-skilled workers and protect the American jobs and w

New H-1B visa rules programme will restrict US’ access to skilled talent: Nasscom

It said the move is aimed at protecting American workers, restoring integrity and to better guarantee that H-1B petitions are approved only for qualified beneficiaries and petitioners.

H-1B visa: Indian IT workers may suffer as US tightens rule; Check number of Indians applying yearly for visa

The effect on Indian IT workers can be assessed by the fact that in the year 2018, the US received a total of 4.19 lakh petitions for H-1B visa, out of which 73.9% or 3.09 lakh petitions were only fro

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H-1B Visa program: Trump administration to sharply limit skilled-worker visas

Department of Homeland Security and Department of Labor officials said new rules on who can obtain the visas and how much they should be paid would be released soon to restrict the use of what's known

H-1B visa: US judge blocks President Trump’s ban

The judge noted that the text of Article I and more than two centuries of legislative practice and judicial precedent make clear, the Constitution vests Congress, not the President, with the power to

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