MG Hector vs Tata Harrier vs Hyundai Creta Comparison: Hits, Misses and the Champion

MG Hector is the new kid on the block, but how does it match with Tata’s Harrier and the reigning king of the compact SUV space the Hyundai Creta? We drive all three of these SUVs to decipher which of these you should sink your hard earned money into and have a happily ever after ending. On this test we included the top of the line Tata Harrier diesel manual (the only combination on offer). The Hyundai Creta was also the diesel manual in the SX(O) variant which comes equipped with a sunroof as well. The MG Hector however was the top of the line petrol DCT automatic only for the purpose of the shot. We have driven the MG Hector diesel manual earlier. Click on the link below to watch the video.