Listen to Rahul, you can hear Rajiv echo: PC

Written by Political Bureau | New Delhi | Updated: Dec 21 2010, 05:35am hrs
Union home minister P Chidambaram on Monday launched a blistering attack on the Opposition BJP saying that in the next 10 years aapka number nahin aayega (your turn will not come), even as he showered praise on Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi endorsing his vision for the country.

It was a thoughtful, mature speech by young leader Rahul Gandhi. If you closed your eyes and listened to the voice, one could hear echoes of Rajiv Gandhi speaking 25 years ago, said the home minister referring to Rahuls speech at the partys plenary session on Sunday, in which he had sought to re-define the aam aadmi disengaging him from any socio-economic profile and saying that the aam aadmi is one who does not have a connection to the system, be it a professional or a businessman or a bureaucrat or a carpenter.

Millions are not connected to our economic system not because they do not want to but have no opportunity to. Why is the per capita income so low at the bottom 20 per cent of India Imagine we heeded the call of Rahul Gandhi...imagine every child in school vaccinated and inoculated, imagine leaving school with skill...imagine everyone out of college having a job, said Chidambaram.

The home minister said the BJP is angry with the Congress because it is envious of the fact that the ruling party knows how to govern and deliver growth. The home minister said he has no doubt in his mind that in the next ten years, it would be a Congress or a Congress-led government that would rule Delhi.

To the BJP, I would say, aap ka number nahi aayega before the decade or even after. For the next 10 years, we would be in the government, he said to applause from 15,000 party delegates. He said the BJP was so angry with the Congress because of the latters electability and re-electability. It is the Congress alone which can govern the country for five years and go back to the people and ask for a mandate and get re-elected. The BJP had got one chance and failed. The BJP is envious of the Congress.

Chidambaram had a suggestion for the PM and Sonia Gandhi: The PM should call upon each minister of each department to give quarterly account what his or her ministry has done on each of the points (suggested in the partys economic resolution). In every six months, the Congress president should call the government to give an account what has been done in regard to the decision.