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Kia Sportage gets new ‘Terrain Mode’ editions

The models are called ‘Mud mode’, ‘Snow Mode’ and ‘Sand Mode’ to highlight the potential of the Sportage SUV.

Kia Sportage gets new ‘Terrain Mode’ editions

Kia UK has presented a trio of its Sportage SUV inspired by the Terrain mode system included as standard on all-wheel drive (AWD) models. The models are called ‘Mud mode’, Snow Mode’ and ‘Sand Mode’ to highlight the potential of the SUV.  These three, all-wheel drive Hybrid Sportage SUV models have been accessorised to fit the bill of the different terrain modes. 

The terrain mode aids traction, stability and control on different terrain such as mud, snow and sand, with dedicated driving modes for each. As per Kia, the system makes AWD versions of the Sportage SUV capable across a range of low-grip surfaces. The different modes can be controlled using the Terrain Mode dial on the centre console, and the choice lies between Mud’, ‘Snow’ and ‘Sand’ modes. The system then optimises the drivetrain to best suit each scenario and adjusts engine torque output and distribution, along with stability control characteristics. The terrain mode is also responsible for the adjustment of shift timings for the hybrid’s 6-speed automatic transmission to suit different surfaces.

Each model has been equipped with official Kia accessories allowing buyers to customise their own cars and reflect the three modes available through the Terrain Mode system.

Kia Sportage Snow Mode

Using the snow mode, drivers can optimise the hybrid powertrain to maintain forward momentum in low-grip, icy conditions as it limits torque output from the engine, while apportioning it as equally as possible between all four wheels. At the same time, the transmission uses shorter shifts, keeping engine speeds down to prevent wheel slip.

This one can be equipped with winter tyres, as well as an in-car winter kit, which features a range of accessories in case of sudden snowfall like a wind-up torch, snowshoe grippers, ice scraper, traction mats, and de-icer and screenwash top-ups.

Kia Sportage Mud Mode

The mud mode gives greater traction and control for drivers tackling muddy tracks and fields and helps maintain momentum in the muck. This model gets a pro bike carrier and steel crossbars, with side steps to load and unload a mountain bike more easily. Similar to the ‘Snow Mode’ car, it also includes elements to protect the car from mud like all-round mudflaps and all-weather mats for inside the cabin. It also features a bumper flap and an extended boot liner. 

Kia Sportage Sand Mode

This version claims to help drivers confidently traverse sandy tracks, beaches and even the desert. The sand mode helps avoid the risk of the Sportage getting bogged down as it matches higher levels of engine torque output with delayed up-shifts and also distributes torque as evenly as possible throughout the AWD system. 

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First published on: 07-11-2022 at 19:18 IST