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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2: Is this the best Android tablet at Rs 20,990?

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 is one of the best value for money Android tablets in the market at the moment.

The Android tablet space is choc-a-bloc with too many devices and brands.

Lenovo wraps up purchase of Motorola phone unitLenovo launches affordable 3G voice tablet at Rs 9999
Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 will be Samsung's first devices to feature fully metal bodies and its thinnest smartphones to date.
Samsung unveils mid-tier handsets Galaxy A3, A5 with premium feel
Galaxy A3, galaxy A5 feature fully metal bodies and Samsung's thinnest smartphones to date.

LAVA launches Iris Fuel series priced Rs 7,799 onwards

Handset maker Lava today launched a new series of Iris smartphones under the 'Fuel' brand...

Xiaomi moves into third place in global smartphone war

Xiaomi, the top seller in its home market of China, has recently entered India...

Expert claims hacking Xiaomi server, firm calls it hoax

A cyber security expert has claimed to have compromised Xiaomi server...

T-Series forays into handsets, signs up Snapdeal for its first smartphone sale

Company launches T-Series brand mobiles with Shachii Gizmo and Snapdeal for exclusive online sale...
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Samsung vows to overhaul handset lineup after mobile profit plunges
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Thursday said it would revamp its smartphone...
Bose SoundLink Color: Is this the best Bluetooth speaker money can buy?
Bose SoundLink Color is small, durable and simple to use. It plays out music in clear, full audio....
ZTE V5 review: Good design, decent price
ZTE V5 makes a great first impression with its sturdy build and a full roster of high-end features.
Nintendo to develop 'quality of life' device to track sleep, fatigue
Nintendo is better known for its Mario video game franchise and Wii and Wii U consoles...
Can 4G be a game-changer?
While 4G seems the right solution for cash-strapped mobile service providers, the key drivers would ...
Truecaller launches mobile app for outgoing calls
Phone directory application Truecaller today launched a new app.
GoPro cameras face simpler competition
If you just want a portable, easy-to-operate still and video camera, it's worth taking a look...
Phone directory application Truecaller today launched a new app
Phone directory application Truecaller today launched a new app.
Security risks in the Internet era
The Internet is now connecting people and things at a breathtaking pace...
Apple Pay runs afoul of MCX, a group with a rival product
One week after its debut, Apple’s new mobile wallet is showing promise with consumers...
HP broadens Moonshot portfolio
Hewlett Packard announced new HP ProLiant Moonshot solutions, further expanding the portfolio of cus...
Microsoft Devices offers host of freebies with Lumia 830 smartphone
Aiming to further enhance consumer experience on its latest flagship, the Lumia 830...
'World's thinnest smartphone' OPPO R5 launched, priced at $499
Aside from OPPO R5, OPPO N3 too was launched. Company collaborating with Flipkart, Amazon.
Lenovo launches affordable 3G voice tablet at Rs 9999
Lenovo A7-30 3G tablet has dual front-facing speakers and Dolby audio enhancement.
Xiaomi advisory 4-5 months old, no ban on using smartphones: IAF
The recent privacy scare regarding Xiaomi smartphones was just a hype after all...
Now, Google exploring a way to search bodies for cancer, heart disease
Google X Lab is experimenting with having 'nanoparticles' hunt for signs of medical trouble...
Apple CEO Tim Cook says Apple Pay a success
Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple's new mobile payment system had over 1 million activations in the firs...
Twitter revenue soars, but usage stalls
Company’s efforts to attract and retain users have not yielded significant benefits so far
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