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Mohan Bhagwat interview: RSS chief says Hindus in the midst of a war, natural for them to be aggressive

Mohan Bhagwat said that Muslims have nothing to fear in India but they must let go of their claim of supremacy.

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Mohan Bhagwat (File Image)

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat has said that the newfound aggression among Hindus is a result of their awakening to the reality that they have been at war for over a thousand years. “It is natural for those at war to be aggressive,” the RSS Sarsanghchalak said in an interview to Organiser and Panchajanya.

“Hindu society has been at war for over 1000 years – this fight has been going on against foreign aggressions, foreign influence and foreign conspiracies. Sangh has offered its support to this cause, so have others. There are many who have spoken about it. And it is because of all these that the Hindu society has awakened. It is but natural for people those at war to be aggressive,” he said.

Bhagwat further said that there have been several people who have taken up the task of cautioning the Hindu society against this war, which, unlike the times of Alexander, is against an enemy within.

“You may say that all those who undertook the task of social awakening — in the great tradition of Chanakya — have cautioned the Hindu society against yet another war. Unfortunately, we haven’t been thoroughly alerted to this impending reality. This war is not against an outside enemy, but against an enemy within. So there is a war to defend Hindu society, Hindu Dharma and Hindu culture. Foreign invaders are no longer there, but foreign influence and foreign conspiracies remain.

“Since this is a war, people are likely to get over zealous. Although this is not desirable, yet provocative statements will be uttered,” the RSS chief further said.

Muslims have nothing to fear, but…

Bhagwat further said that Muslims have nothing to fear in India but they must let go of their claim to supremacy. “The simple truth is this – Hindustan should remain Hindustan. There is no harm in Muslims living today in Bharat. If they wish to stick to their faith, they can. If they want to return to the faith of their ancestors, they may. It is entirely their choice. There is no such stubbornness among Hindus. Islam has nothing to fear. But at the same time, Muslims must abandon their boisterous rhetoric of supremacy,” he said.

However, Bhagwat advised Muslims that they must abandon the narrative that they will rule this land again and refuse to live together. “We are of an exalted race; we once ruled over this land, and shall rule it again; only our path is right, rest everyone is wrong; we are different, therefore we will continue to be so; we cannot live together – they (Muslims) must abandon this narrative,” Bhagwat added.

RSS chief backs LGBTQ rights

In the interview, Bhagwat also touched upon the subject of LGBTQ rights and reiterated the Sangh’s support to it. Stating that the people of the LGBTQ community also have a right to live, Bhagwat advocated a humane approach to provide them social acceptance. “Without much hullabaloo, we have found a way, with a humane approach, to provide them social acceptance, bearing in mind they are also human beings having inalienable right to live. We have a transgender community; we did not see it as a problem. They have a sect and their own deities. Today, they have their own Mahamandaleshwar too. During Kumbh, they are accorded a special place. They are part of our everyday life,” he said.

Narrating the story of demon king Jarasandh’s generals Hans and Dimbhaka, Bhagwat drew parallels to the issues faced by the LGBTQ community in India. When Krishna fanned the rumour that Dimbhaka has died, Hans committed suicide. That is how Krishna got rid of those two generals. Come to think of it: what does the story suggest? This is the same thing. The two generals were in that sort of a relationship. It’s not that these people have never existed in our country. People with such proclivities have always been there for as long as humans have existed. Since I am a doctor of animals, I know that such traits are found in animals too. This is biological, a mode of life,” he said.

Bhagwat said the RSS wants the LGBTQ community to have their own private space and to feel that they, too, are a part of the society. “This is such a simple issue. We will have to promote this view because all other ways of resolving it will be futile,” Bhagwat said, adding that the Sangh relies on the wisdom of our traditions for such matters.

Hindu society must awaken to the message of self-purification: Bhagwat

Bhagwat further said that the Hindu society may have found pride in raising the slogan of Jai Shri Ram and carried out a movement to build the Ram Temple, but has not awakened to his message of self-purification. The RSS chief said that staying in fighting mode perpetually will do no good to the Hindus.

“Shri Ram symbolises our pride. His temple must be built. There was a movement for it. Those in the movement exclaimed ‘Jai Shree Ram,’ for the slogan is known to energise. Shri Ram strung together all jati and sects. But even today, people in our country are getting whipped for so much as mounting a ‘doli’ during marriage. Should this not change? Everyone, who has carried forward that tradition of awakening, has talked about this,” Bhagwat said.

Bhagwat said that Hindus have hailed the sloganeering (of Jai Shri Ram) but not his (Lord Ram’s) message of self-purification. “Hindu society hasn’t fully awakened to this reality; it should happen. We keep talking about war, war, war (against someone) but what about us? If war is there, what is our status? In a war we have to understand the enemy. We have to decide what to do and when,” he added.

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First published on: 10-01-2023 at 20:41 IST