For the third edition of Manage Your Money, we are going towards a very interesting turf: making money by investing right. We will have experts and financial advisors discussing "Investing in mutual funds to become a crorepati". They will share the best ways to invest money for the best kind of returns in the long term. Mind you… 'Mutual funds are subject to market risk', and our experts will share how to manage that risk.

We will host a group of panelists who will try to identify the best mutual funds to invest in for the next 5-10 years, and the roadmap to make a crore rupees from investing in those. More importantly, the panel will also share ideas on how to avoid losing money during large drawdowns.

Investing sure can be complicated and overwhelming and doing this by oneself requires too much involvement in picking up investments, monitoring their performance and even modifying the investment strategy over time. We will be talking about how to minimise all of that and expect quality returns, which mutual funds to invest in, which are the consistent performers, what are the risks involved, etc.

Recorded Session

Discussion Areas

Benefits of investing in mutual funds
Right kind of mutual funds for you
Returns that mutual funds offer
Consistent performers in mutual funds
Intensity of risks involved
Reasonable expectations to have
Right kind of investment in mutual funds
What to do or not do to while investing in mutual funds


Radhika Gupta

Radhika Gupta

MD & CEO, Edelweiss AMC
Nilesh Shah

Nilesh Shah

Managing Director, Kotak Mahindra AMC

Anupam Guha

Anupam Guha

Head - Private Wealth Management, ICICI Securities Ltd.

Jitendra Solanki

Jitendra Solanki

Founder, JS Financial Advisors

Shaleen Agrawal

Shaleen Agrawal

Editor - Markets, Financial Express Online (Moderator)

Discussion Topics

Fireside chat: Building a resilient mutual fund portfolio that can make you rich
Panel discussion: How to multiply your wealth and become a crorepati with mutual funds

Who should attend ?

Salaried Employees
Small Business Owners
Mutual Fund Companies
Mutual Fund Distributors
Financial Planners
Wealth Managers

Why Should You Attend ?

Mutual funds are an emerging mode of investment with great potential, and the recent trends suggest a lot of interest of investors in mutual funds. However, due to the lack of awareness and vague knowledge, investors often find it difficult to make the right decisions on where and how much to invest.

This virtual event will answer most of the questions around mutual funds, its benefits, risks involved, and more. The panelists and guest speakers will discuss various facets of investing in mutual funds, about why one should start investing early, how to improve risk appetite and how to generate more wealth with mutual funds. The online platform will also give the attendees an opportunity to interact and ask questions from the experts from the field.

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