The new normal in the healthcare ecosystem is all about innovative healthcare delivery. Taking healthcare to all is where the crux lies. Healthcare is undoubtedly India’s fastest-growing industry. Being one of the largest industries in the country, that serves almost all of the ever-growing population, it is immensely contributing to the GDP growth and creating employment opportunities. Going by the numbers shared in reports, the Indian healthcare industry was worth around INR 17 trillion in 2020 and is expected to grow at an approximate CAGR of 30 percent between 2021 and 2026, reaching INR 81.30 trillion by 2026.

The rapid digitization and emphasis on tele-access in healthcare during COVID-19 have made it possible for many previously deprived individuals to access quality healthcare services. In addition, the Covid-19 outbreak radically accelerated the acceptance of health-tech. It acted as a springboard for Indian startups to develop quality and affordable healthcare for every Indian, furthering the idea that quality healthcare is a human right. Despite much advancement, creating health equity through data, transparency, and accountability still remains a distant dream. Better data and analysis from both public health systems and private sector interventions is a must to take the next step. Indian healthcare needs tech-enabled, patient-centric eco-system. The Second Edition of the FE Healthcare Summit will focus on taking healthcare to the masses in the most cost-effective manner while retaining the emphasis on quality.


  • 1 Full Day of Networking

  • 35+ Key Speakers

  • 200 Industry Leaders

  • 8+ Knowledgeable Sessions

The FE Hospital Awards will honor and felicitate private hospitals in India for their outstanding contributions in providing high-quality healthcare in various segments.


  • Building the New Healthcare Ecosystem: Scalable yet Personalised
  • Primary Healthcare In India: Of Trials and Tribulations
  • Dealing with the NCD Challenge
  • Diagnostics: COVID & Beyond
  • Breakthough Innovations: The Next Frontier for Indian Pharma
  • Revitalising India's Healthcare Infrastructure: Leveraging the Digital Power
  • Health Equity in India : Through Transparency and Accountability
  • The PSU Play in Healthcare: Revamped Role in Post-COVID Era


Dr A Velumani


Prof (Dr) Balram Bhargava

Director General
Indian Council of Medical Research

Dr RS Sharma


Satish Reddy

Dr Reddy's Laboratories


  • Gain global overview

  • Powerpacked panel discussions underlining present and future strategies

  • Chance to connect and network with industry leaders, in person

  • Close door round tables & more

  • Exhibit latest product & solutions at the expo

Who Should Attend

Central and State Government decision-makers, task force members

Surgeons, Doctors, Medical Engineers, frontline medical team members

CEOs, CIOs, CTOs Hospitals, healthcare companies pharma companies, Health tech providers, healthcare start-ups

Technology experts from medical devices, software, and analytics companies

Heads of academic institutions, large medical associations

Heads of hospital supply chain and procurement


  • Generate Business Leads with our Target Market Approach.
  • Chance to Showcase Thought Leadership by Co-Curating Content for your Target Audience.
  • Heightened Brand Visibility with Pre and Post Event Engagement.
  • Engage in Discussions with Leaders and Peers that are Vital to your Business Needs.

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