1. Who hates Donald Trump?

Who hates Donald Trump?

Donald Trump, the Republican party candidate for the US presidential election, has been at the centre of several controversies during his entire campaign.

By: | Published: October 31, 2016 7:00 PM
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Donald Trump, the Republican party candidate for the US presidential election, has been at the centre of several controversies during his entire campaign. He has faced opposition not only from the Democratic party’s presidential candidate Hillary Clinton but also from the mainstream media and several sections of the country, especially women. His past remarks against women have been dug up to brand him as a misogynist. One of Hillary’s close supporters, Madeleine Albright, even warned the American women that “there was a special place in hell reserved for them if they did not vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Amidst all these hate campaigns against Trump, his popularity refuses to die. As the crucial Presidential election comes closer, Trump remains in the fight for the top US post. While several reports have appeared about the nature of Trump supporters, there have been a few about those who hates him. US-based political analyst Arvind Kumar provides an analysis of the people who hate Trump and why.

According to Kumar, those who hate Trump are people who are part of the American political system and view Trump as an outsider.

In an article published by The Sunday Guardian, Kumar says that American politics is often a “massive stage-managed show based on an illusion of choice”. The illusion, he says, involves mesmerising the Americans into believing that they choose their political leaders and vote on issues that are dear to them.

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Behind the scenes, Kumar says, both parties work together and act in tandem on important issues. However, voters are asked to vote for the two parties on the basis of issues that do not matter to those in power. Not only this, voters are “manipulated” into voting along racial and religious lines. This helps in showing the people and the world that the two parties are competing against each other.

Kumar writes: “Occasionally, when it appears that a candidate who is not part of the system could win an election, those in power are not beyond using illegal means to keep out such people from succeeding. The share of American voters, who have seen through this game, has grown in recent years, and the support for Donald Trump in the Republican Party and Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Party during the 2016 primaries was the direct result of an increase in the number of voters who have gained an understanding of the system.”

Interestingly, it may be possible that none of the candidates is actually against the existing setup but support for them come from people who are opposed to the system, the politics expert says.

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