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In wake of deadly attacks, Sri Lanka president vows stability before vote

Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena said on Saturday the security forces would "eradicate terrorism" following devastating suicide attacks on Easter Sunday and restore stability before a presiden

Sirisena said that all indications suggested Islamic State had been involved (Reuters photo) News

41 feared dead in Russian plane blaze disaster: Investigators

Forty-one people including at least two children are believed to have died when a Russian passenger plane made an emergency landing and was engulfed in flames at Moscow's busiest airport Sunday, inves

Moscow plane fire, Moscow plane blaze disaster, russia plane crash News

Sri Lanka imposes curfew in Negombo after clashes, bans social media

The bombings by Islamist militants, which killed more than 250 people, have raised fears that Muslims could be targets of communal violence.

Police Kerala Sri Lanka, sri lanka bombing, easter sunday, sri lanka church, tamil sri lanka News

Former US Vice President Joe Biden offers a nickname for a nicknaming president: ‘clown’

Joe Biden, a veteran of decades of political wars, said he would never shy from responding to Trump's attacks, but did not want to let the president use them to turn attention from serious issues.

US vice president, Former US vice president, Joe Biden, US president nickname, donald trump, donald trump clown, hillary clinton, barack obama News

US, Russia butt heads over Venezuela

Washington has given full-throated backing to opposition leader Juan Guaido, who tried but ultimately failed to ignite a military uprising against Maduro on April 30.

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, trump putin meet today, trump putin summit, US venezuela, russia venezuela, trump venezuela, putin venezuela News

US-Taliban talks stumble over troop withdrawal: Taliban

Many in Kabul scoff at the idea the insurgents, who once stoned women to death on flimsy allegations of adultery, have adapted to more modern times.

taliban US, afghanistan, afghanistan taliban, pakistan News

United Nations calls for week-long Libya Ramadan truce

The UN mission in the country proposed the "extendable one-week" ceasefire "during which all parties pledge to halt all forms of military operations" in a statement Sunday.

United Nations, UN, week long, Libya, Ramadan, ramzan ceasefire News

13 killed in Moscow plane blaze disaster: Agencies

A passenger plane made an emergency landing in Moscow Sunday with flames coming from its fuselage

Moscow plane fire, Moscow plane blaze disaster News

Brexit deal prospects in doubt in ‘bad faith’ spat

The newly-formed Brexit Party is leading the opinion polls for the upcoming European elections.

Theresa May, british pm, Theresa May britain, uk, united kingdom, brexit News

Sri Lanka expels 200 Islamic clerics after Easter suicide bombings

The minister said the government was overhauling the country's visa policy following fears that foreign clerics could radicalise locals for a repeat of the April 21 suicide bombings, which targeted th

Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka expels 200 Islamic clerics, Easter Sunday bombings, jihadists,  Srilanka suicide bombings News

‘Save us from the Satans’: Sri Lanka Christians pray after surviving attacks

More than 250 people were killed and nearly 500 wounded in the attacks by Islamist militants on churches and hotels across the Indian Ocean island on April 21.

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Rocket barrages from Gaza draw Israeli strikes, four Palestinians dead

Gaza militants on Saturday fired some 250 rockets at Israel, which responded with strikes as a fragile ceasefire again faltered in an escalation that left four Palestinians dead, including a baby kill

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After data scandals, Australia faces an election under heavy profiling

While the use of data and public profiles from Facebook, Twitter and other social media for political campaigning has become widespread globally, Australia is one of the most open countries in the wor

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North Korea tests rocket-launch drill, Kim Jong Un supervises ‘Strike drill’

KCNA said in a statement early Sunday local time that Kim had supervised a “strike drill” -- essentially, a test of combat readiness -- of defense units in direction of the Sea of Japan, also know

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Joe Biden calls Donald Trump a ‘clown’ while decrying President’s nicknames

Joe Biden said he doesn’t intend to try to match Donald Trump in the nickname game but nonetheless offered one for the president while speaking to donors on Saturday.

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Donald Trump attacks social media companies after Facebook bans far-right extremists

Facebook's latest bans apply both to - the company's main service and to Instagram and extends to fan pages and other related accounts.

Donald Trump, Trump social media, donald trump twitter, donald trump Facebook, Facebook bans News

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro rallies military as opposition marches on bases

Small groups of protesters marched on four military bases in Caracas.

Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, US venezuela, venezuela oil, venezuela recession, News

Marital Rape: Some states seek to close loopholes in marital rape laws

National surveys have placed the percentage of women raped within marriage between 10% and 14%.

marital rape, marital rape debate, marital rape centre, centre's stand on marital rape, marital status, marital rape statistics, marital rape statistics india, marital rape statistics worldwide, marital rape victim stories, News

Fines, jail time? Donald Trump’s team resists oversight, Democrats try to close in

While other presidents, including Barack Obama, have resisted congressional oversight in certain situations, including during Attorney General Eric Holder's blockade of the "Fast and Furious" gun-runn

donald trump twitter, donald trump tweet, donald trump age, donald trump net worth, donald trump party, donald trump news, donald trump impeachment News

Senegal MPs pass reform to scrap post of prime minister; opposition denounces amendments

Justice Minister Malick Sall said the changes were "purely technical and administrative".

Senegalese MPs, Senegal president, Senegal prime minister, President Macky Sall, Moustapha Niasse, prime minister Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne News

Film stars back France’s ‘yellow vests’ as protesters march

Video footage and accounts from hospital staff and demonstrators suggest that protesters had been fleeing riot police.

France, yellow vests movement, France protests, paris protest, Juliette Binoche, Emmanuelle Beart, United Nations, European Union, English Patient, Mission Impossible, Paris, May Day News

Islamic State claims it killed 10 soldiers in northeastern Nigeria

Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) has carried out a string of attacks in Nigeria in recent months.

Islamic State, ISIS, Nigeria soldiers, jihad, Borno, Gubio, Islamic State West Africa Province, ISWAP, Boko Haram, cairo News

British Prime Minister Theresa May urges Labour’s Corbyn to agree a Brexit deal

UK Prime Minister Theresa May said she and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn needed to put aside their differences

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Probe begins after Boeing 737 slides off runway into Florida river

The plane, chartered from Miami Air International, was attempting to land at about 9:40 p.m.

Boeing 737, St John's River, Jacksonville, Jacksonville mayor, Florida, Boeing 737 casualties News

Nine killed by regime, Russian strikes in Syria’s Idblib: War monitor

The Observatory said dozens of barrel bombs were dropped by Syrian military helicopters.

Islamic State, end of Islamic State, IS, syria, syria war, civil war, Iraq, air strike, syria, Syrian army, Ghouta, Ghouta district, civil war, eighth anniversary of civil war, syria war News

European Union concerned about added US sanctions on Iran

Washington on Friday unveiled additional sanctions on Iran's export of enriched uranium as specified under the 2015 deal, although it said it would still grant waivers to permit the deal to continue.

us, india, iran, iran oil, india us, iran us diplomacy, us sanctions on Iran News

‘I shall reign in righteousness’: Thailand crowns King Maha Vajiralongkorn in ornate ceremonies

Thailand's King Maha Vajiralongkorn on Saturday completed intricate Buddhist and Brahmin rituals to symbolically transform him into a living god as the Southeast Asian nation officially crowned its fi

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