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Brexit in chaos after court rules PM Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament was unlawful

The divisions in the opposition Labour Party over Brexit were on display on Wednesday, when its deputy leader, Tom Watson, said he supported pressing for a second referendum before an early national e

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Explained: Details on how Canada’s federal election works

Canada is a parliamentary democracy where the party that controls the greatest number of seats in the legislature forms a government.

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President Hussain Rouhani says US ‘warmongering’ against Iran will fail

In his remarks on Wednesday, Rouhani said Iran was ready to comply with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action only if the Americans did so too.

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Kremlin says its spies are looking into case of suspected CIA mole

CNN reported on Monday that the United States had successfully extracted one of its highest-level covert sources inside Russia in 2017.

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US to commemorate 9/11 as its aftermath extends and evolves

Former President George W Bush, the commander-in-chief at the time of the 2001 attacks, is due at an afternoon wreath-laying at the Pentagon.

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Donald Trump issues new executive order to combat terrorism

Utilising the new order, issued on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary on Tuesday, the Treasury sanctioned over two dozen individuals and entities from 11 terrorist groups, including Tehrik-e-Taliban Paki

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North Korea unlikely to mourn ‘war maniac’ John Bolton, but US task no easier

In the past, Bolton has proposed using military force to overthrow the ruling Kim family and U.S. officials have said Bolton was responsible for the collapse of Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong

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US Democrat, Republican nearly tied in early North Carolina congressional election results

Republicans won a special election in another district in the state where they had been expected to do so.

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Rocket blast at US Embassy in Kabul on 9/11 anniversary

It was the first major attack in the Afghan capital since President Donald Trump abruptly called off US-Taliban talks over the weekend, on the brink of an apparent deal to end America's longest war.

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Explained: Israel’s election- Will PM Benjamin Netanyahu survive?

If no candidate can form a government, Israel would head to another snap election. But lawmakers are likely to do all they can to avoid a third this year.

Recent polls have shown Netanyahu's right-wing Likud party tied with the centrist Blue and White. (Reuters file photo) News

Donald Trump fired National Security Advisor John Bolton

Trump said that he informed John Bolton last night that his services were no longer needed at the White House. The US President said that he strongly disagreed with Bolton on many issues and that is

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We are going to get a deal and leave EU on October 31, says UK PM Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday he would get a Brexit deal and leave the European Union on Oct. 31.

He added: "There is a way of getting a deal but it will take a lot of hard work. We must be prepared to come out without one. News

Moscow confirms reported spy extracted by CIA worked for Kremlin

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the man "worked in the presidential administration but a few years ago he was fired by an internal order".

CNN reported that the source had been providing information for decades, had access to Putin (Reuters file photo) News

Taliban vows to fight on after Donald Trump says talks are ‘dead’

"We had two ways to end occupation in Afghanistan, one was jihad and fighting, the other was talks and negotiations," Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP.

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US extracted spy that confirmed Vladimir Putin role in 2016 US presidential election, say reports

The network said the spy was pulled out of Russia in 2017 due to concerns that President Donald Trump and his cabinet could expose the asset due to repeated mishandling of classified intelligence.

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In Hong Kong’s leaderless movement, officials don’t know who to negotiate with

Hong Kong protests: Instead of a non-stop sit-in, demonstrators now organize pop-up events around the city and quickly scatter to a new location once the police use tear gas.

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Afghanistan peace talks with Taliban are dead: Donald Trump

The president had stunned the world on Saturday when he announced the cancellation of a secret meeting with the Taliban and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani at Camp David near Washington. It came after t

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British PM Boris Johnson suspends UK Parliament after latest Brexit defeat

Parliament was then suspended — or prorogued— at the government's request until October 14, a drastic move that gives Johnson a respite from rebellious lawmakers as he plots his next move.

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British MPs vote against early election in new blow for PM Boris Johnson

Addressing a rowdy chamber late into Monday night, the prime minister told MPs: "I will not ask for another delay." But having lost his parliamentary majority after a swathe of his own Conservative MP

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Pakistan earthquake: Moderate quake measuring 5 shakes Islamabad

Although the tremors triggered panic among the people, no causalities or damage to property has been reported so far, the report said.

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US, Taliban keep open door to talks after summit scrapped

Trump said he had invited Taliban leaders and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani for talks Sunday at the Camp David presidential retreat on a draft deal that would see the United States withdraw thousands

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Powerful typhoon Faxai in direct hit on Tokyo

About 5,000 people in Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures were ordered to evacuate, public broadcaster NHK reported on its Twitter feed. Authorities issued non-compulsory evacuation warnings to more than 3

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Pakistan to waive off visa fees of over 2,000 Chinese nationals working on development projects

The embassy had informed the government that if the Chinese nationals went back to China to get their visas changed, the construction work on the CPEC would get delayed.

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Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters aim to ‘stress test’ airport

Online messaging forums used by the largely leaderless movement have called for protesters to "stress test" the airport on Saturday afternoon, filling up with suggestions for how to disrupt the road a

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In the Amazon, indigenous debate how to save their lands

At one point, a group of women and children lined up to perform a call and response tribal dance that they said would help give participants strength and understanding.

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Donald Trump has a favourite number when he makes big claims

Trump on Wednesday predicted the Dow would be up — another 10,000 points — if he hadn’t embarked on a trade war with China. “If I wanted to do nothing with China, my stock market – our stock

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