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Donald Trump tells WHO to demonstrate ‘independence’ from China; warns permanent freeze of funding

On April 14, President Trump halted America's funding of up to USD 500 million annually to the World Health Organisation while a review is being done to assess its role in "severely mismanaging and co

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WHO bows to calls from countries for independent virus probe

The ''comprehensive evaluation," sought by a coalition of African, European and other countries, is intended to review "lessons learned'' from WHO's coordination of the global response to COVID-19, bu

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Donald Trump attacks World Health Organisation (WHO) again, calls it ‘Puppet of China’

''They (WHO) are a puppet of China. They're China-centric, to put it nicer. But they're a puppet of China,'' Trump told reporters at the White House.

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1998 al Qaida bombing of US embassies: US Supreme Court allows bigger award in case that killed 224 people

The case the Supreme Court ruled in involves lawsuits filed by victims and their families against Sudan that accused the country of causing the bombings by aiding al-Qaida and leader Osama bin Laden,

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Australia hails global support for COVID-19 probe, expresses confidence of positive outcome at WHO meet

China has come under increasing global pressure over lack of transparency in its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 probe, WHO virtual meeting, coronavirus pandemic, coronavirus outbreak, covid 19 cases in world, latest news on coronavirus outbreak News

Barak Obama was ‘grossly incompetent president’: Donald Trump reacts after coronavirus criticism

''He (Obama) was an incompetent president. That's all I can say. Grossly incompetent,'' Trump told reporters at the White House on his arrival from Camp David.

Barak Obama, Donald Trump, coronavirus outbreak, camp david, White House, COVID-19 pandemic, latest news on donald trump News

Mike Pompeo warns China on ‘impinging’ on Hong Kong’s autonomy, freedom

Hong Kong merged with the Chinese mainland in 1997 under the 'one country two systems' principle worked out between Britain and China.

Mike Pompeo, china, hong kong, hong kong autonomy, coronavirus, donald trump, Chinese Communist Party, COVID-19,latest news on mike pompeo News

China allowed people to travel outside despite knowing the risk of Covid-19: Mike Pompeo

Coronavirus outbreak: The US has expressed disappointment over China's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic which has claimed over 88,000 lives in America.

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Pakistan’s anti-graft body approves filing of 2 more corruption cases against former PM Nawaz Sharif

Five corruption cases have been launched by the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan previously against the 70-year-old supremo of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz since his ouster from the office

Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif,pakistan anti graft body, imran khan, Panama Papers case, National Accountability Bureau, latest news on nawaz sharif News

Don’t want to talk to Xi Jinping right now, says Donald Trump

"Just don't want to talk to him right now. We will see what happens over the next little while," Trump told reporters at the White House, when asked why he did not want to not speak to Xi.

Xi Jinping, donald trump,xi jingping, coronavirus outbreak, White House, US china trade deal, latest news on donald trump News

Donald Trump lauds Indian-Americans scientists, researchers

Trump said the US was closely working with India to tackle the pandemic. "We have a tremendous Indian population in the United States and many of the people that you are talking about are working on t

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UK-EU Brexit talks deadlocked as clock ticks down

The UK's chief negotiator, David Frost, said in a statement Friday that ?we have made very little progress towards agreement on the most significant outstanding issues."

The two sides remain at odds over a range of key issues including fishing and the role of high courts in settling future disputes. News

Coronavirus lockdown: Tokyo reveals 3-step plan to reopen businesses

In phase two, theaters will be allowed to reopen and business hours for restaurants and bars will be extended.

Restrictions are still in place, for example, in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hokkaido, where experts say risks remain. News

US moves to cut Huawei off from global chip suppliers

Reuters first reported the administration was considering changes to the Foreign Direct Product Rule, which subjects some foreign-made goods based on U.S. technology or software to U.S. regulations, i

The Commerce Department said on Friday it was tightening sanctions on Huawei News

China uses trade as weapon to silence coronavirus criticism

China state-owned newspaper the Global Times this week said unfriendly moves by the Morrison government had thrown the relationship into the deep freeze.

china gdp growth, chinese economy, coronavirus crisis News

Donald Trump confirms pulling out US pension fund from China investments

The US and China relations have deteriorated after the coronavirus outbreak.

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US senator unveils 18-point plan to hold China accountable for coronavirus outbreak

The prominent suggestions are moving manufacturing chain from China and deepening military-strategic ties India, Vietnam and Taiwan.

US senator, China, coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan,covid 19 pandemic, Chinese government, cybersecurity, Huawei,WHO, latest news on coronavirus outbreak News

‘Very disappointed’! Donald Trump rips into China over coronavirus; says COVID-19 pandemic casts pall over trade deal

U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday said he was very disappointed in China over its failure to contain the novel coronavirus, saying the worldwide pandemic cast a pall over his U.S.-China trade

The coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan, China, in December and was spreading silently as Washington and Beijing signed a Phase 1 trade deal hailed by the Republican president as a major achievement. News

Indian-origin engineer charged in US with over $10 million COVID-relief fraud

Shashank Rai, 30, allegedly sought millions of dollars in forgivable loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act fr

Indian origin engineer, COVID-relief fraud, US, coronavirusloan fraud, Shashank Rai,coronavirus aid, CARES act, latest news on coronavirus outbreak News

Donald Trump presses for schools to reopen, makes dig at Anthony Fauci

''I think they should open the schools, absolutely. I think they should,'' Trump told reporters at the White House, echoing comments he'd made in a television interview. ''Our country's got to get bac

The coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan, China, in December and was spreading silently as Washington and Beijing signed a Phase 1 trade deal hailed by the Republican president as a major achievement. News

Coronavirus: Donald Trump to look into legislation proposing to sanctions on China

The coronavirus, which first emerged in China's Wuhan city last year, has claimed nearly 3,00,000 lives and infected over 4.3 million people across the world so far. The US alone has recorded close to

Coronavirus, Donald Trump, coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan city, COVID-19 deaths, Chinese Communist regime,latest news on coronavirus outbreak News

Nancy Pelosi unveils $3trillion coronavirus bill, warns inaction costs more

'Not acting is the most expensive course," she said. Lines drawn, the latest pandemic response from Congress will test the House and Senate and President Donald Trump  as Washington navigates the ext

Nancy Pelosi, US house speaker, US $3 trillion coronavirus bill, covid 19 cases in US, donald trump, Mitch McConnel,White House, latest news on coronavirus outbreak News

COVID-19: US senators introduce legislation in Congress to impose sanctions on China

More than 250,000 people have died and over 4 million have been infected due to the coronavirus pandemic globally.

COVID-19, US senators, coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 investigation, Chinese Communist Party, COVID-19 outbreak, latest news on coronavirus pandemic News

5 plagues from China in last 20 years, at some point it has to stop, says US NSA Robert O’Brien

People across the globe are going to rise up and tell the Chinese government that "we can no longer have these plagues coming out of China", whether it is from labs or wet markets, neither one is a go

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Rishi Sunak extends UK’s COVID-19 job saving scheme to October

As part of the extension, the furlough or forced leave scheme will be extended to include greater flexibility, allowing employees to bring furloughed employees back part-time.

"It is something that weighs heavily on my mind," he said. News

US Election 2020: Donald Trump casts doubt on mail voting; his campaign promotes it

In Wisconsin, where a special congressional election is scheduled on Tuesday, the Trump campaign last week blasted out a reminder via Twitter: ''Request an absentee ballot by 5 pm TONIGHT.''

US Election 2020, Donald Trump, mail voting, Trump campaign, coronavirus pandemic,latest news on US presidential election News

Nancy Pelosi wants to go big on coronavirus aid package, but McConnell sees no urgency

On a conference call with House colleagues Monday, Pelosi urged them to ''go big'' according to person unauthorized to discuss the private caucus call and granted anonymity.

Nancy Pelosi, coronavirus aid package, Mitch McConnell, coronavirus cases in united states, latest news on nancy pelosi News
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