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  1. US Presidential Debate 2016: Donald Trump refuses to say he will accept election results

US Presidential Debate 2016: Donald Trump refuses to say he will accept election results

In a fiery debate that centered more on policy than the earlier showdowns, Trump accused Clinton's campaign of orchestrating a series of accusations by women who said the businessman made unwanted sexual advances.

By: | Updated: October 20, 2016 8:45 AM
debate-l Republican candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday suggested he might reject the outcome of the Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election if he loses, a possibility his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton called “horrifying.”

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went on for a face off at the third US Presidential debate on Wednesday in Las Vegas. The 90-minute battle saw Republican candidate Donald Trump suggesting that he might reject the outcome of the November 8 US presidential election if he loses, a possibility his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton called “horrifying.”

In a fiery debate that centered more on policy than the earlier showdowns, Trump accused Clinton’s campaign of orchestrating a series of accusations by women who said the businessman made unwanted sexual advances. The two presidential rivals had a tough but issues-based exchanges on abortion, gun rights and immigration during the 90-minute showdown, but occasionally reacted angrily. Clinton said she would raise taxes on the wealthy to help fund the U.S. government’s Social Security retirement program, but suggested Trump might try to find a way out of paying the higher taxes.

The two candidates discussed six topics- national debt and health and social benefits, immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign flashpoints and their fitness to be president.

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08.15 am: Debate comes to an end. Both candidates depart without shaking hands.

08.07 am: On the other hand, Trump says the military is “depleted,” veterans aren’t taken care of and inner cities are a  “disaster.” He says people living in inner cities get “shot walking to the grocery store” and have “no education” and “no jobs.” Trump asserts he is much better poised to fix the problems than Hillary Clinton.

08.05 am: On being asked as to why should the public select either of them as the President of United States,  Hillary Clinton says she’s reaching out to all Americans: Republicans, Democrats and independents. The Democratic presidential nominee made the declaration as part of her closing statement. She says she has made children and families her “life’s work” and adds, “That’s what my mission will be in the presidency.”

08.03 am: While Clinton was talking about preserving Social Security and Medicare. She says her plan to save both programs would raise Social Security taxes on the wealthy, including her and Trump, “assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it,” Trump said, “Hillary is such a nasty woman.”

08.02 am: Trump says he will make the economy grow and repeal President Obama’s health care law. Talking about ObamaCare, Trump says, “It’s probably going to die of its own weight. ObamaCare has to go.”

08.00 am:  He has been criticising our government for decades. In 1997 he brought out an ad that said we were laughing stock of the world, said Clinton.

07.58 am:  Hillary Clinton says imposing a no-fly zone over Syria can save lives on the ground while speeding the end of the fighting in that country.
She acknowledges in the third and final debate with Donald Trump that enforcing a no-fly zone “would take a lot of negotiation.”

07.57 am: Bashar Al Assad (Syrian President) is much tougher and much smarter than her and Obama. Assad is a bad guy but you might very well end up with a guy worse than Assad, says Donald Trump.  Trump says Aleppo is a “humanitarian nightmare” but suggests that keeping Assad in power may be better than replacing him, because Assad and Russia both oppose the Islamic State group.

07.55 am: Japan’s Nikkei share average rose to a near five-month high on Thursday morning taking cues from rising U.S. stocks, while most investors are focused on the third U.S. presidential debate.

07.47 am:  You are the most dangerous person to run as President in the modern history of America, says Hillary Clinton.

07.42 am: Trump said he would wait to decide whether the outcome was legitimate. “I will tell you at the time, I will keep you in suspense,” Trump said.

07.40 am:  Donald Trump is again refusing to promise that he’d accept defeat on November 8 if Americans choose Hillary Clinton as the 45th president. Trump has argued that the national media is trying to rig the election. He is again stating without any evidence that “millions” of registered voters “shouldn’t be registered.” And he suggests Clinton would be an illegitimate president because of her use of a private email server when secretary of state. He says she “never should have been allowed to run.”

07.32 am:  Donald Trump says the Clinton Foundation is a “criminal enterprise” and is calling on Hillary Clinton to have the foundation return money it’s received from countries with repressive human rights regimes. There is no evidence the Clinton Foundation has broken any laws.  Trump also says the Clinton Foundation’s work in Haiti was a “disgrace.”

The Washington Post has reported that Trump hasn’t donated to his foundation for years. It also cited records showing Trump used foundation money to settle a legal dispute against his club, Mar-a-Lago.

07. 25 am: Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton may have more experience than he does, “but it’s bad experience.” He says, “The problem is, you talk, but you don’t get anything done, Hillary.”

07.20 am:  Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump “thinks belittling women makes him bigger.” And she’s accusing him of going after women’s “dignity” and “self-worth.” Clinton is making the case against Trump’s treatment of women, saying, “I don’t think there’s a woman anywhere who doesn’t know what that feels like.”

Clinton’s comments come in response to allegations from several women that Trump groped or kissed them without consent. He’s denying the charges.

07. 14am:  Trump is also claiming in Wednesday’s debate that he thinks Hillary Clinton’s campaign is behind the women coming forward, even though there is no evidence of that, either. Trump says, “I believe she got these people to step forward.” He calls the women’s stories “lies and fiction.” He says, “I don’t know those people.”

07.10 am: Donald Trump says his plan to boost the economy is to make the United States’ rich allies pay more for military support and to renegotiate trade deals. Trump also says he would cut taxes “massively.” Trump is naming several allies he says could afford to pay the U.S. for its spending on defense. Trump says, Clinton will double “your taxes.”

07.02 am: Hillary Clinton says she will grow the American economy by focusing on the middle class and building the largest job-creation program since World War II. Asked to detail her economic strategy, Clinton says she wants to create new clean energy jobs that will also help the environment.

07.00 am:  Trump says Russian President Vladimir Putin is not “my best friend,” but says the Russian leader has “outsmarted” Clinton repeatedly. Democrats have slammed Trump for calling Putin a stronger leader than President Barack Obama.

06.58 am: On the issue of immigrants, Clinton charges that her Republican opponent “exploit(ed) undocumented workers.” Trump is not refuting the charge. He is repeating his promise to deport millions of immigrants in the country illegally if elected. He notes that President Barack Obama has also deported millions of immigrants.

Trump asserts that he would build a wall on the Mexican border and deport “some bad, bad people in this country,” then figure out who could be readmitted. He blames some “bad hombres here” for drug epidemics around the country, and he promises “we’re going to get them out.”

06.55 am: Australian shares treaded water on Thursday as investors awaited the third U.S. presidential debate, in which Democrat Hillary Clinton will clash with rival Donald Trump for the last time before the November election.

06.52 am: Trump says he is against abortion rights but did not give a straight answer on whether he personally thinks the landmark abortion case should be overturned. He is saying he will appoint justices who would likely do so. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is adamant that government should stay out of women’s health issues. Clinton is pushing back forcefully in responding to Donald Trump’s criticism of Clinton’s support for women to be able to have late-term abortions.

06.47 am:  Donald Trump is opening the final presidential debate by promising to appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will uphold Second Amendment gun rights, saying it is “under such trauma.”  The first question in Wednesday’s debate focused on what kind of justices Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton would appoint to the high court.

06.41 pm:  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have kicked off their third and final debate without shaking hands, continuing a break from decorum that began at their last showdown in St. Louis. The two stepped onto the stage in Las Vegas from opposite sides, each briefly waving to the audience before immediately moving behind their podiums.

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