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What is blockchain-based e-voting?

The technology for this is coming from CDAC along with expertise tapped into of couple of IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) professors.

World Hemophilia Day: More than 1.36 lakh people in India suffer from it; what is this rare disease

Hemophilia, a rare disease, having few but crucial cases has been a problem for long. In Indian context, more than 1,36,000 people have been diagnosed (by prevalence).

World Water Day 2021: Water demand is increasing, but do you value water? Here is what you need to know about this day

The United Nations data has pointed out that 2.2 BILLION PEOPLE are currently living without access to safe water and this is something that needs action.

Till this is fixed, India’s water crisis will continue to worsen.

What is International Day of Forests and why is it important?

International Day of Forests was proclaimed on March 21 by the United Nations General Assembly back in 2012.

International Happiness Day: Origin, Significance and India’s rank in World Happiness Index 2020

From the year 2013, the UN has been celebrating the International Day of Happiness along with publishing a worldwide World Happiness Index report in the year 2012.

National Vaccination Day 2021: What is National Vaccination Day

National Vaccination Day: Also called the National Immunization Day, is celebrated every year on March 16 to convey the importance of vaccination to the entire nation

National Vaccination Day 2021, National Immunization Day 2021

What is the National Herald case?

The National Herald case involves three key players — Associated Journals Ltd, Young India Ltd, and Congress.

What is Minimum Support Price (MSP)?

Minimum Support Price (MSP) meaning: Over the years, the MSP has helped the farmers in India to stave off the effects of financial fluctuations.

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What is Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)?

Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) RBI meaning, CRR rate: The Cash Reserve Ratio in India is decided by RBI's Monetary Policy Committee in the periodic Monetary and Credit Policy.

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What is Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)?

Automated Manual Transmission meaning: Automated Manual Transmission or AMT, is also known as Semi-Automatic Transmission (SAT) or Clutchless Manual Transmission (CMT).

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What is Sessions Court?

Sessions Court definition: In India, the Court of Sessions, commonly referred to as Sessions Court, has been established by the state government for every sessions division and it is presided over by

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What is Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)?

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution definition: EBD is an extension of the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). It ensures that the right amount of force is applied to each wheel.

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What is Protem Speaker?

Protem Speaker definition: There are several instances when the Supreme Court had to issue orders directing a Protem Speaker to be appointedin a state legislative assembly to carry out specific functi

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What is Finance Bill?

Finance Bill meaning: The Finance Bill is a part of the Union Budget, stipulating all the legal amendments required for the changes in taxation proposed by the Finance Minister.

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What is Short Term Capital Gains Tax?

Short Term Capital Gains Tax meaning: The gain or profit from the sale of assets is classified as a capital gain. The tax for this capital gain needs to be paid in the year that the asset transfer tak

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What is Form 16?

Form 16 meaning, Form 16A, Form 16B download: Form 16 is a crucial document for a salaried individual, especially if the employer has deducted tax on income.

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What is Fiscal Policy in India?

Fiscal policy in India: Fiscal policy is the guiding force that helps the government decide how much money it should spend to support the economic activity, and how much revenue it must earn from the

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What is Section 80C of Income Tax Act 1961?

Section 80C explained: Did you know that Section 80C, under the Income Tax Act 1961, helps you reduce the tax burden by allowing a deduction from the total taxable income in a financial year? Section

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What is Expenditure Budget?

Expenditure Budget definition: Expenditure Budget provides complete information about the total expenditure of the Union government in a financial year.

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What is Customs Duty?

Customs Duty definition: We shall look into its various aspects such as how Customs Duty is calculated, different categories that you need to be familiar with.

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What is Reverse Repo Rate?

Reverse Repo Rate definition: The Reverse Repo Rate is an important Monetary Policy tool used by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to control liquidity and inflation in the economy.

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What is Anti-Lock Braking System?

Anti-Lock Braking System meaning, benefits: How does Anti-Lock Braking System work? Do ABS brakes stop faster? Which is better ABS or non-ABS? In this definition of the Anti-Lock Braking System, we se

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What is Power Steering?

Power steering meaning: The steering system of a vehicle is one of its key components. In a hydraulic power steering system, the effort required to turn the wheel of a vehicle by the rotation of the s

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What is Receipt Budget?

Receipt Budget meaning: The Receipt Budget is an extensive document prepared as a part of the Union Budget of India exercise to showcase the break-up of the government's receipts from various income s

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