Apple BKC

Everything to know

Apr 18, 2023

Saurabh Singh

Apple BKC has a stunning ceiling design composed of 1,000 tiles. Each tile is crafted using 408 pieces of timber, intricately arranged into 31 modules. 

The store features a pair of walls made of stone imported from Rajasthan. A sleek 14 metre long stainless steel staircase connects the ground floor to the first floor.

Apple says Apple  BKC will kick-off with about 100 employees capable of speaking in 20 different languages.

Apple customers in India will have access to the same services and experiences as those in other Apple Stores around the world including trade-ins and 'Today at Apple' sessions.

Apple says Apple BKC has achieved carbon neutrality by operating on 100% clean and sustainable energy.

"The energy, creativity, and passion in Mumbai is incredible! We are so excited to open Apple BKC - our first store in India," Apple CEO Tim Cook said. 

Apple BKC is the first offline Apple Store in India. A second store is opening in Saket, Delhi on April 20.