Veerappan – Movie Review

By: |Updated: Fri May 27 2016, 2:15 pm

Ram Gopal Varma is back with a film that charts the much publicized capture of the notorious dacoit Veerappan. Let’s find out if the great RGV has managed to recover any of his classic cinematic charm.

Veerappan is a film that concerns itself more with the actual capture of the dacoit rather than his entire life. A special task force is assembled exclusively for the capture of this notorious criminal who is widely celebrated as the most dangerous man in the country. He has managed to elude capture many times in the past but he has never been up against the likes of a determined cop played by Sachiin Joshi. Together with the help of a character named Shriya (Lisa Ray), they hatch a plan to trap and capture the elusive dacoit.

Ram Gopal Varma once again displays his uncanny love for wacky, all-pervasive camera angles. But that’s a good thing in this film where it really manages to evoke the action and drama. Cinematically the only jarring note arrives in the form of heavy, constant background score that really gets on your nerves by the second half of the movie. Compared to his recent flops, RGV seems to have recovered quite a bit of his classic charm here. The script may not win any awards but the action is quite compelling in the movie.

Once again, the actors of this RGV

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