Phobia – Full Movie Review | Radhika Apte

By: |Updated: Fri May 27 2016, 2:26 pm

Ragini MMS director Pavan Kripalani is back with yet another spine-tingling horror flick – Phobia. Let’s see what he has managed to cook up for us this time.

Phobia revolves around the unique lifetsyle of a young lady named Mahek played aptly by Radhika Apte. Mahek is heavily agoraphobic, which is to say she is heavily afraid of wide open spaces to the extent that she never leaves the four walls of her house. She develops this condition after being sexually assaulted and soon moves into a new home to start a new life. And like all good horror stories, this house too comes with its own sinister history. Apparently, a troubled young girl named Jiah had gone missing from the house and our protagonist who is already on edge starts believing that there is a malevolent spirit living with her in the house. The thrills and chills begin right away and right till the end you are never sure if all of this is real or inside Mahek’s head.

Director Pavan Kripalani does an excellent job with the script and manages to deliver a fairly unique experience. The first half is taut and gripping but the script does sag into the second half and resolves with a climax that might be too abstract for mainstream taste. But paired with an excellent actress like Radhika Apte, together these two manage t

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