EOLIS Air Manager: First CE marked intelligent air filtration system

The lifespan of the product is expected to be eight years, due to the robustness of the motor and filters

EOLIS Air Manager: First CE marked intelligent air filtration system

The lifespan of the product is expected to be eight years, due to the robustness of the motor and filters

EOLIS, pegged as the first intelligent air purifier system to be launched in India, is designed and manufactured by Natéosanté. The product is currently made in France but there are plans to manufacture it in Bengaluru later this year at the EOLANE industrial plant.

201608ehm41EOLIS is a CE marked high technology product and is intended for professionals in healthcare sector. Salient features of the product include medical grade filters (HEPA 13 or ULPA 15). Each filter in each machine has received a certification by French and European Health regulations (European Norm EN 1822-4). The high density active carbon filter at 22 mm is reportedly thicker than in any other air purifier device and the product has three types of filtrations: particles, gases, odour. The lifespan of the product is also expected to be eight years, due to the robustness of the motor and filters, which is substantially longer that the two-three years for another types of air purifiers.

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But of particular interest to hospital/ medical facilities is the monitoring system of the EOLIS air purifier. As each facility is expected to have a high number of devices installed in a same building, in each room of an hospital for instance, the monitoring system allows the quality of the air to be monitored by a remote control, through a PC or a smartphone, from a unique place thus ensuring the same quality of air in all the rooms. The device are also autonomous and can be programmed in advance to ensure the same effect.

EOLIS air manager has been conceived from the initial idea to provide an air filtration system combining high performances and simplicity of use. Tailored for professionals in home appliances, hospitality and heath/ medical sectors, EOLIS will incorporate a filter system consisting of a medical grade filter HEPA H13 or ULPA U15 and a high density active carbon filter able to treat an area of either 60 or 120m2 (two versions will be proposed). Nateosanté air filtration systems are equipped with the most efficient filters on the market. In order to ensure 99.9 per cent purification, the units are silent, reliable, easy to use, adapted to user needs and energy efficient. Natéosanté is very successful in Asia, with several trusted references (Renault, PSA, Mutualité Française, Miele to name a few).

The Indian market is extremely promising as declared by Stéphane Monnier, International Business Development Manager, EOLIS, “India is a strategic market for our company and we want to provide Indian professionals with the best equipment to treat air pollution. Some of the cities in India like New Delhi are facing huge challenges due to very heavy levels of concentration of fine and ultrafine particles in the air, and NateoSante wants to work with Indian professionals with products like EOLIS that have a proven track record for improving quality of air and quality of life.”

EOLIS is more an air manager than an air purifier. Thanks to the ACTIV mode, EOLIS is a smart unit automatically adapted to your environment. It includes a monitoring system easy to use thanks to a three user control interface: touch screen panel, computer or smartphone. Because each product is unique and has a specific ID number, the operators can see how it works and when it needs maintenance and filters to be replaced.

EOLIS Air Manager is available in two versions depending on the area surface to be treated (60 or 120m2), it is the first intelligent air filtration system to be marked with CE certifications.

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First published on: 10-08-2016 at 15:54 IST