1. Rio 2016 Olympics Day 7 schedule HOCKEY LIVE: Humiliating 2-2 draw for India against Canada; Jwala Gutta, Ashwini Ponappa lose too

Rio 2016 Olympics Day 7 schedule HOCKEY LIVE: Humiliating 2-2 draw for India against Canada; Jwala Gutta, Ashwini Ponappa lose too

Rio 2016 Olympics Hockey LIVE: PR Sreejesh led Indian hockey team playing now; check LIVE SCORE; Jwala Gutta, Ashwini Ponappa too were beaten 21-16, 16-21, 21-17 by E Muskens/S Piek of Netherlands. Gagan Narang shoots away his qualifying chances in series 6 and closes at a score of 623.1. Gets a score of 102.4 in this series. He takes a bow at the 14th spot. Chain Singh at 36th position.

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Rio 2016 Olympics Hockey LIVE: The days are going by fast and furious and Indian sportsmen have virtually nothing to show for it. But that is not a reason for fans back home to cheer about. A lot si at stake and patriotic fervour has to be kept in top gear – after all the pride of India is playing and the nation stands united behind them. There is some good news but not enough to get the public back home in India excited. The good news from Day 6 is that Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu have progressed into the next round. Some really tough badminton is in store for them though. Another bit of positive news comes from the Indian tennis legend Sania Mirza and her doubles partner Rohan Bopanna. They simply blasted the experienced Australian pair out of the stadium. It was a very effective win. They are just a couple of games away from a medal. Considering Sania is ranked number 1 in the world, the duo can go all the way. The bad news was that Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa in badminton doubles failed, the Indian men’s hockey team fell 2-1 by Netherlands (yet another match they should have won, yet ended up losing). In boxing too, Thursday was a day to forget.

Now with the dawn of another day, there are a lot of other Indian sportsmen set to take to the field. In badminton in the arena will be seen Jwala Gutta, Ashwini Ponappa, the Indian hockey team will also have an easier outing tonight against Canada, in archery there is Atanu Das, in athletics there are Vikas Gowda, Manpreet Kaur and others, and in shooting there will be Gagan Narang and Chain Singh. An exciting mix of sports that will keep you hooked to the supreme skills on display. Check out the India at Olympics Day 7 schedule in full here and live scores:


* # 9:00pm: Men’s Pool B (India v Canada)
The Indian hockey team is set on breaking Indian hearts. They do well and then do atrociously badly. They are playing the hockey of their lives and putting the strongest teams in the world under pressure. They move into winning positions and then lose the match. The latest episode was against The Netherlands yesterday. They have only themselves to blame as they had half-a-dozen penalty strokes in the dying seconds, but were unable to score! Canada though should be a breeze.

India at Rio 2016 Olympics: Hockey Live

* No luck! India unable to score as hooter sounds full time. TERRIBLE result for India. India on 7 pts in group. They may play Spain, Australia or even Belgium in next stage depending on how Argentina finish. In fact, India may finish 3rd or 4th depending on that result. India will play next match on Sunday.

* The move almost cost India as Canada get very nearing scoring a sensational goal with just seconds to go!

* Indian coach replaces goalie, send in field player. India to play without goalie. The strategy is now simple. India going for goal and win!

* Penalty corner for Canada on the counter attack. GOAL! They have made India pay for their costly mistakes. Score 2-2. Scott again scores. Indian players look at each other guiltily.

* Penalty corner for Canada after ball hits Indian player on leg. Wasted! India launch counter-attack and but for not being able to control ball, Indian move goes abegging. He was in a good position to get into scoring position.

* Third quarter hooter sounds. India go in with 2-1 lead intact. Can they maintain their free-flowing game or will they go into their shell to defend their lead? That is the big question on the Indian fans’ minds. If they retreat, Canada will make India pay dearly.

* GOAL! This time India score. Indian player smashes shot from halfline and Ramandeep Singh gets his stick in way from close to goal and beats Carter! Great deflection! India ahead 2-1. A rare field goal by India.

* GOAL! Canada score another goal! WAIT? Referee calls for referral on his own authority. Goal Rejected. India live to fight another day! The centre by Canadian player was not met by a Canadian stick. It went off his body. Good of referee to double-check. He had given a goal!

* Canada counter-attack in next minute. Win Penalty corner. India go for referral. Rejected! GOAL! Sreejesh beaten. LIVE SCORE 1-1! SHOCKING! SENSATIONAL!

* India win penalty corner. Saved shot by Carter. Falls to Akashdeep! Backhand shot! SCORE! Magnificent goal with a backhand smash with ball on ground.

* After 30 minutes’ play, India-Canada locked 0-0. Who will score, no one knows. Both have had about equal chances to score though India have dominated possession. Sardar Singh and company at the front must inspire India to a better show.  This is not acceptable. Canada is not even a worthy opponent and yet they are not just holding India, they are threatening to tear apart their defence and even score!

* Sensational counter-attack by Canada. From midfield, Canadian player smashes ball into the circle, and the forward slides in and CONNECTS. Ball whizzes past PR Sreejesh who was for once left flat-footed. That was a sure-shot goal!

* No gain, just pain for India

* Sardar Singh surrounded by 4 Canadian players at edge of circle; deftly hits stooping rival on arm, magically wins penalty corner

* India is unable to find any chink in Canada armour. Is this really and India-Canada match? Will the real India please show up!

SV Sunil injured; writhes in agony near Canada goal. He had crashed into the hoarding. he is likely to be replaced. It was  magnificent attack in which Sunil dashed straight into the Canada circle and pulled the back but was unable to stop himself from crashing into hoarding.

* India does not really have to worry about the result today, but that does not mean they play like devices. India have already qualified for the next round/quarters after the Germany-Ireland game posted a good result for India!

* India seems to drop its games to the levels of other teams, or raises it to their levels. But never above those of their rivals. Till now they played very well against Germany and Netherlands. But lost. Now they are playing against a very lowly ranked team and, what do you know, they are playing hockey that is not any better than  Canada! Amazing!

* India start strong. Almost score but goalie Carter stands firm. Superb goal-keeping

* India go into quarter-end break 0-0. But not good play by India. They will not win this match. India were not able to score while Canada almost did

* Canada launch immediate counter-attack, catch India flat-footed. Canadian player unmarked in D, tries to dribble past Sreejesh; No Goal! Kothajit comes back and rescues India. India Fortunate. Any experienced player would have scored. India lucky to survive

* India’s corner goes abegging

* India win penalty corner at fag end of first quarter


* #5:30pm: 50m Rifle Prone Qualification (Gagan Narang and Chain Singh)
* #6:00pm: Skeet (Mairaj Ahmed Khan)
* #8:45pm: 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men’s Qualification.
Indian shooters have been a big disappointment. Ahead of the Games, they were big medal hopes. Now, they are not such hot property. Hopefully, Gagan Narang and company can change that.

India at Rio 2016 Olympics: Shooting Live

* Mairaj gets to 24 in first series. Immediately falls to 8th spot

* For India, Mairaj Ahmed steps into the arena in Men’s skeet qualifying event

* Now, there is more action in store. Do not go away.

* Gagan Narang shoots away his qualifying chances in series 6 and closes at a score of 623.1. Gets a score of  102.4 in this series. He takes a bow at the 14th spot. Chain Singh at 36th position.

* Gagan Narang shooting does not improve and he gets a 104 in fifth series. 8th spot. Tough luck, not likely to progress at this rate.

* Bad luck catches up with Narang too. he has done very badly in fourth series – he managed just 103 and falls as low as 8th – overall score is 458.2.

* No joy for Chain Singh at the shooting range at all. he has a score of 340.3 and is down at 34th spot.

* Gagan Narang take the score to 344.3 in fourth series and falls back to fifth spot.

* Narang scores 104.6 in third series. It is good enough but not great as it keeps him within reach of the others. Any special strikes by the rivals will push him down.

* Gagan Narang is In third series now with a score of 262.1. and it takes him up to the 3rd spot. Good, but he needs to be way ahead of the competition. Cannot allow them to claw back and pose a challenge

* Series 2 ends for Gagan Narang. He has scored 104.4.

* For Chain Singh nothing is going right. He is unable to deal with the competition and the conditions. He manages 41 in first four attempts in series 4. He has fallen to 22nd.

india at olympics, india at rio olympics, rio 2016 olympics, Rio 2016 Olympics India, Rio 2016 Olympics India, Gagan Narang, Gagan Narang shooter, Gagan Narang olympics India at Olympics Day 7 schedule Shooting LIVE: The day was there for shooter Gagan Narang to grab and pull himself into reckoning for a medal. However, the plans went awry and he was left, along with the rest of India, ruing his failed chances to rise to the top. (PTI)

* The other shooter at the event today Chain Singh is still going slow. He has been unable to generate high scores and is on 104.1 on the 12th spot.

* That is exactly what happened as Gagan Narang failed to raise his game to a higher level. Gets 104.7 in first series 1. The Indian champion is in 7th spot now.

* Fortunately for Gagan Narang the competition too is floundering and he manages to rise to a good 4th position. But he will need to raise his game and not depend on others to do badly if he wants to progress.  He has a score of 94.6 in first series.

* Even worse start for Chain Singh who has a total of 51.5 in first series.

* Not a great start. Gagan manages a 10.5. takes total to 31.5 in first series.

* For India the day started with misfiring shooter Gagan Narang and Chain Singh participating in the qualifying round of the prone 50m rifle event.


* # 5:30pm: Women’s Doubles Group A — Jwala Gutta/Ashwini Ponappa vs E Muskens/S Piek (Netherlands).
* # 7:50pm: Men’s Doubles group D — Manu Attri/B Sumeeth Reddy v W Hong/B Chai.
A day after they surrendered so abjectly, the Jwala Gutta/Ashwini Ponappa pair will face an even sterner test in the form of the Netherlands players. Hope, definitely is not floating, but miracles do happen, don’t they?

* Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa beaten again in group stage of women’s doubles match to Muskens/Piek win 21-16, 16-21, 21-17

Badminton Live Score, Rio 2016 Olympics:

* No more chances given by the Netherlands. They pocket 2 more points, take the set and the match – 21-16, 16-21, 21-17. End of another Indian dream for the crores of fans back home

* Netherlands girls lead by 19-17

* The points exchanges are going to and fro. It is the Dutch girls who are stringing together greater wins at the net. They are changing the tempo of the game from fast to slow at will. Going long and then short on the net.

* India not giving up. Another point goes to India – lead by Dutch reduced to 1.

* Dutch finally manage to win 2 consecutive points. Score 17-15

* India battle to within 2 points of the Dutch girls. Fine fightbback

*  Calling forth the last of their energies, the Indian players look to deny any more points to the Dutch. Accumulate points themselves steadily. Trying to slow down the tempo as much as possible.

* The Dutch fgirls first to break the deadlock, reel off 4 points at a stretch to establish a strong lead going into the final stages of the match. Have Indian girls left anything in reserve. From the looks of it, no. Score 16-11

* Both teams facing niggling problems. The exchanges are fierce. Caution has been thrown to the winds. Indians are eyeing a quick breakthrough but the Dutch holding strong. Score 7-7

* The decider starts.

* YES! India win 2nd set. 21-16

India at Olympics Day 7 schedule: Badminton stars Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa get a chance to redeem themselves after getting roundly thrashed yesterday. They are a great team and should bounce back. A win will be a great morale booster for future battles at the Olympic Games – even other teams will be invigorated like the Indian hockey team, shooter Gagan Narang and the rest. (PTI) India at Olympics Day 7 schedule HOCKEY LIVE: Badminton stars Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa get a chance to redeem themselves after getting roundly thrashed on Thursday. They are a great team and should bounce back. A win will be a great morale booster for future battles at the Olympic Games – even other teams will be invigorated like the Indian hockey team, shooter Gagan Narang and the rest. (PTI)

* No need to worry. The Indian girls manage to cap the Dutch fightback. Keep accumulating points even as service breaks are exchanged.

* The strategy changes working for the Dutch, they have taken as many as 3 points at a stretch to reduce lead to 15-14

* So far so good. Score 15-11

* After the changeover, India maintain rhythm, reel off a string of points. The Dutch girls increasimngly in talkative mode. Discussing strategy and changing it frequently to throw the Indians off their game.

* Another rally ends in India’s favour. Score 11-8

* Indian smashes are reaching into the corners beyond the opposition’s outstretched racquets. Wonder why this was not happening in the first set as frequently as it is happening in second? Indian girls getting better or Dutch going slow or a mix of both?

* Both the Indian girls are attacking and winning. Pleasant surprise, indeed! India lead 10-8

* Second set starts in the same way as the first. Both teams fight it out for the lead. Fight themselves to a stalemate. India looks to have finally got the measure of the Netherlands girls. Will they be able to keep control of the set?

* No luck, Netherlands reach game point as the Indians keep losing points to some erratic play. No use. First game over 21-16

* The Dutch team is being able to win a point for every one that they lose. Going ahead at a smart clip. Coming closer to winning the set. India must deny them any easy points. Score 18-14

* Finally, a semblance of fight from the Indian end. Now they grab quick points as the exchanges get increasigly fierce as the Indian girls are managing to hit back during the rallies and outlast the rivals. Score is 15-11. Much more work needs to be done to pull back the deficit. Cannot afford to relax.

* Netherlands hogging the limelight now lead 15-8

* Netherlands giving no quarter to the Indian girls. They are looking supreme! Each exchange is ending in a point for them.

* Netherlands team have the momentum behind them, lead by 10-8, which turns into 11-8 as service exchanges take place quickly

* As Netherlands race towards a 10-8 lead, they are being able to impose their attacking game on the Indians; one fierce return especially leaves Ponappa totally in disarray. This came off a long rally – the longest of the match at over 25 exchanges.

* The Netherlands girls are playing attacking brand of badminton and smashing their way to gains. Indian girls not getting into positions for incisive returns. getting caught flat-footed.

* Having said that, the Netherlands duo launches a withering attack and race past the Indan girls. Well, not exactly race past, but they do establish a 1 pt lead at 9-8.

* India establish a 2-pt lead within minutes as the game starts  at a furious pace. 6-4. Indian girls playing a bit better and synchronising marvellously. Team work is very important to ensure every inch of the ground gets covered

* The match starts evens stevens as both look to iron out their own chinks and find out their opponents weak spots. Starting slow is not affordable. Both teams manage to grab points lead but lose it promptly.

* In another group stage encounter in women’s doubles, India’s Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa face some formidable opponents.

* # 3:30pm: Vikas Krishan vs O Sipal (Turkey)
The Indian boxing contingent has had reasonable success at the Olympic Games. While that did not happen yesterday when Thapa was unable to advance, still Vikas Krishan is expected to advance further.

* # 4:00pm onwards: Men’s Round two (Anirban Lahiri and SSP Chawrasia)
The game of golf was marred a bit by the inclement weather, but is back on track and the Indian players are in the mix. Not at the forefront though.


* # 9:20pm: Men’s Single Sculls Semis C/D 2 (Dattu Baban Bhokanlal) (RESCHEDULED)
The man has done well initially and is expected to continue doing so, but now he will really start coming up against much stiffer competition. He will have to be at his best to progress.

* # 5:43pm: Men’s Individual 1/8 — Atanu Das vs S Lee (Korea). (all IST)
We  may have had the legendary Arjun of Mahabharata epic fame, but as far as the current crop of Indian archers are concerned, they are just not being able to cope with the competition. Perhaps, today is the day fortune will take a U-turn.

* # 7:25pm: Men’s Discus Throw Qualification Round – Group B (Vikas Gowda)
* # 6:35pm: Women’s Shot Put Qualification Round – Group B (Manpreet Kaur)
* # 6:58pm: Men’s 800m Round 1 – Heat 3 (Jinson Johnson)
* # 11:00pm: Men’s 20km race walk (Gurmeet Singh, Manish Singh Rawat, Ganapathi Krishnan)
* # 5:43am: Men’s 400m Round 1 – Heat 2 (Mohammad Anas)
Indian track and field athletes will take to the stadium today and will try to put their best foot forward, literally speaking, and try to bring some much-needed glory for the Indian contingent. The going will be tough as from Usain Bolt to other top athletes in the world will be seen in action. While there is no threat to Usain Bolt from India, nevertheless, fans back home will want to see some tangible competitive spirit rising in their sportsmen. Will India wilt? Keep checking for updates.

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