India at Olympics Day 6 schedule: Massive win for shuttler Saina Nehwal; India lose to Netherlands 1-2 in hockey

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India at Olympics Day 6 schedule: Saina Nehwal registers close win. PV Sindhu too. But Indian hockey team loses a close match, while in badminton doubles, Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa lost. There were other disappointments too.

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India at Olympics Day 6 schedule – Saina Nehwal vs Lohaynny Vicente: For its athletes and the fans, India at the Olympics 2016 journey has been more than eventful. It has been scary (in the sense that – CAN WE BE SO BAD?!), but above all it has been thrilling with heart-in-mouth moments coming so often (Indian hockey team failing to win against Germany was a match to treasure, truly!) And today, as we tell you what will be on display, let it be known that this may well be the most important days for the Indian contingent at the Olympic Games. So, make sure you tune in and keep updated with the latest goings on in Rio. Till then, check out India at Olympics Day 6 schedule:

Badminton LIVE Rio 2016 Olympics:

Women’s singles: India’s Saina Nehwal vs Brazil’s Lohaynny Vicente – 19.50 hrs – Saina Nehwal is playing today! The great Indian medal hope, Saina will be coming up against light opposition, today, which is the first outing for her at Rio Olympics. This will surely help her to get into the swing of things to face stiffer opponents she will face ahead.

Live Badminton Updates:

* This was a close match for Saina! Was she warming up for future games? This really stretched her and forced her to pull out all the stops to win.

* No way will Saina allow any more fightbacks. Fine play gets her the crucial point. SAINA WINS 21-17, 21-17.

* Vicente is going for it! Blasts 2 quick points in her favour. Saina is cool. Not perturbed. IS biding her time. Score 20-17

* Can Vicente do the impossible and effect a win from a totally untenable position. She has to save 6 match points!

* The Brazilian pulls back a couple of points, but it is clear that she will have to pull off a miracle to win this match. And, as far as Rio Olympics is concerned, miracles have been in short supply! Indian on top here!

* Saina repeats the first set strategy. Again shifts gear and reels off 5 points to reach 20 to Vicente’s 15!

* The advantage shifts back to Saina as she blasts her way to a 3-pt lead, but now expect a fightback by Vicente – that’s the kind of match it has been! First one player and then the other grabs the advantage and quickly pull in a couple of points.

* However, Vicente not giving up! Now it is her turn to pull Saina back, fights her way back to 14-11! The advantage is being exchanged by both in amazing fashion. This was supposed to be an easy match for Saina, but Vicente managed to pose a bigger challenge than anyone expected. Perhaps, Saina coming back from an injury has something to do with it.

* Suddenly, Saina changes gear, mounts massive attack on the Brazilian who is left shell-shocked. Point after point, Saina is unrelenting. The Brazilian is looking confused, almost an amateur. Score 11-5

* Both players exchanging blows like two boxers, great match Saina and Vicente level at 2-2

* The second set starts as did the first one. The Brazilian has got her composure back. She must have wondered what happened when Saina literally blew her out of the first set at the end.

* Finally a super fightback By Saina, smashes her way to 4 consecutive points with an immense display of power play! Where did she pull that out from? Why did she wait for so long? Score: first set 21-17

* Saina Nehwal will have to pull out something special from her bag of tricks to win today. Can she manage to do that? On form, she should manage it. However, in play today, that is easier said than done. Right now even half the jobs is not done. She will have to persevere

* Amazing stuff from the Brazilian! She grabs 2 quick points and brings parity 17-17!

* Saina looks determined. Looking to pick up her game as the end of the set nears; does not want to drag it to the end to effect a win. Leads by 15-14. This is too close to call!

* Tough match for Indian player; is leading 11-10

* Vicente reduces gap even further to 10-9

* Perhaps the fact that she has a home advantage is playing in her favour. Definitely the crowd is egging her on to ever greater efforts. Immense noise after every rally. She must be really pumped-up now

* No quarter being given by either player, they are going hard at each other; amazing skill on display

* The Brazil player pulls back the points gap to 7-5; sharp exchanges, but Indian is not being able to answer in the same way as the Brazilian.

* As expected, the Brazilian player is getting better at her game and is extending Saina and the Indian player is not being able to return effectively; she is being forced to commit mistakes!

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* Even as Saina takes early lead, the exchanges between the players show that it will not be a walkover that most Indians were expecting. The Brazilian player is fighting back, even though she is not getting the points in her favour. She is nevertheless trying for winners. Tremendous grit, indeed.

* The Saina Nehwal vs Lohaynny Vicente match is running late

HOCKEY Rio 2016 Olympics: India vs The Netherlands 1-2

HOCKEY Men: India vs The Netherlands – 18.30 hrs Women: India vs USA – 4.00 (12th Aug) – The Indian men’s hockey team has been performing in a weird manner. They are losing the matches they should be winning and winning the matches they should be losing. However, now India must perform or perish. They have to get into the next round and they should leave nothing to chance. However, The Netherlands are one of the favourites to win the gold medal! The going is set to get tough for India. The question is, how tough is India?

Here is Hockey live score:

* Another sad commentary on the state of things in the Indian Olympic camp. They have let it to the last to try and scrape their way into the next round.

* India played well at the end, but why could it not do so when they had the time? Why at the end? Coach Oltmans must find the right strategy. India are not out of the tournament. They have to play Canada and can still qualify.




* Netherlands player hit in face by ball, is down


* GIVEN! India get another chance to SCORE. Netherlands lose referral.

* India fail to score. WAIT! India get penalty corner. Now Netherlands want referral!

* GIVEN! Third referee says India get Penalty corner. Hope Floats

* Penalty Corner for India!  NO! Referral by India from 3rd referee. Seconds to go! Will India make it?

* Minute to play!

* Indians try lucky shot – Ball in goal, but no Indian stick in D touched it!

* NO LUCK FOR INDIA. The entire Indian team in Netherlands half – 2 mins to play!


* Sreejesh pulled out by coach. India will play another player with a wider role than that of mere goalie. Desperate attempt by India to draw.

* Another attack by Netherlands, easy entry into D; It seems India was playing better with 9 men! At least the threats posed by the opposing team were not this great.

* GOAL! Netherlands scores with a ground shot in penalty corner – lead 2-1. Just under 7 minutes to play. Sreejesh beaten – all three goals in match scored from penalty corners

* Another penalty corner for Netherlands as India lifted ball in D.

* Penalty corner taken – nothing ensues; India live to fight again

* If India win today they will qualify for the quarter finals – they have won 2 out of 3 matches so far

* SAVED! But Netherlands gets yet another penalty corner.

* However, The Netherlands gets a penalty corner right after that.

* India are third in the Group B with two wins from three matches. A win here will put them in the quarters

* Raghunath back. India gets big booster shot! Great achievement for India

* India thwart another attack by the Netherlands, time ticking down for Raghunath to return

* Sunil back from sin bin, India strength up to 10 now

* Another attack by The Netherlands; they are unrelenting, they are hungry and they are merciless. They know India is down and want to desperately score as early as possible. If they don’t manage to score with India down to 9 men, then that would be a great fightback by India.

* Netherlands get a penalty corner; SMASH HIT! Goalie Sreejesh SAVES! Massive save. Keeps India alive, yet again.

* Last quarter starts

* India playing with just 9 men now

* WAIT! India lose 2 players to referee decision. Two players sent off. One for 5 minutes another for 10. Unacceptable fouls by Indians says ref! Huge advantage for Netherlands. India at their mercy. Both Raghunath and Sunil out.

* Indian player Raghunath has been given marching orders into the sin bin

* India is holding Netherlands 1-1

* GOAL! Slammed in by Raghunath. Splendid shot. India restore parity.

*Finally India win penalty corner! No luck, but India earn another one immediately

* SAVED by Sreejesh! But GOAL! The defence could not clear the ball away, Netherlands takes advantage

*Netherlands try again, this time they succeed in penetrating well into the Indian half – Penalty Corner! Indians caught by false sense of security. This had looked like another slow attack and all of a suddent The Netherlands players upped the tempo. Get reward.

*That was the best of the exchanges between both teams. And, surprise, surprise, Second quarter ends goalless. This is good for India, they have ensured that Netherlands does not try to dominate. The honours are shared at the moment.

*Getting a bit adventurous, Netherlands launch a sharp move but are thwarted by Sreejesh; India look to catch their opponents on the counter-attack, but move falls through as the Netherlands players rush back into defensive positions

*First quarter over.

*No chance! Not even one decent attack by either team. India should take this as a compliment. Looks like they have earned a lot of respect for themselves from the Netherlands players because of their standout game against the Germans.

*A big surprise. The Netherlands are not the attacking unit they have a reputation for. India too is holding back, very wary of being hit on the counter attack. It is a mind game at the moment. Will it explode into sudden activity? One team will have to try and break the deadlock. Netherlands have not lost a single match here.

*From the start of the match, India are holding The Netherlands back; no threatening attacks by either team.

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BADMINTON Women’s doubles: India’s Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa vs Japan’s A Takahashi and M Matsutomo – 16.30 hrs onwards –

This experienced pair is in action today. They have won accolades world over, but have a tendency to fail even though the opponents may not be great. They will need to ensure they perform at their optimum level to reach anywhere near a medal. Their fans in India would be expecting a top performance from them.

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India at Olympics Badminton scores:

* Another day, another loss! Indians are not being able to compete at these high levels. What is totally clear is the fact that Indians are making their way to the Olympics just to fill up the numbers. They may be giving their 100%, but that 100 per cent is nowhere near good enough. Someone must sit down and take account and assign responsibility. Why did no one see these abject kinds of surrenders coming? Who is responsible? Why do these things happen time and again at international meets?

* India’s Ashwini Ponappa, Jwala Gutta beaten 21-15, 21-10 by Japan’s Ayaka Takahashi and Misaki Matsutomo

* A simple, light smash ends the misery for the Indian pair – India suffers another humiliating loss

* The Japanese pair are supreme in their confidence as Ponappa and Gutta do not show a semblance of fightback now

The Japanese pair give up just 2 points as they race towards 21. They made the Indians look like novices, heavy on their feet and unable to cover the square properly. Fitness matters a lot and the Japanese are supremely fit, the Indians the total opposite.

* With the writing well on the wall for everyone to see, the Indian girls show some life. They try the smashes and the drop shots in quick succession, but the Japanese girls, who are supremely confident now return everything and in fact take the point that ideally they should have lost, or even given up. But they are unwilling to give an inch in the battle. Score 15-8.

* The Japanese girls have doubled their lead over the Indians; they are managing to keep them opposition at bey easily. Indians are not being able to comprehend whether they should attack or defend. In fact, they are confused about whether to go long or short. Their net play too is falling short. Score 14-7.

* The Japanese girls are hungry for a win. They are desperately chasing down each and every shuttle and sending a fiery return into the Indian players. In fact, they are even targetting the body. Straight smash into the body gets another top point. Score 11-6.

* India falls even further back even though they are now winning one point to Japan’s 2. Score is 9-4

* The Japanese smashes are magnificent and they are dealing in nothing else; they have of course won a few points with their soft touch at the net too – truly amazing to watch.

* Japaese duo have quickly raced to a scorching 5-1 lead over India

* A magnificent start to the second set gets the Japanese pair into a supreme position; India already on the backfoot after suffering a loss in first set

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* Bad start for India as the unheralded Japanese duo win first 21-15

* A terrible mistake by Ponappa gifts opposition another precious point

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* The Japanese girls are really taking the attack to the Indians, they are smashing everything that is coming their way. In the same vein, yet another power point is taken by them. A little fortunate as it is on line. Fortune favours the brave as they say. Japan lead 19-15.

* Huge smash gets the Japanese duo a game point. Indians are losing very badly, this is a big surprise. The duo were supposed to have taken this first game as a warm-up opportunity for the tough times ahead and yet this has now become a trial by fire. Fans disappointed.

* Indians are trying to get their presence felt in the game as the first set winds down. Will it go down to the wire? Ponappa manages to claw just a couple points to the Japanese duo’s score – 17-15.

* Jwala Gutta is a laggard at the moment. She is not being able to position herself before the shuttle comes whizzing at her. Costing her dear.

* Jwala Gutta tries a power forehand but shuttle flies wide. India behind at 17-14.

* ANOTHER SMASH! Ponappa shows some of the form she is famous for. India behind at 16-13

* SMASHING HIT! Ponappa tries to rally India.

* A string of points won by Indians in a row. Are the Japanese tiring? Have the Indians figured out the weak spots of their rivals? Are they now playing a much more targetted game? Score 14-12 in Japan’s favour. Both Jwala and Ponappa looked comfortable as they fought the Japanese to a standstill. Will the Indian rally last?

* The superiority of the Japanese is clearly evident. They have also figured out the no-man’s land where the Indians will find it difficult to choose who will take a shot when the shuttle comes flying right between both of them. In this way another point is lost as Gutta expected Ponappa and Ponappa expected Gutta to return a Japanese smash!

* Whatever they do, Jawala and Ponappa are being fought back by the Japanese pair. They seem to have worked out the Indians game. They are looking flat-footed and unable to reach the extremes of the court. Making it very difficult for the Indians to return, leave alone try to get into winning positions for a point

* The Indians are still faltering – don’t see this match going into the third set. Indians are losing steam fast

* After the initial rallies gave them a head start, Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa pushed into defensive mode; they look confused about how to initiate an attacking game. They must start a fightback before the Japanese sail to an unassailable lead in the first set.

* Tide is changing, the Japanese girls effect an effective fightback. Pull back a 3-pt deficit to take the lead.

* For a change, Indian players show some gumption and race to an early lead.

GOLF Men’s individual round 1: India’s Anirban Lahiri and SSP Chawrasia in action – 1600 hrs onwards:

While golf may not be the most exciting of games for India, it has acquired some momentum over the last few years as Indian golfers make their mark on the international circuit. The Indian golfers at Rio will have to really play at their best to progress further. They will be facing some of the best golfers in the world and will need to quickly get used to the conditions which can change frequently during the day. Apart from wind, Sun and other factors based on nature, the Indian golfers will be facing rivals who would as hungry to get ahead. Making a good start is crucial, no matter what.

india at olympics, india at rio olympics, rio 2016 olympics, Rio 2016 Olympics India, Rio 2016 Olympics India, Anirban Lahiri, SSP Chawrasia, Saina Nehwal, Saina Nehwal olympics, P V Sindhu2016 Rio Olympics – Golf – Preliminary – Training session – Olympic Golf Course – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – S.S.P. Chawrasia (IND) of India during practice. (Reuters)
india at olympics, india at rio olympics, rio 2016 olympics, Rio 2016 Olympics India, Rio 2016 Olympics India, Anirban Lahiri, SSP Chawrasia, Saina Nehwal, Saina Nehwal olympics, P V SindhuAnirban Lahiri, of India, plays out of a bunker onto the fifth green during a practice round for the men’s golf event at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (AP)

BADMINTON Men’s doubles: India’s BS Reddy and Manu Attri vs Indonesia’s H Setiawan and M Ashan – 17.30 hrs – The Indians are an unknown factor and how they will fare against the quick Indonesian pair is unknown They have been thrown into the Games with a tough first encounter and hopefully they find their rhythm quickly and emerge as winners.

Women’s singles: India’s PV Sindhu vs Hungary’s Laura Sarosi – 18.40 hrs – If there is a player who has made a name for herself over the last year or so, then that is Sindhu. In fact, after Saina Nehwal, Sindu is the one on whom Indian hopes are resting most on. She is young, quick and talented and will breeze past her first round opponent.

Men’s singles: India’s K Srikkanth vs Mexico’s Lino Munoz 05.35 (12th Aug) – Srikkanth has done extremely well for himself in recent months and the preparations have been on schedule for the Olympic Games. He has oodles of talent, but has a propensity of losing to unheralded opponents and sometimes he retreats on the big stage. Hopefully, he has ironed out all the chinks in his armour before leaving for Rio.

ARCHERY Women’s individual Round of 16 India’s Bombayla Devi Laishram vs Mexico’s Alejandra Valencia – 17.56 hrs – For the Indian archery contingent, it has been a tale of disappointment interspersed with some hope. Bombayla Devi, who has made it into the next round will be looking to really power herself into the next round to keep at least some hope of glory afloat.

HOCKEY The Indian women on the other hand have gone from bad to worse. They were roundly thrashed by a rampaging Australia 1-6 – Oz themselves lost the first 2 games they have played at Rio, but against India they just were too good. To put things in perspective, India will be playing against the USA today, a team that beat Australia 2-1! Hope just died?

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BOXING Men’s bantam 56 kg Round of 32: India’s Shiva Thapa vs Cuba’s R Ramirez – 20.00 hrs – Indians have increasingly been making waves in boxing over the recent years. They have done well at the international stage and have the potential to go all the way and win a medal for the country. But, the going will be very difficult as the best boxers in the world will be seen in action.

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TENNIS Mixed doubles round 1: India’s Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna vs Australia’s Samantha Stosur and Jimmy Peers – 12.00 hrs (12th Aug) – The Indian fans saw their tennis icons Sania Mirza and Leander Paes crash out very early in the tournament. Now Sania is back in the doubles. The Indian duo will be playing against the Australians who are experienced and hungry for a win. Sania and co will really have to play out of their socks to beat them. No easy pickings here.

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