Pro Kabaddi 2017, U Mumba vs Haryana Steelers highlights: Steelers beat Mumbas 41-30, Surender Nada gets better of Aup Kumar

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New Delhi | Updated: October 04, 2017 10:20 PM

Pro Kabaddi 2017: In the 108th match of Pro Kabaddi League Season 5, Steelers beat Mumbas 41-30 in Intra Zonal match at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: In the 108th match of Pro Kabaddi League Season 5, Anup Kumar’s U Mumba will take on Surender Nada’s Haryana Steelers

Pro Kabaddi 2017: In the 108th match of Pro Kabaddi League Season 5, Steelers beat Mumbas 41-30 in Intra Zonal match at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai. U Mumba had won the toss and chose court but Wazir Singh of Haryana Steelers gets better of Aup Kumar. Haryana Steelers who lost to U Mumbas on two occasions got their sweet revenge, defeating Mumbas by 11 points. Mumbas were All out by Steelers twice and although Anup Kumar completed his Super 10 he could not inspire his team to victory. On the other hand, Vikas Kandola in raid and Surender Nada in defence stopped the raiding machines of Mumbas. Surender Nada also completed his eighth ‘High 5’ on the Pro Kabaddi League fifth season. Although Mumba lost the match today, they still are in the race for play off, whereas Haryana Steelers have inched more closer for playoffs.

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Here are U Mumba vs Haryana Steelers:

8:57 pm: Do or Die on for Haryana but fails. In the very next, Mumba just running down the clock, as they dont want to lose by a very big margin. Mumba’s aiming for playoff.

8:55 pm: Surender completes his eighth HIGH 5 of the season. Mohit and Surender combination is working very well against Mumbas. Score: 41-29

Surender Nada completed his High 5.

8:54 pm: Anup Kumar completes his Super 10 but he does not look convienced. Score 40-29

8:53 pm: Wazir Singh on raid for Haryana, just passing time. Haryana lead 40-28

8:52 pm: Deepak Dahiya on raid, gets 2 point on bad tackle by Mumba defenders.

8:52 pm: Anup Kumar on raid, claims 1 point and gets it. Score movers to 38-28

8:51 pm: All out beckons for U Mumba as only 1 player on mat, and Mumba ALL OUT.


8:49 pm: With few minutes to go, Anup Kumar eye for fightback as Steelers lead 33-26

8:47 pm: Prashanth Kumar Rai on raid for Haryana, goes back without any point. Score: 30-24

8:47 pm; Mohit Chillar traps the Mumba raider. Score 30-23.

8:46 pm: Shabeer Bappu in Do or Die raid, plays smart, sends the casual Deepak Dahiya to bench

8:46 pm: Anup Kumar on raid, fails to get any point. Deepak Dahiya on raid for Haryana, has 6 points, but goes back without any.

8:44 pm; Wazir Singh on raid, just running down the clock. Score 28-22.

8;43 pm: Shabeer Bappu back on raid, he has replaced Kashiling Adake, earns no point.

8:41 pm; In the very next raid, Haryana fails to get any point as Mumba defenders trap Vikas Kandola. Score: 23-22.

8:40 pm: Surender Nada and Manjeet Chillar have had a good game so far, whereas Anup Kumar has been on and off for. Shabeer Bappu on raid for Mumba, earns 1 point, Score: 28- 22

8:37 pm: Do or Die for Haryana, earns 1 point.  Score: 28-20.

8:36 pm: Vikas Kandola on raid, gets no point. Shabeer Bappu on raid for Mumba, earns 1 point. Score: 26-20

8:35 pm: Mumba ask for Review, ask 1 Haryana defender out, refree said not out. Review unsuccessful. Score: 26-19

8:34 pm: Anup Kumar on raid, fails to get a point, Vikas of Haryana traps Anup through ankle hold. ScoreL 26-19.

8:33 pm: With 5 minutes gone, Steelers lead 25-19

8:31 pm: In the very next raid, Anup Kumar gets 2 points for Mumba. Score moves to 24-19

8:30 pm: Anup Kumar on raid, gets valuable 1 point. Meanwhile, Wazir Singh on raid, eanrs on point. Score 24-17.

8:31 pm: Haryana player on riad, earns 1 point. Score 24-16.

8:30 pm: Kashiling Adake on raid, gets trapped by Haryana defenders. Score: 24-15.

8:28 pm: Anup Kumar opens second half with raid, earns no point. In very next raid, Vikas Kandola on raid, earns no point.

8:25 pm: At half time, Steelers lead 22-16; Anup Kumar fails to make impact for Mumbas

8:21 pm: In very next raid, Mumba gets 2 points, Score: 22-16

8:20 pm: Vikas kandola on raid for Haryana, has completed 50 raid points mark in PKL, earns 1 point. Score: 22-14

8:20 pm: Steelers on raid, earns 1 point. Adake on attack for Mumba, gets no point. Score 21-14.

8:17 pm: In another Mumba raid, but is trapped. U Mumba ALL OUT, but gets 1 bonus point. Score: 19-14


8:16 pm: Vikas on raid, earns 2 points for Mumbas. In the very next raid, Mumba player gets 3 points,  Super Raid.

8:14 pm: Vikas Kandola on raid, earns massive 2 points as defenders make a big mistake. Do or Die raid on for Adake, fails as Steelers traps the Mumba defender. Score: 12-10

8:13 pm: Anup Kumar on raid, massive attack SUPER RAID. Score: 10-8

8:12 pm: Wazir on Do or Die raid, enters the lobby and is out, Anup Kumar back on mat for Mumba. Score: 8-7

8:12 pm: Srikant on raid for Mumba, earns no point.

8:11 pm: Vikas Kandola on raid for Haryana, gets no point.

8:10 pm”:Kashiling Adake on raid, and fails as Haryana defenders trap the Mumba player, refree gives 1 bonus point to Mumba. Haryana askes for REVIEW, Review successful. No point for Mumba. Score: 8-6

8:07 pm: Vikas Kandola on raid, gets a touch point, preys on Haryana captain Surender Nada, earns 1 point. Adake in the very next raid, earns 2 point. Score: 7-6 for Mumba

8:05 pm: Adake on raid, gets 1 touch point. Score: 5-4. Haryana on raid, earns 1 point. In the very next raid, Mumba on raid, gets no point as Score is 6-4 for Mumba,

8:04 pm: Do or Die for Mumba, gets trapped by Surender Nada courtesy double thigh hold. Score: 5-3

8:03 pm: With 15 minutes to go, Score tied at 3 each. Meanwhile, Haryana on raid, earns no point. In next raid, Adake on raid, he also gets no point.

8:02 pm: Do or Die raid for Wazir Singh, earns 1 point, had asked for Review but his team denied.

8:01 pm: Kashiling Adake on raid, earns no point

8:00 pm: Mumba also earns 1 point through touch. Score: 3-1

7:59 pm: Vikas on raid, gets bonus point for Haryana.

7:59 pm: Wazir Singh opens raid for Haryana, earns 1 point through bonus. In very next raid, Mumba’s captain Anup Kumar gets trapped. Score: 2-0

7:56 pm:  Anup Kumar wins toss, chooses court.

7:52 pm: The teams have entered the stadium, match will start shortly.

7:45 pm: 1) System of scoring: Each team shall score one point for every opponent out or put out. The side, which scores an ALL-OUT, shall score two extra points. The out and revival rule will be applicable. Moreover, each team shall score one point for every bonus point awarded. If the raider is caught when there are only 3 defenders or less, the defending team gets an additional bonus point. The total points awarded in such an instance are 2.2) Time Out: Each Team shall be allowed to take One “Time Out” of 90 Seconds each per match. Such timeout shall be called for by the Captain, Coach or any playing member of the team with the permission of the referee. During a time out the teams shall not leave the ground. In case of any violation, a technical point shall be awarded to the opponent team.

3) Bonus Point: One point shall be awarded to the raider when he crosses the bonus line. If the raider after crossing the bonus line is caught, the opponent team will also be awarded one point.The Bonus line will be applicable when there are minimum 6 defenders on the court.If the raider while crossing the bonus line is caught then a point will be awarded to the defending team and no bonus point shall be given. The raider has to cross the bonus line to score the bonus point before touching the defenders or before he is caught by the defenders. The raider will not be awarded bonus point if he crosses the bonus line after a touch or struggle.

7:39 pm: Here are the rules and regulations:1) The game starts with a toss, and the winning captain of the team gets a choice for the court or raid.In the second half, the courts are switched and the team and the team that did not opt to raid in the first half gets to start the attack.

2) A raider shall continue to chant ‘Kabaddi’ till his raid is over. He can be declared out in case he is not keeping the properly approved chant.

7:08 pm: Pro Kabaddi League fifth season has now entered an exciting phase with each team now fighting to seal a berth in ‘Super Playoffs’. Recently, a lot of doubts surfaced the internet regarding the rules of the sport. Some fans are still trying to understand the system of scoring while others still in their deep thoughts are trying to decipher the ALL OUT system. But the fans need not worry as here are the rules and regulations of the Pro Kabaddi League.
6:00 pm: Hello and welcome to yet another exciting clash of Pro Kabaddi League. In the 108th match of Pro Kabaddi League Season 5, Anup Kumar’s U Mumba will take on Surender Nada’s Haryana Steelers at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai.

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