Pro Kabaddi 2017, Puneri Paltan vs Gujarat Fortunegiants Highlights: Red hot Sukesh leads Giants to big win over Paltan; Score 44-20

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Pro Kabaddi 2017: With top three teams for the already been finalised, the Pro Kabaddi League season 5 caravan shifts to the Maratha city of Pune and in the first match of the tournament, the home side Puneri Paltan will clash against the table toppers Gujarat Fortunegiants.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: Ouneri Paltan vs Gujarat Fortunegiants.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: With top three teams for the already been finalised, the Pro Kabaddi League season 5 caravan shifts to the Maratha city of Pune and in the first match of the tournament, the home side Puneri Paltan clashed against the table toppers Gujarat Fortunegiants at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex. As the teams have already qualified for the next round, they might look to test their bench strength given the injuries that haunt many squads towards the fag end of the tournament. Puneri Paltan will be led by skipper Deepak Hooda who is an all-rounder but has the greater responsibility of spearheading the attack of the side. He has got decent support from Rajesh Mondal and young-Monu. With the presence of beast Sandeep Narwal in the defence along with Girish Ernak, it won’t be easy for Sachin and other Gujarat raiders to steal points. The defence is the real stronghold of the side with the two Iranian power-houses, Fazel Atrachali and Abozar Mighani manning each end on the mat while the young Indian duo of Parvesh Bhainswal and Sunil Kumar have been exceptional in the cover position with their mighty tackles.

Here are Puneri Paltan vs Gujarat Fortunegiants:

8:54 pm: Last raid by Giants is Do or Die, takes no chance, is wasting time. But takes one chance and score 1 point. Score 44-20

Sandeep Narwal on raid for Paltan but goes back without any points.

8:53 pm: Sachin on raid for Giants, earns none this time. In very next raid, Fazal makes a stupendous trap despit Paltan players leap. He is trapped in a pincer. Score 43-20

8:51 pm: Giants raider strays into lobby, gives Paltan 2 easy points.

8:51 pm: Monu on raid, gets tapped. Score 42-16.

8:50 pm: Rohit Gulia on raid, he has 2 points so far. Score no points.

8:51 pm: No score by Paltan player on raid.

8:50 pm: Sukesh on raid, he has 12 points so far, and adds more to his name. SUPER RAID by Sukesh, gets 3 points. Score 41-16

8:47 pm: Giants on raid, and gets another easy point. Score 38-14.

8:45 pm: Sukesh on another raid, with just 1 Paltan player left, and he gets a point. PALTAN ALL OUT. This is the third all out. Score 37-13

8:45 pm; Sukesh on Do or Die raid, gets 2 point and scores SUPER 10. Score moves to 33-13.

8:44 pm: Paltan makes more mistake, player trapped; Score 31-13.

8:43 pm: Sukesh on raid with bous point on, will he get SUper 10? Nope nothing.

8:43 pm: Rajesh on attack for Paltan, he should be looking for big points but gets nothing. Paltan trailing badly.

8:42 pm; Sukesh on raid, will he get Super 10 this time?? Not this time.

8:41 pm: Rohit Gulia makes mistake in defence, he traps Akshay but is penalised by referee for pulling shirt. Score 30-13

8:40 pm: Rohit Gulia on Do or Die raid, is easily pushed over side line. Will both get 1 point each. YES!. Score 30-11

8:39 pm: Sukesh on raid, with just 4 Paltan players, can he pull off another sixer. Not this time.

8:39 pm: Paltan resumes attack, plays safe goes without any points.

8:37 pm: Sunil Kumar makes terrible raid, is blocked easily. Score 29-10. Sukesh has 9 raid points and Super 10 beckons for him.

8:36 pm: Sukesh on raid, gets a point. Score 28-9. Giants running away with game but Paltan also get 1 point. Score 28-10

8:36 pm: Rohit Gulia on raid with bonus point on, no points. Rajesh launches another raid, and this time gets Giants player to make mistake. Score 27-9

8:35 pm: Paltan on Do or Die raid, he is pushed into corner and trapped. Score 27-8

8:35 pm: Sachin on attack, has 2 raid points to his name, he is playing it safe. Returns without points.

8:34 pm: With bonus point on, Rajesh on raid,no points

8:33 pm: Paltan get no point on next raid. Sukesh on attack for Giants, gets 1 point. Score 26-8

8:32 pm: Rohit Gulia on attack for Giants, scores 1 points. Score 25-8

8:31 pm: Rajesh pulls back a point for Paltan.

8:30 pm: Sukesh on attack, just 4 players of Paltan left. Has he got a point or is he blocked?? PALTAN ALL OUT. Sukesh hit SIXER. Score 24-7

8:29 pm: Paltan on Do or Die raid, bad day for Deepak Hooda he is trapped on attack, 5 Giants player bother him

8:28 pm: Paltan on raid, goes back with any point.

8:21 pm: Amazing move by Mighani he comes from behind the paltan raider, traps him easily. Big surprise attack. Score 17-7

8:19 pm: ranjit messes it up for giants this time on raid. He is trapped. Score 16-7

8:18 pm: Now Rajesh on Do or Die raid, he is easy meat for Fazal. Score 16-6 for Giants.

8:18 pm: Sukesh on raid, fails to get any point either.

8:17 pm: Sachin on raid for Giants, no points. In the very next raid, Deepak Hooda also fails to get any point.

8:16 pm: Ranjit gets easy raid point, after Paltan makes horrific mistake.

8:15 pm: Rajesh gets a point for Paltan even as Giants keep score ticking over. Scroe 14-6

8:15 pm: Deepak Hooda is trapped and sent back to the bench again.

8:15 pm: Paltan All out, Score 12-5 with 5 minutes to go

8:14 pm: Sukesh imposes ALL OUT on Giants. Score 12-5 now.

8:13 pm: Rajesh on Do or Die raid for Paltan, he just runs into opponent, is carried outside line. Score 10-9

8:12 pm: Sukesh makes telling raid, gets a touch point. Score 8-5

8:12 pm: Ranjit on raid with Super Tackle on, no points. Deepak Hooda has spent 10 minutes out of 12 out of court so far.

8:11 pm: Rajesh Mondal on raid for Paltan, earns without any.

8:11 pm: Giants on raid, Super Tackle on, goes without any points.

8:10 pm: Suresh on raid for Paltan, goes without any point yet again. Chandran back on raid for Giants, Super Tackle on, and 2 points awarded to Paltan for Super Tackle. Score 6-5

8:07 pm: Paltan on raid, earns no point, Chandran Ranjit on Do or Die raid for Giants, gets 1 point. Score 6-3

8:06 pm: Finally Paltan traps a raider, Sukesh fails to break double ankle hold; Score 4-3

8:06 pm: Deepak Hooda on raid for Paltan, he is trapped. Score 4-2

8:05 pm: No points for Giants in next raid.

8:-5 pm: Big blow Abozar, is touched out. Score 3-2 for Giants.

8:04 pm: Sachin on raid for Giants, has he been blocked? 1 point for Giants, not too. Sachin gets green card for objection.

8:04 pm: Paltan get its first point via bonus. Score 2-1

8:03 pm: Chandran on rai for Giants, earns no point. Score 2-0

8:03 pm: Do or die raid for Giants gets them 1 touch point.

8:02pmn: No points for Giants in next raid.

8:01 pm: Big set back, Deepak Hooda trapped in first raid of match for Giants; Courtesy Abozar. Score 1-0

8:01 pm: Paltan starts the match with raid, Sukesh gets no point.

7:55 pm: Bollywood superstar Parineeti Chopra recites national anthem infront of the crowd.

7:51 pm: The teams have entered the arena.

7:39 pm: It is a battle of raiders vs defenders.

5:51 pm: Here are all the Puneri Paltan vs Gujarat Fortunegiants live updates. The match will be played at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex.

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