Pro Kabaddi 2017, Dabang Delhi vs Gujarat Fortunegiants Highlights: Giants beat Delhi 42-22 in one sided match

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New Delhi | Updated: October 4, 2017 1:24:54 AM

Pro Kabaddi 2017: Pro Kabaddi 2017 Live Score: In match 106 of Pro Kabaddi League fifth season Dabang Delhi locked horns against the high-flyers Gujarat Fortunegiants in the Intra-Zonal match at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Chennai.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: Dabang Delhi lock horns against the high-flyers Gujarat Fortunegiants.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: In match 106 of Pro Kabaddi League fifth season Dabang Delhi locked horns against the high-flyers Gujarat Fortunegiants in the Intra-Zonal match at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Chennai. In a very one-sided match, Giants beat Delhi 42-22 in one-sided match. Starting today each and every match will be a race to seal a berth in the super playoffs. The story for Dabang Delhi has yet been the same this year as they are placed last in the Zone A table. They have lost all the 6 matches at home, and have won just 4 out of the 18 matches played. Meanwhile, the first-timers Gujarat Fortunegiants have been on a roll as they are at the top of the Zone A table, having lost just four games in this season out of the 17 played.  They have won 10 games and drawn three. However, in their last six games, Gujarat has managed to win just two games. Despite this, the Gujarat Fortunegiants will start as favourites.

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Here are Dabang Delhi vs Gujarat Fortunegiants Highlights:

8:51 pm: Sriram in final attack, scores no points, Match OVER with 42-22 for Giants.
8:50 pm:Pawan tackled in dying seconds, Score: 42-22.

8:49 PM: Rohit Gulia in attack, makes 1 touch attempt, but scores no point, returns safely. Just 1 minute to go. Do or Die raid for AbolFazl, he scores no points.

8:48 pm; Sriram on raid with 6 points. Is unable to add any to them.

8:48 pm: AbolFazl on raid, he has 6 raid points to his name ut fails to add any now. Pawan on raid for Giants, looks to take no risk, comes back safely without points.

8:47 pm: Its get better for Delhi as they trap Giants raider; Score: 41-21.

8:47 pm: Sriram in attack, gets valuable points as Giants fail to trap him. Score: 41-20

8:45 pm: Giants give off technical point to Delhi as 2 of its players go into attack at once. Score: 41- 19.

8:43 pm: Giants substitute 6 players at one go.

8:43 pm: Rohit Baliyan on raid for Delhi, this time avoids getting trapped, scores point for team. Score:41-15

8:41 pm: Giants on attack in form of Sachin, Super 10 beckons and he gets it. Score:40-16

8:40 pm: Another Delhi player trapped by Giants. Giants player Rajesh in attack is tackled very well by Delhi. Score: 39-16.

8:39 pm: Sunil Kumar has achieved his High 5 for the match. Ranjit on raid for Giants, wastes time and goes back.

8:37 pm: Rohit Baliyan on raid, Delhi ALL OUT but Baliyan wins 1bonus points. Score: 38015 for Giants.

8:37 pm: This one sided encounter is turning out to be quiet boring.

8:35 pm: Rajesh on attack makes a fool of both Delhi players. Score: 35-14. TIMEOUT Called.

8:35 pm: Finally, Abol gets a point on raid, gets Sachin out with touch. Score: 34-14.

8:34 pm: AbolFazl gets a bonus point on raid. Meanwhile, Ranjit gets 1 point. Score: 34-12

8:32 pm: Super Tackle on, more success for Ranjit on raid, gets Satpal out.

8:32 pm: Another Delhi raider out, this time it is Meraj. Score: 32-11 for Giants with just 3 Delhi players left on match.

8:31 pm: In another raid, Giants get 1 point. In the very next raid, Anand Patil of Delhi, gets trapped by the Iranian player. Score: 31-11

8:31 pm: AbolFazl on Do or Die raid, and gets success as fellow Iranian from Gujarat makes mistake. Score: 28-11

8:30 pm: Giants lead 28-10 with 16 minutes to go

8:29 pm: AbolFazl on raid, secures no points, he is another high profile player who is making no impact on the match.

8:28 pm: Now Giants Ranjit makes a big mistake on raid, gets trapped easily,. Score: 28-10

8:27 pm: Sachin on raid, with 7 attack points, earns no point. Do or Die raid  for Delhi, Sriram trapped, gives away 1 needless point. Score- 28 -9

8:25 pm: AbolFazl start the second half with raid, earns no point. In the very next raid, Ranjit earns no point either.

8:19 pm: Last raid of half by Meraj, no point. At half time, Giants running away with the match at 27-9

8:18 pm: Another Delhi mistake gives Giants 2 points as they are unable to trap rival player. Sriram finally gets 2 points for team on raid. Score: 27- 9

8:16 pm: Abol on raid, has been making too many mistakes on attack has 1 point. Delhi has 6 raid points and 0 tackle points and 1 others.

8:16 pm: Great success for Ranjit on raid, gets touch point with a back heel. Score: 25-7

8:15 pm: Another success for Rakesh on raid, his back heel puts Meraj out. Score; 24-7.

8:13 pm: Just 3Delhii players on mat, Super Tackle on, but no point for either side. Sri ram on raid , he is virtually surronded by Giants man, TOUCH claims, but Giants man REJECTS. Review called for, Dabang gets 1 point. Score 19-6. Each team gets 1 point each.

8:12 pm: Finally, Delhi get a good point on raid as Giants make tackling mistake. However, on the very next raid, Rakesh back heels and gets an easy touch point. Score 18-6

8:11 pm:Meraj Sheykh raid gets no point. Super Tackle on as just 3 Delhi players left on mat. Ranjit easily makes a fool of Meraj , secures points for team, Score 17-4

8:11 pm: Giants add another point as Satpal fails to trap Giants raider. Score:16-4

8:11 pm: AbolFazl on raid for Delhi goes bad, he is trapped easily. Score; 15-4.

8:10 pm: Sachin on raid gets no points for Giants either.

8:09 pm: Meraj on raid, but he gets no points, he is just not trying hard enough.

8:08 pm: With just 10 minutes to go, Giants running away with match at 14-4

8:07 pm: Touch point by Rakesh for Giants, moves Score to 14-4. Till now Giants has 9 raid points and 2 tackle points and 3 others.

8:07 pm: Meraj Sheykh on raid, is not being able to play a skipper’s role, secures no point. More woe for Delhi, their timing in tackling Giants raiders is terrible. Another trapping attempy goes heyway.

8:06 pm: Satpal goes into lobby in raid and is touched by Giants player. Score moves to 12-3 and Delhi ALL OUT>

8:05 pm: With 7 minutes gone, Giants lead 8-1

8:03 pm: Bad raid by Sachin, gets trapped very easily by Giants. This is immediately followed by an attack by Ranjit on raid. His back kick puts Delhi player out. Score: 7-1 .

8:03 pm: Ranjit gets another point with spectacular jump and thereby avoids getting trapped. Score 5-1

8:03 pm: In next attack, Giants get another point as Delhi fail to stop raider. Score: 4-1 for Giants

8:02 pm: Finally, contact success for Delhi, AbolFazl makes big mistake gets trapped.

8:01 pm: Ranjit gets no point for Giants.

8:01 pm: Sachin gets touch point for Giants. Score: 2-0. Do or Die raid for Delhi, Sriram gets touch point. opens account for Delhi.

8:00 pm: Ranjit scores bonus for Giant. Score; 1-0. AbolFazl on raid for Giants, no points for him

7:58 pm: Rakesh Narwal on raid for Giants, earns no raid. In return raid, Meraj Sheykh earns no point either.

7:56 pm: Both the teams are led by Iranian captains. Meraj Sheykh for Delhi and AbolFazl for Gujarat

7:52 pm: The match is about to start shortly.

6:30 pm: Dabang Delhi playing 7: Abolfazl Maghsodlou, Meraj Sheykh, Sunil, Rohit Baliyan, Swapnil Shinde, Satpal, Vishal

Gujarat Fortunegiants playing 7: Sukesh, Fazel Atrachali, Abozar Mighani, Sachin, Chandran Ranjit, Parvesh Bhainswal, Sunil Kumar

6:00 pm: Hello and welcome to Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Dabang Delhi Live updates. It is an Intra Zonal match and will be played at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai.


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