Pro Kabaddi 2017 Score, Tamil Thalaivas vs U Mumba highlights: Mumba beat Thalaivas 33-30; Anup Kumar gets better of Ajay Thakur

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New Delhi | Updated: October 2, 2017 12:21:46 AM

Pro Kabaddi 2017: In match number 105 of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 5 U Mumba beat Tamil Thalaivas 33-30 in the Inter-Zone Challenge Week.

Pro Kabaddi 2017 Score: Match number 105 of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 5 will see the home team Tamil Thalaivas locking horns against U Mumba as a part of the Inter-Zone Challenge Week.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: In match number 105 of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 5 U Mumba beat Tamil Thalaivas 33-30 in the Inter-Zone Challenge Week at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai. U Mumba captain Anup Kumar got the better of Ajay Thakur in the whole match. With this defeat, Thalaivas have lost four consecutive matches, and continues to have a miserable run. Although, sparks could be seen in Ajay Thakur’s raid but the Thalaivas captain could not transform the spark into fire. Meanwhile, Anup Kumar was on a role and helped his team win the match in dramatic style. U Mumba has recovered well after a poor start and will like to keep the winning momentum going. Kashiling Adake who was the star raider, in the last match of U Mumba was out of the field for most the the match due to knee problem but came back in the dying minutes of the game. But Anup Kumar single handedly took the command and played the captains knock.

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Here are Tamil Thalaivas vs U Mumba score updates:

10:19 pm: In last raid, Thalaivas pull back 1 point by Prapanjan but it is of no use as Mumba win 33-30

10:15 pm: Will U Mumba pull of the surpirse win. Prapanjan on attack for Thalaivas. Ajay Thakur on bench with 30 seconds to go.

10:14 pm:2 Massive points for Adake as Ajay Thakur fails to trap him. Score 33-28 with one minute to go.

10:13 pm:Prapanjan on raid, wins touch point. Score: 31 -28

10:11 pm: Another abd raid by Ajay Thakur, with Super Tackle on allows himself t be trapped. Gives off 2 points. Score 31-27 for Mumba.

10:11 pm: Another adventurous Mumba player trapped, gives easy points to Thalaivas. Score 29-27

10:10 pm: Ajay Thakur trapped again, with Super Tackle on. He has got 2 point. Score 29-26

10:09 pm: With under 4 minutes to go, Score 26-26. WHO WILL WIN THIS PULSATING GAME?

10:08 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid, Super Tackle on but he comes back without points. Mumba raider comes back without point too.

10:08 pm; 1 point for Mumba on raid.

10:07 pm: Tragedy for Mumba, Anup Kumar trapped short of the half line, Score tied 26-26

10:06 pm:  Massive play by Prapanjan, Mumba fail to trap him. Score: 26-25

10:06 pm: Good play by Thalaivas, easily trapped, adventerous Mumba player. Score: 26-23

10:05 pm: Prapanjan on raid, goes and comes back immediately

10;04 pm: Prapanjan on raid with 7 minutes to go, gets no points. He is followed by Anup Kumar for Mumba on raid. Scores no points

10:02 pm: Tragedy for Ajay Thakur he is trapped on raid. Score: 26- 22 for Mumba.

10:02 pm: Big Play by Anup Kumar, does not allow himself to get trap, wins 2 points. Score 25-22

10:01 pm: Massive play by Thalaivas as Shabeer is muscled out by Thalaivas. Ajay Thakur back on court.Score: 23-22

10:00 pm: Prapanjan on raid, he has 4 raid points, goes back without any. Ajay Thakur is watching from the sidelines.

9:56 pm: Ajay Thakur muscled out over the side line, claims points, SUPER RAID put under review. Will he get 3 points. Review successful for Mumba. Score:23-21

9:54 pm: Anup Kumar wins 1 point. Score 22-21 for Mumba, with just 11 minutes to go.

9:53 pm: Mumba player is trapped, Score 21-21

9:52 pm: Prapanjan on Do or Die raid, gets 1 point for Thalaivas. Score: 21-20 for Mumba

9:51 pm: No point for Anup Kumar on raid. Prapanjan on raid, scores no points.

9:51 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid, Super 10 beckons, he is on 9 points. Goes back without scoring. Score: 21-19 for Mumba.

9:50 pm: Do or Die raid for Prapanjan, gets 2 big points for Thalaivas. Score: 20 -19

9:49 pm; Shabeer Bappu on raid, fails to score.

9:48 pm: Prapanjan wins no points on raid,

9:48 pm: Good play by Shabeer Bappu of Mumba who 2 wins points for Mumba. Score: 20-17

9:48 pm: Ajay Thakur on return raid, gets no points.

9:46 pm: Anup gets second half off to start, earns no point.

9:39 pm: 17 all with just seconds to go in half. Mumba pull back 1 point in last gasp attack. Score 18-17 at half time

9:37 pm: Anup Kumar wins 1 point but Ajay Thaklur nullifies it on his own raid. Physically dominates Mumba. Mumba ALL OUT. Score 17-16 for Mumba

9:36 pm: Just 3 players for Mumba on mat, Super Tackle on as Ajay Thakur comes on raid. Big Success for Thakur. Wins 1 point. Score: 16-12

9:35 pm: Ajay on Do or Die raid, wins a point. Score 15-11

9:35 pm: Finally, Thalaivas trap Srikanth. Moves score to 15-10

9: 32 pm: Ajay Thakur with 4 raid points on attack, quick move gets him touch point. Score: 15-9 for Mumba.

9:31 pm: Srikanth on Do or Die raid, gets 1 point. Score 15-8.

9:31 pm: Srikanth on raid, tries to win touch point but fails. Is immediately followed by Ajay Thakur on raid, gets 2 points for Thalaivas. Score: 14-8 for Mumba.

9:29 pm: Srikanth adds to the score on raid; Score: 14-6.

9:28 pm: Mumba win 2 point. Score: 13-5. Thalaivas ALL OUT.

9:26 pm:Ajay Thakur has not been able to stamp his authority on match, is easily trapped on raid. Score: 8-5 for Mumba.

9:25 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid, has 3 attack points so far, gets no point

9:23 pm: Lee gets trapped. Score:5-4 for Mumba. Off the very next raid, Srikanth wins 2 massive points for Mumba. Score : 7-4 for Mumba.

9:22 pm:Good play by Thalaivas to trap Srikanth. Score: 4 each

9:21 pm Mumba wins a bonus point. Ajay Thakur on raid, pulls back 1 point and gets one player out.

9:20 pm: Lee for Thalaivas wins a point. Score:3-2 for Mumba

9:19 pm; Mumba win another point; Score: 3-1 for Mumba

9:18 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid, wins back a point.

9:17 pm: Thalaivas on raid with Prapanja, no points. Anup Kumar on raid for Mumba, gets bonus points plus 1 more as Thalaivas fail to trap him. Score: 2-0

9:15 pm: Anup Kumar, Ajay Thakur in for toss. Mumba win toss, choose court.

9:14 pm: Ajay Thakur has 112 raid points in this season for Thalaivas. Adake has 101 points for U Mumba.

9:12 pm: The home team, Tamil Thalaivas run into the arena. Can Ajay Thakur get back in form?

9:10 pm: The teams have entered the arena. Anup Kumar’s Mumbai first to enter the arena.

8:59 pm: The match is about to start shortly.

6:30 pm: Hello and welcome to live commentary of Tamil Thalaivas vs U Mumba. It is the Inter Zone Week match and will be played at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

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