Tamil Thalaivas vs Telugu Titans Highlights: Titans beat Thalaivas 58-37; Ajay Thakur makes great play but can’t get win for team

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New Delhi | Updated: October 4, 2017 7:36:07 PM

Pro Kabaddi 2017: Tamil Thalaivas locked horns against Telugu Titans in the Intra Zonal match of Pro Kabaddi League at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Chennai on Tuesday. In a one-sided match, Titans beat Thalaivas 58-37.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: Despite losing their first three matches at home, Tamil Thalaivas will try to turn the tables in their favour as they clash against Telugu Titans today in the Intra Zonal match of Pro Kabaddi League.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: Tamil Thalaivas locked horns against Telugu Titans in the Intra Zonal match of Pro Kabaddi League at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, Chennai on Tuesday. In a one-sided match, Titans beat Thalaivas 58-37. In a one-sided match Titans beat Thalaivas 58-37. Thalaivas captain Ajay Thakur who has been in good form lately scored 20 raid points but was not able to inspire his team for a similar kind of performance. Prapanjan who has performed the role of a supporting raider nicely and also failed to make a mark on the match. Meanwhile, Telugu Titans have been riding high with confidence and their skipper Rahul Chaudhari who was adjudged the best raider in the Delhi leg with 30 points in just two matches, was the star of the rival camp. The skipper gathered 16 points and ‘Player of the match”. Nilesh Salukhe and Mohsen Maghsoudlou also performed well in the role of supporting raider. Mohsen who got a ‘Super 10’ was the ‘Do or Die’ player of the match.

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Here are Tamil Thalaivas vs Telugu Titans

10:15 pm: Mohsen is the Do or Die player of the match.

10:13 pm: Rahul Chaudhari earned 16 raid points and was the player of the match. Ajay Thakur had 20 raid points and was adjudged the Dependable player of the match.

10:12 pm: This is Thalaivas foruth loss in a row.

10:07 pm: Ajay Thakur scores more points. Score 58-36. Rahul in attack, is trapped. Score 58-37

10:04 pm: With 1 minute to go Score is 56-34.

10:04 pm: Super Tackle on but Rahul Chaudhari scores easy point. Score 53-34

10:03 pm: Rahul Chaudhari adds 1 point in raid. Meanwhile, Lee on attack gets 1 point but also gives up another. Score; 52-34. He is injured in the process.

10:04 pm: Ajay Thakur trapped, Score 50-33.

10:03 pm: With 2 minutes to go, Do or Die raid for Mohsen, he makes it and scores SUPER RAID as he gets 3 points. Score: 49-33. Also, Super 10 for Mohsen.

10:02 pm: Ajay Thakur changes his jersey and has 18 raid points, adds another. Score: 46-33.

10:01 pm: Ajay Thakur gets more point for team; Score 46-32.

9:59 pm: Lee gets 1 point. Score: 46-31. Meanwhile, Salunke on raid for Titans, looks to run down clock

9:59 pm: Rahul is out as he is pushed over the sidelines. Socer 46-30

9:57 pm: Ajay Thakur on attack, gets massive 3 points for team, Titans ALL OUT. Score 46-29

9:56 pm: Titans are playing the match of their life, last man in fray Mohsen goes on raid, wins points, saves team being ALL OUT, gets Rahul back.

9:54 pm: Super Tackle on as Ajay Thakur on raid, gets 1 point as he virtually drags both Titan players over half line.

9:53 pm: Ajay Thakur gets a bonus. Score: 42-23. Ajay has scored 15 points.

9:52 pm: A silly mistake by Titans defender as Lee uses his quickness and earns a point

9:50 pm: Mohsen on raid for Titans, eanrs no point. Meanwhile, Lee gets a valuable point for Thalaivas. Score: 41-21.

9:49 pm: Titans gets another point. In very next raid, Ajay Thakur on raid, earns no point.

9:47 pm: Lee scores a point with foot on raid. Score: 40-20

9:46 pm: Ajay Thakur on 14 points, gets back from raid safely, Salunke in attack for Titans. Did he get a bonus point. Ask for REVIEW. Review unsuccessful. Score: 40-19

9:44 pm: Rahul Chaudhari finally trapped on raid, Score: 40-19.

9:43 pm: Ajay Thakur scores another point for team on raid, score 40-18

9:42 pm: Prapanjan trapped again, Score; 39-17. Rahul on Do or Die raid. Scores  1 point. Score: 40-17.

9:41 pm; Rahul on raid, but this time he gets no point. Ajay Thakur on Do or Die raid, great to score 2 massive points as he defies 2 Titans player to get over half line. Score:38-17.

9:40 pm; Rahul scores another point on raid, gets touch point. Score: 38-15. Lee meanwhile, scores no point on raid.

9:40 pm: Ajay Thakur is back on mat, gets on to raid, no point scored.

9:39 pm: Super Tackle on with just Thalaivas players on mat, they make mistake, fail to trap Titans raider. Score 36-15. This is courtesy next Thalaivas player getting trapped on raid. Thalaivas ALL OUT.

9:38 pm: Super 10 for Rahul Chaudhari, Score32-15

9:37 pm: Lee on attack gets second half started, gets no point and is trapped. Score: 31 -15

9:35 pm: Ajay Thakur has 11 raid points to Rahul Chaudhari’s 9 till half time.

9:28 pm: Thalaivas make another mistake, fail to trap their man, give of more points. Score 30-15.

9:28 pm: Big setback for Thalaivas, Prapanjan trapped on raid,Score 29-15. Rahul gets green card warning

9:26 pm: No tackle points for Thalaivas with just 3 minutes to go and to make it worse Ajay Thakur trapped. Score: 27-15

9:25 pm: Rahul just cant do anything wrong today, gets another touch point on raid. Score: 26-13

9:24 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid, Super 10 beckons and he gets it. Score: 25-12 for Titans

9:23 pm:  Rahul makes fantastic raid, gets Ajay out. In another raid of Titans, Thalaivas ALL OUT, as last man Maruthu is trapped. Score: 25-11

9:22 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid with 7 raid points, scores another 2 points. Score: 21-11

9:22 pm: Rahul Chaudhari is back and on raid, earns 1 point.

9:21 pm: Do or Die raid for Titans, scores 2 points, Score moves to 20-8.

9:20 pm: With 11 minutes gone, Titans lead 18-8, as Prapanjan is trapped.

9:19 pm: In match up between Rahul Chaudhari, Ajay Thakur, Titans player is making greater impact. Rahul has 6 raid points but this time he twist his ankle and is forced to leave arena. WILL HE BE BACK?

9:18 pm: Rahul Chaudhari score more points for Titans. Score 16-8.

9:17 pm: Ajay mis calculates time on raid, gets out, Thalaivas too are ALL OUT. Score: 14-8 for Titans

9:16 pm: Rahul gets touch point on Lee. Ajay Thakur only player for Thalaivas left on mat. He has 5 points till now.

9:15 pm: Rahul Chaudhari on raid, wins a point with big leap over rival player. Score 10-6

9:14 pm: In their return raid, Titans too score 3 points, take back lead 6-5. And more than that Titans hit back with Super Raid. Score 3 points. Score: 9-5 for Titans

9:13 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid, desperately tries to score a point and he does that through SUPER RAID as Titans try to stop him. Ajay earns 3 points, Score: 5-3 for Thalaivas

9:12 pm: Lee gets a precious point for Thaliavas as he breaks free from ankle hold. Score 3-2  for Titans

9:11 pm: Titans score another point, as Thalaivas fail to stop his raid. Score: 3-0. Prapanjan on raid,  gets bonus point.

9:08 pm:   Ajay Thakur wins toss, chooses court, earns 1 point. Ajay Thakur on raid for Thalaivas but scores no point as he runs into the lobby.

9:04 pm: The raid machine Rahul Chaudhari and his men have entered the stadium. Thalaivas Ajay Thakur and his team has also entered the arena.

9:00 pm: The match will start shortly.

6:30 pm: Hello and welcome to  Tamil Thalaivas vs Telugu Titans Live updates. It is an Intra Zonal match and will be played at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai.

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