Tamil Thalaivas vs Puneri Paltan Highlights: In big surprise, Paltan beat Thalaivas 33-20 as Ajay Thakur misfires

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New Delhi | Updated: September 30, 2017 11:12:55 AM

Pro Kabaddi 2017: In a big surprise Puneri Paltan beat Tamil Thalaivas 33-20 as star raider Ajay Thakur misfired in Friday's clash.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: Tamil Thalaivas eye for another dramatic win.

Pro Kabaddi 2017: After a thrilling leg in the national capital, Delhi, the Pro Kabaddi action moves on to its next destination, the city of Chennai and in the first match, the home team Tamil Thalaivas are taking on the Puneri Paltan at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium. The Thalaivas are high on confidence after completing two thrilling victories against the Gujarat Fortunegiants and the Bengal Warriors. They have been kept alive in the tournament by their talismanic skipper, Ajay Thakur who has lit the mat on fire. The 2016 Kabaddi World Cup star has pulled off some spectacular raids in the dying minutes of the recent fixtures to clinch the all-important wins for his team. Puneri Paltan, on the other hand, is on a three-match winning streak and will like to continue in the same fashion in the match tonight as well. It is set to make it to the playoffs thanks to the stellar performances of two all-rounders, skipper Deepak Hooda and Sandeep Narwal.

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Here are Tamil Thalaivas vs Puneri Paltan:

9:09 pm: Monu from Puneri Paltan becomes the “most dependable man of the match”

9:03 pm: Amit Hooda completed the consolation tackle on right corner Deepak Hooda. But this does not change anything as Puneri Paltan beat Thalaivas 33-20 as Ajay Thakur misfires

9:01 pm: Even the next raid by Thalaivas is unsuccessful as their man is trapped. Score 32-19.

9:00 pm: Ajay Thakur in raid is trapped easily. Now score 31-19.

8:59 pm: Both the teams are now back to full strength. Finally great defence by Thalaivas lead to trapping of Paltan man.

8:58 pm: Lee on attack, gets a bonus but is out. Thalaivas All out.

8:57 pm: With 3 minutes to go, Paltan are surprise leaders at 26-16 and things are even worse as Ajay Thakur is on bench.

8:55  pm: Did Lee get his foot onto Paltan man’s hands. Review unsuccessful, no touch point. Score: 25-16 for Paltan.

8:54 pm: Lee on attack, faces full Paltan force. Wants touch point, asks for review.

8:53 pm: Do or Die raid for Thalaivas, ends in disaster as player gets trapped by Paltan.

8:51 pm: Deepak Hooda for Puneri Paltan has 5 points to credit in game.

8:49 pm; There is no stopping Rajesh Mondal on raid, he just swats away Thalaivas player who tries to stop him from reaching over the half line. Increases lead to 24-16 for Paltan.

8:49 pm: Is there a way back for Thalaivas? Just 5 minutes to go.

8:48 pm: Ajay Thakur finally on raid, but no luck for him. Is easily trapped, ust short of half line, with as many as 6 Paltan players on top of him.

8:47 pm: Pranpanjan on raid, and fails to get any point.

8:47 pm : Great raid by Deepak Hooda, gets him not just the points but also gets Thalaivas All Out. Score: 21-16 for Paltan.

8:46 pm: In surprise, Lee with 3 points is the leading scorer for Thalaivas, not Ajay Thakur. The reason is that the captain has spent most of his time on the bench

8:44 pm: Pardeep Narwal for Patna Pirates is the leading scorer in Pro Kabaddi with 238 points

8:43 pm: Time Out called with Puneri Paltan leading 16-15.

8:42 pm: Sandeep Narwal on raid, returns safely without any points.

8:41 pm: Next raid by Paltan leads to Ajay Thakur being touched out. Score moves to 16-14 for Paltan.

8:40 pm: Review by Paltan is successful. Lee went into the lobby before getting tackled. Gets no points, Paltan leads 15-14.

8:37 pm: Lee on Do or Die raid, beautiful power play, gets him 2 big points as Paltan fails to trap him. Allows him to go over the half line.

8:37 pm: Lee with 3 raid points in attack fails to get any point

8:35 pm: Review asked for. Refree gives 1 point to Paltan. Score: 14-14

8:34 pm: Do or Die raid for Thalaivas. Prapanjan on raid, gives up 2 points to opposition. But of the very next raid by Paltan, Thalaivas hit back in kind, trap rival on raid. Takes score to 14-13

8:32 pm: Sandeep Narwal on raid, earns no point. Super Tackle on for Ajay Thakur. He is taking his time but reutrns without botheirng scorers

8:30 pm: Lee on raid, earns 1 point. Prapanjan back on mat for Thalaivas. Meanwhile, Do or Die raid for Mondal and pushed out of court.

8:28 pm: Rajesh Mondal on raid for Paltan, earns no point. Vineet Kumar on raid for Thalaivas and no point. Score: 12-11 for Thalaivas.

8:28 pm: Second half start with Thalaivas raid, goes back safe with no point.

8:24 pm: Half time score; 12-11 for Ajay Thakur’s Thalaivas.

8:20 pm: Huge play by Lee for Thalaivas. secures 2 points in raid.

8:20 pm: Deepak makes a fool of Thalaivas on raid. Just one man looks to tackle but fails.

8:19 pm: Super Tackle on for Thalaivas; but no secure no points. Arun on raid for Thalaivas now.Returns safely with no points.

8:18 pm: Ajay Thakur on Do or Die raid. This time fails to get any point. Is trapped inches short of half line. Score 10 each.

8:17 pm: Big play by Ajay Thakur in defence, leads to trapping of Paltan man. Secures lead for Thalaivas 10-9. Another Thalaiva man back on mat.

8:16 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid, gets no point, returns safely.

8:14 pm: Super Tackle by Thalaivas, earns them good points plus they get Ajay Thakur back in game. Score 9-8 for Paltan

8:14 pm: Prapanjan trapped by Puneri Paltan on raid, just 2 Thalaivas left on mat. Score 9-6 for Paltan.

8:12 pm: Fails to get a point. Gets easily trapped. Score: 8-6 for Paltan

8:12 pm:Rajesh Mondal with 3 points on raid, just 4 Thalaivas on mat; earns no point, returns safely. Do or Die raid for Thalaivas

8:11 pm: Monu on raid for Paltan, gets 1 point. Ajay Thakur is out of court.

8:09 pm:Ajay Thakur on raid, gets another point for Thalaivas

8:07 pm: Sandeep Narwal on raid for Paltans, goes back empty

8:07 pm: Ajay Thakur on a roll, great ankle hold for Paltan defender

8:05 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid, gets 1 point as Paltan fails to trap the superstar raider of Thalaivas.

8:05 pm; Do or Die raid for Paltan, goes back with 2 points. Score: 3-3

8:03 pm: Ajay Thakur on raid, goes back empty.

8:02 pm: Thalaivas on Do or Die raid; and a great raid by Pranpanjan. Gets 1 point for Thalaivas. Score; 1-1.

8:01 pm: Paltan on raid; and goes back empty. From Thalaivas it is Pranpanjan on raid and he goes without a point too.

8:00 pm: Ajay Thakur wins toss, choose court

7:57 pm: National anthem is being sung by Rang de Basanti actor Siddharth. Sachin Tendulkar is also present to watch the match.

7:55 pm: Puneri Paltan and Tamil Thalaivas have entered the stadium.

7:50 pm: The match will start shortly.

7:37 pm: Here is the playing squad Puneri Paltan.

7:26 pm: Both the teams are currently on a winning streak and will like to continue the same.

7:08 PM: If we go by Puneri Paltans tweet the team looks already to take on Ajay Thakur and high on confidence Tamil Thalaivas.

6:20 pm: Ajay Thakur’s last-minute raid helped Tamil Thalaivas win in a dramatic way against Gujarat Fortunegiants and Bengal Warriors.

Ajay Thakur helped Tamil Thalaivas win against Gujarat Fortunegiants. (Twitter)

6:00 pm: Tamil Thalaivas would be eyeing for another dramatic win after winning their last two matches against Gujarat Fortunegiants and Bengal Warriors.


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